US Embassy Move To Jerusalem Under Discussion Again While Middle East Heating Up

This time there is a LOT more to consider than just pissing off Palestine.



Rep. DeSantis Opener – Moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Oversight and Reform Committee    November 8, 2017




To discuss the benefits and challenges of relocating the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to the capital of Jerusalem.

In each country worldwide, the United States embassy is located in their capital; however, the U.S. Embassy in Israel is located in Tel Aviv rather than Israel’s capital of Jerusalem.

Congress has consistently voted to support recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital. Through the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, Congress voted overwhelmingly to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem by requiring the withholding of State Department funds if the embassy is not moved. However, Presidents have exercised a national security waiver provision in the law to delay moving the embassy.

President Trump has promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem. On June 1, 2017, President Trump signed a six-month waiver to delay moving the embassy.

The second waiver deadline of the Trump Administration occurs on December 1, 2017.


Testimony of John Bolton: “The Implications for Moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem”

“I believe that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city and relocating our Embassy there on incontestably Israeli sovereign territory would be sensible, prudent and efficient for the United States government. Indeed, fully regularizing the American diplomatic presence in Israel
will benefit both countries, which is why, worldwide, the U.S. Embassy in virtually every other ountry we recognize is in the host country’s capital city. Relocating the Embassy would not adversely affect negotiations over Jerusalem’s final status or the broader Middle East peace process, nor would it impair our diplomatic relations among predominantly Arab or Muslim nations. In fact, by its honest recognition of reality,
shifting the Embassy would have an overall positive impact for U.S. diplomatic efforts. Over the years, as with so many other aspects of Middle Eastern geopolitics, a near-theological and totally arid scholasticism has developed here and abroad about the impact of moving the Embassy.
Now is in fact the ideal time to sweep this detritus aside, and initiate the long-overdue transfer.”

Testimony of Ambassador Dore Gold: ““Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem: Challenges and Opportunities”

Today, I am not going to address the question of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem directly. It is my view that President Donald Trump has made a commitment in that regard and I believe he will stand by what he has said. The United States will evaluate the timing and circumstances for executing that decision in accordance with its interests. But what is frequently overlooked in this discourse is why this matter is so important. The answer to this is that the act of moving the Embassy is really a subset of a much larger issue, and that is finally recognizing a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. That recognition is vital because of the main international interest in the Jerusalem question: the protection of the Holy Sites and assuring complete freedom of access to them.

Testimony of Prof. Eugene Kontorovich: “U.S. Policy on Israel Held Hostage by Threats and Outdated Arguments”

My testimony today will explain the reasons behind the U.S. embassy’s current location, and explain the structure of the Embassy Act. It will show that the Embassy’s location outside of Jerusalem undermines U.S. foreign policy and helps isolate Israel. It will then consider the oft-repeated national security arguments in favor of delaying the Act’s implementation. These arguments have not aged well since they were first rehearsed upon the law’s passage 22 years ago. Moreover, they reward threats of violence, and  allow U.S. policy to be held hostage by terrorists and aspiring terrorists.

Testimony of Mr. Morton Klein: ” Hearing on Moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: Challenges and Opportunities”

Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Fulfills U.S. and International Law and Policy: The move to Jerusalem will effectuate U.S. law and policy, as well as binding international law, to which the United States is a party, designating Israel, including Jerusalem, as the Jewish homeland.

Moving the U.S. Embassy acknowledges reality (and will be more convenient for U.S. Government personnel)

Jerusalem is the Jewish People’s Eternal Historic, Religious and Spiritual Capital. By Contrast, Jerusalem was Largely Ignored by Islam
Relocating the embassy to Jerusalem also acknowledges the reality that Jerusalem is and has been the Jewish people’s historic and spiritual capital for over 3,000 years.

Testimony of Dr. Michael Koplow: ““Moving​ ​the​ ​American​ ​Embassy​ ​in​ ​Israel​ ​to​ ​Jerusalem: Challenges​ ​and​ ​Opportunities”

The argument for moving the embassy to Jerusalem relies on a basic notion of fairness. Israel is the only UN member state whose capital – determined by its own democratically elected and sovereign government – is not accepted by the rest of the international community.

Furthermore, keeping the embassy in Tel Aviv does not constitute a purely neutral move. Israelis rightly feel that it signals an unwillingness to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Jewish people, the return to which was the object of centuries of Jewish longing. An American embassy in West Jerusalem does not prejudice the status of the Old City or negate the eminently reasonable desire of Palestinians to have their future capital in East Jerusalem. Keeping the embassy in Tel Aviv grants a hecklers’ veto to those whose real problem is with any Israeli presence in Jerusalem and who aim to deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.


How does Israel view a US embassy move to Jerusalem?

Times of Israel -” Netanyahu: Temple Mount will forever remain under Israel’s control”

Before the Jews came to the city, there was “nearly nothing” in it; it was “forsaken and in constant crisis,” the prime minister said. During the 19 years between 1948 and 1967, the city again reached “a low,” he added.

“We will never return to that situation” of the city divided, he pledged. “The Temple Mount and the Western Wall will forever remain under Israeli sovereignty,” he later added.


As usual, we find when we procrastinate matters only escalate. In this case, Congress and the President passed into law the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995. They appropriated $25 million in 1996 and another $75 million was considered for 1997 to set up the embassy. But it got put off and pushed further into the future until now–just another issue that is on an already full plate.  Had it been done then, the major portion of the problems now would have not yet occurred and the bitter rancor between states might have been less. Then we would have had twenty years for everyone to get over their rants, the UN might have been less controlled by those behind the scenes, and possibly we could have prevented some of the major issues we have now. Well, except for the past eight years, maybe we could have made a little difference but at least that one issue would have been solved.

Add the coup over the weekend in Saudi Arabia, the missile attack against Saudi Arabi, and their renewal of partnership with Israel in defeating Iran and now the move of our Embassy, could things get much more explosive?

Umm yes they can…..if any doubts that there is a coalition between Russia, Iran, China and North Korea, scanning their FB page should give one chills. It’s called SCOCooperation. Possibly Pakistan may be leaning their way as well.




Isn’t this what Democrats and Globalists have been pushing for since the 1960’s? Mass genocide of the world and a reset to a “new” government. Or am I just a bit too high from all my prescription drugs?


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8 Responses to US Embassy Move To Jerusalem Under Discussion Again While Middle East Heating Up

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Indeed, Uriel, things could get ugly in a hurry.

  2. malenurseken says:

    I say lets make the move!

  3. Uriel says:

    I agree malenuseken. So do all those prominent experts. Why it hasn’t already been done is strange.

  4. Popular Front says:

    Folks I can’t help thinking that this is not a good idea at this point. The arabs will go apeshit and who knows what they will do. The Saudis and the Persians look ready to go toe-to-toe and that could really start the ball rolling.

    • Uriel says:

      sort of the spark heard round the world? possibly Popular Apparently there are things they can do though that would not involve the physical building just administrative stuff. though even that may be touchy if the Muslims don;t like knowing about it.

  5. Uriel says:

    in addition Netanyahu has his own governmental distractions that might be a handicap

  6. Popular Front says:

    Let’s look at recent history. Assuming the Saudis and Persians start fighting and assuming that Israel gets drawn in (quite likely) the United States will get the blame no matter who fires the first shot. The Iranians – duplicious bastards that they are, will blame the USA, and much of the rest of the arab world – dumbasses that they are – will believe it.