Bigmouth Bush 43

So the Bush clan came out against The Donald this past week?

Let us travel down memory lane, for a wee bit, shall we?

History will crucify the Bush Presidents and rightly so. Bush 41 is little more than the 20th Century version of John Tyler, Martin Van Buren, or a Millard Fillmore, all of whom has nothing much in the way of accomplishments and were booted out of office after one term. The thing that sets Bush 41 apart from those losers was that he sired a bonehead who was an even worse President than he was.

America got the shaft four shitty Presidents in a row. Bush 41 begat BJ Bubba Clinton who begat Bush 43 who begat The Obomination. Indeed, once safely ensconced into the Oval Office Ol’ Bush 41 not only went Deep State (Blue Blood RINOism), he went full potato with his New World Order bullshit. Moreover, he validated once again General G.S. Patton’s famous quote:

“They always stop short and leave us with another war to fight.”

Bush 41 allowed a RINO dumbass named Colin Powell (who voted for Obama twice) to stop the war before it the job was finished and left the door open for more Middle East blundering by Clinton, Ol’ 43, and that bumbling idiot Obama. Indeed, from 1990 to 2016, four shitty presidents have left President Trump one of America’s biggest foreign policy blunders in our history and Obama’s mishandling of Asia and the Middle East compounded it a hundredfold. Ol 41 DID manage to sign off on the UN’s Agenda 21. Thanks a lot asshole.

He [41] then ran such an incompetent campaign that one could almost think that the game was rigged (and it probably was, seeing as how the Bushes and Clintons get along).

Enter Bush 43. Incompetent is thy middle name. He bungled Iraq, the Democrats went after his balls like a Rottweiler on meth, and he refused to defend himself. They, along with their buddies in the Liberal Lapdog media chewed his ass like there was no tomorrow. Then comes the housing/bank crisis and Ol 43 folded like a cheap suit. He failed to fix that crisis and then when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (two Democrat cash cows still with us from the FDR days) went belly up, Ol 43 caved like a little bitch under the withering assaults of the banking queen, Barney Frank and Crazy Maxine Waters. In retrospect, the only things that saved this clown’s ass was idiots’s like Owl Gore and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry as opponents!

Indeed, we can thank Ol 43 for giving us a cheesedick named Roberts, and two clowns named Souter and Kennedy. The Gunny cannot figure out who is worse, those three idiots or the Wise Latina Sotomayor or the fat bull dyke, Kagan. Four shitheads as POTUS and yet America survives, something to keep hope alive.

So why the hatred towards The Donald? From LBJ to Nixon to Carter (a bumbling idiot in his own right) to Bush 41 to BJ Bubba Clinton to Bush 43 to Obama, their only agenda was a New World Order (Bush 41 stated this twenty-one times as POTUS) with them as the elite globalists and the rest of us living somewhat less of the American Dream of old. The Bush Family were and always be Blue Blood Country Club RINO, they were NEVER EVER Republicans and even worse is the bold-faced fact that they never respected the individual Freedom, Liberty, or the welfare of common Americans.

The Bushes love the open border.
Trump understands that it is dangerous to allow unvetted/poorly vetted/ILLEGAL aliens into this Nation as it weakens us.

The Bushes love cheap labor.
Trump understands and that is screws AMERICANS over.

The Bushes love shit like NAFTA as our jobs go overseas and they get richer.
Trump understands that our jobs going overseas wrecks the economy and saps the morale of the American people.

The Bushes LOVE Islam (Bush 43 let Bin Laden’s family fly away).
Trump understands that Islam is a danger to our way of life.

The Bushes acted like they were royalty and could not be bothered.
Trump understands the American people and talks TO us not AT us (which they HATE and we LOVE).

The Bushes are disconnected from the American People and the economy and could not see how the 2008 recession hurt us. They could not see that as a problem.
Trump understands it and has acted on it! Jobs up. Businesses coming home.

The Bushes couldn’t give a shit about cheap oil considering that it took Dubya until 2007 to open up offshore drilling.
Trump understands it that cheap energy ensures a strong America and strong economy. He opened up coal mining, offshore drilling, ANWR, etc.

Is President Trump perfect? No, but he is a helluva lot better than the last four! Odin, Crom, Lir, and Mannanah be praised!

Cue the rise of the Swamp Rats.

