MEGA – Making Europe Great Again

We aren’t alone in trying to save our country and sovereignty.

Europe is answering the same call.
No wonder the leftists in Europe are so upset with Trump!


The first 7 and half minutes are the most important – the rest is eye-candy.

It is a political ad but one that is a breath of fresh air after seeing what Europe has been going through for several years.


This is the new leader of Austria. A man who promised and has delivered on a very important item

THE TAKEDOWN OF SOROS and the push to bring back Austria from the edge of globalist eradication of their country.





MEGA and MAGA – We all have to succeed or we all fall to socialism and globalists.




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14 Responses to MEGA – Making Europe Great Again

      • Uriel says:

        lol you two put me to shame…I am not one who speaks different languages so had to look them up Outstanding and Excellent are great words for this post

        • Growing up and living in a diverse neighborhood of Lemkos, Rusyns, Poles, Germans/Austrians and, of course,, English-speaking Americans, it’s not difficult to learn languages. In fact, it’s impossible not to since some never spoke English.

          Oh, how I miss those days…

          My Dad’s Polish Military Passbook listed him as a “Rusyn” but he/we spoke Lemko and my Mother spoke Ukrainian.

          This should explain my confusion:

          I suspect Herr von Messer has a similar background…

          • vonMesser says:

            Family comes from Memel in Ostprußia. German, some Prußian, little bit words in Lithuanian, and Polish, and the Navy sent me to Monterey California for Russian. Learned bit of Vietnamese while in DaNang for year+.

            • Funny….You mention Lithuanian…When my Mother wanted to demean my day, she’d call him a “dumb Litvin”. THAT was an insult to a Pole…lol
              In fact, as I recall, he DID have a record album of Lithuanian chorals. Almost forgot about that.

              • On further recollection, it just donned on me WHY he would have been sent to the Eastern Front, Estonia, while in the Verfugungstruppe. “Languages”. And dialects. They made communications far more effective, especially against partisans.

          • Uriel says:

            Now you guys are REAL Diversity examples unlike all those fakies that are flouncing and flipping out in protests. Im not nearly that continental but I admire those that have grown up within different cultures.

            • I find “cultures” fascinating. Like a magpie, they can be mimiced, learned, by simply listening to them IF one can, also, mimic the verbage/pronounciations.
              The screwy part is how their sentences are assembled. For example: “throw me down the stairs my hat”. A transliteration from Acadian French. Sounds weird in English but perfectly normal in French.
              German is similar; i.e., Im kino gehen wir. In the movie house going we.

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Did you happen to notice the glee withe which Merkel signed the document, near the beginning of the video?

    The western world seems willing to give up their cultures, their traditions, in favor of “multi-culturalism”, but the immigrants want to– and intend to– take over. How sad.

  2. Wise Owl says:

    I should have added that I am very happy that people are seeing the light and resisting it, but it may be too late. We would have to begin MASSIVE deportations to undo the damage, causing new damage. But, we MUST put a stop to the trend.

    • Uriel says:

      THAT is the worry…where civil disobedience leads to worse

      I am not so sure they would have found their voices though had not BREXIT and Trump helped wake them up…however, we can only pray that all countries, including ours, can overcome the globalists/extermination agenda

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good news! About damn time too.