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God always answers your prayers.  Sometimes it’s ‘yes.’ Sometimes the answer is ‘no.’  Sometimes it’s ‘you gotta be kidding.
Jimmy Carter


Then, he also said:   I have often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can’t get my wife to go swimming.

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Retired from the US Navy (21 years) and state (20 years). Recently remarried after being widowed for 5 years. 2 daughters, and a step-daughter, all functioning adults). Graduated from college after the Navy with BA in Education, psychology, Economics, History and Political Science. Teach Hunter Safety for Washington (since 1991) and do historical reenactments for Civil War, WW-1and WW-2.
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One Response to Quote of the Day

  1. Terry says:

    God has a great sense of humor, doesn’t he ?