When The Donald was elected, many politicians whom we counted as “allies” exposed themselves to be little more than Swamp Rats swimming in the DC cesspool.  From the Bushes to the Clintons to the Obama, add idiots like Mittens Romney, John McStain, Ms Linda Grahamnesty, Little Bob Corker, McConnell, Ryan, and host of other shit-stains really are anti-Trump and therefore anti-America! The Bushes slipped into bed with the Clinton Crime Family/Foundation and then the Obamas jumped right on it as well.

What does that say about the Bush family that they can look past the Clintons raping Haiti? The Clinton’s numerous pay for play schemes, schemes like Uranium One that seriously damaged our nation, BJ Bubba selling our secrets to China, Obama’s massive amount of scandals, and on and on? Once the Gunny thought that the Bush Family were Americans with courage and integrity but no more. They rank with the worse bottom feeders in the DC cesspool.

In conclusion, the Gunny can only imagine the Bush family is angry at the Donald for two reasons, one, he revealed Jeb Bush to be a complete and total idiot. The drone that was there to win the GOPe nomination and then lose to Cankles Clinton, thus ensuring that the river of corrupt money would continue to flow into their bank accounts (otherwise why were they so silent when Obama was f*cking this nation into a cocked hat? Two, that donuts to dollars, they were/are so heavily invested in the Clinton Criminal Family Foundation that once Cankles lost, they lost their investment when it “shut down” (it will reappear somewhere else like the herpes virus) and they’re furious about that.

SAVED ROUNDCompassionate Conservatism (Bush 43) = 100% pure unadulterated bullshit because Conservatism by its very definition IS compassionate by ensuring jobs, less government, low taxes, and prosperity.  Just more proof that the Bushes were not and never will be, Conservatives.


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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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17 Responses to Bigmouth Bush 43

  1. Popular Front says:

    Very good assessment Gunny.

  2. GunnyG says:


    Thanks. I am disgusted that I voted for 43 twice but then again what choice was there? Gore? Kerry? Pfft. From 41 to Obama they can line up and kiss my ass.

    • Uriel says:

      lol Gunny that tough, Marine Corp to the core is showing….You tell ’em!

    • Popular Front says:

      Cheers Gunny. Voting for an individual you think is sound who then turns out to be worthless is a bit like getting married for love then finding out later that your wife/husband is a total asshole. What can you do? You don’t know until its too late to change your mind – or your vote.

  3. whitetop says:

    Agenda 21 is one reason we need to get the hell out of the UN. Of course A21 has now been upgraded to Agenda 2030. Trump made a good start by cutting out funds to UNICEF, now he needs to cut off all US Taxpayers dollars to this piece of shit organization.

  4. clyde says:

    History will NOT be kind to Four Horses Asses of the American Apocalypse. Another reason why we MUST never allow the leftist media to set the table for OUR candidates. Excellent post, take that bow.

  5. Shar says:

    Good post and comments. Glad the Bush and Clinton Dynasty are finished.

  6. Felinity says:


    ‘Twas an excellent rant
    Against Libtard cant
    Now make it a decaf
    Methinks you pant!

    Even during my less-informed years, I thought Bush 43 was irrationally queer over our southern borders/related immigration issues. Perhaps partial impetus was borne of being a “white privileged”, upper-crust Texan (infer what you will) and reinforced by family (George P)…I’ll say/write no more.

  7. Hardnox says:

    Good summation Gunny. There should be no surprised that DJT is president after the elite pissing on our backs for 28 years and telling us it’s raining.

  8. Dynalady says:

    Gunny–thank you for putting into eloquent (four letter) words everything we’re now finally realizing (& feeling) about the bush clan. It’s so demoralizing. At least you know the Clintons are low down dirty junkyard dogs. I too am one who got taken in by the bushes’ air of blueblood respectability. The Gunny’s Righteous Rants are like sunshine on a cloudy day.

    Don’t forget Dubya 43’s takeover of education–No Child who’s not the Left’s Behind–turning out all these ‘scholars’ w/hoodies, making their brilliant rhetorical points in the streets by attacking old vets w/bicycle locks, tear gas & baseball bats. Another bush tribe ‘blessing’ to this country.

    • GunnyG says:


      Thanks for the kudos. I am disgusted with the last four Presidents now that the truth of it all is coming out.

  9. captbogus2 says:

    Bush XLIII was able to impress me. Twice. Once when standing on top of the rubble 9/11 and telling islam they were going to hear from us. The other time was his respect for our military. Seems the first instance was never carried out and a love and respect for our military is not much qualification for POTUS

  10. vonMesser says:

    When 41 threw the Reagan legacy in the trash I was so pi$$ed I almost did not vote for him in the 92 election. Only voted for him because Clinton and Peroit were worse.