Published on Nov 4, 2017

President Trump Speech at Yokota Air Base in Japan 11/4/17 Trump arrives in Japan

DoD News Release
November 5, 2017

U.S. and Japanese service members standing shoulder to shoulder have made Yokota Air Base one of the most capable operational bases in Japan and in the world, President Donald J. Trump said in a troop talk there, today.

The president has embarked upon an Indo-Pacific trip of numerous nations such as Japan, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. But, “there’s no single place I’d rather begin my trip than right here with all with you, the incredible men and women of the United States military [and] your amazing partners, the [Air Defense Command of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force],” Trump said.

Japan is a treasured partner and crucial ally of the United States, he said, adding his thanks for “decades of wonderful friendship between our two nations.”

A Critical Center

Yokota Air Base serves as a critical center for coordination between American and Japanese commanders as they plan their missions, the president said.

“For almost 60 years, the military alliance we see on this base has endured a cornerstone of sovereignty, security and prosperity for our nations, this region and indeed, the entire world,” Trump told the audience.

“Today we pay tribute to that legacy — a legacy you protect and grow each and every day,” he said.

The Best People

The United States dominates the sky, the seas, land and space, the president said, not just because America has the best equipment, but because it has the best people.

Each service member embodies the warrior creed, Trump said, adding their devotion, prowess and expertise comprise the U.S. military as the fiercest fighting force in world history.

“As long as I am president, servicemen and women who defend our nation will have the equipment, the resources and the funding they need to secure our homeland, to respond to our enemies quickly and decisively,” he said, “and when it’s necessary to fight, to overpower and to always … win. This is the heritage of the American armed forces, the greatest force for peace and justice the world has ever known.”



Now this is what we SHOULD have heard over the last eight year!



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  1. Hardnox says:

    Well done. Talking with active duty, they are very happy with trump because they know he has their backs.

  2. says:

    Words mere words, read from a speech written by others.

    • Hardnox says:

      What’s your point?

    • Uriel says:

      Really, imagine that….considering Obama couldn’t utter an independent word without stammering> Besides the “words” Trump has spoken in this have also appeared in interviews he made over the last twenty years from Oprah to NBC so just because they have been polished doesn’t mean he doesn;t stand by them — unlike the nameless muppet who could only mouth his master’s words without blathering and stuttering if off topic.

      • Uriel says:

        Both words and deeds show the character of a person…in Trump’s case his actions to rebuild, respect, and take care of military are consistant with the words. In Obama’s case they were often in direct opposition. He made sure to dishonor, disrespect, and find ways to disassemble the military.

        Now which would YOU prefer? One who delivers to your benefit or one that won’t …

    • Diego Dave says:

      Davidpmortlock: you are a blind sheeple. Blow it out your ass, stay off this site.

  3. Uriel says:

    Hardnox, not only did he receive the jacket, which is a commander show of pride—unlike Obama — it was personally imprinted on the inside to show respect of the troops which isn’t often done.

  4. Shar says:

    It is great to see a President that respects our country and our troops. They in turn have great respect for him. No baloney from him.

  5. Uriel says:

    loved his choice while there… eat in the mess hall with everyone or eat a “fancy” meal….he chose the regular troops — THAT is fantastic!!

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