Ambassador Niki Haley – Awesome UN Speech On Cuba and Against Obama’s Actions

Ambassador Niki Haley – Awesome UN Speech On Cuba and Against Obama’s Actions

November 1, 2017





What an amazing speech – 

“The United States does not fear isolation in this chamber or anywhere else. Our principles are not up for a vote,” she said. “We will stand for respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms that the member states of this body have pledged to protect, even if we have to stand alone.”


She rips into Cuba.

She tells the UN, it is not our boss and has no voice in our embargo of Cuba.

She totally rips the Obama Administrations’ stupidity and apologizes for their “casual cruelty”.

She gives a speech to the Cuban People.

And she does it all in a remarkably firm but respectful way.


How did MSM respond?

NYT – 11/01/17 –“Trump Administration Defends Cuba Embargo at U.N., Reversing Obama”

“In remarks that evoked the Cold War-era language aimed at the Castro government, Ms. Haley said the United States opposed the resolution to demonstrate “continued solidarity with the Cuban people and in the hope that they will one day be free to choose their own destiny.”

Under Mr. Obama, the United States restored diplomatic relations with Cuba, easing five decades of enmity with the island nation of 11 million. But the trade embargo, which can be rescinded only by Congress, has remained in force.

ABC – 11/01/17 – “US votes against UN resolution condemning US embargo on Cuba”

“The United States voted against a U.N. resolution condemning America’s economic embargo against Cuba on Wednesday, reversing last year’s abstention by the Obama administration and reflecting worsening U.S.-Cuban relations.

Last October, then-President Barack Obama’s administration abstained for the first time in 25 years on the embargo resolution as the U.S. leader and Cuban President Raul Castro moved forward with the historic warming of relations between the two countries.

General Assembly resolutions are nonbinding and unenforceable.

But the 26-year-old exercise, in which the world body has overwhelmingly voted to condemn the embargo, does reflect world opinion and has given Cuba a global stage to demonstrate America’s isolation on its Cuba policy — even after the Obama abstention.

Before the vote, more than 20 speakers from all over the world supported the resolution and denounced the embargo.”

It is interesting to note that in five pages of searching on Google NOT ONE CNN, POLITICO, OR NBC post was found. In fact only CNN showed up up until page seven and was not about her speech but the accusation of sonic attack. The other two did not post at all apparently.

FOXNews was barely a three paragraph blurb that showed up on page four.



Well done!  



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10 Responses to Ambassador Niki Haley – Awesome UN Speech On Cuba and Against Obama’s Actions

  1. Wise Owl says:

    I am disappointed with FOX, though not surprised. We noticed that some of the FOX news anchors were Never Trumpers from the beginning– do I need to say who? Fair and Balanced isn’t. I will say that FOX is head and shoulders above the other MSM jokes, but leaves much to be desired– likely because the Murdoch brothers are married to progressive wives.

  2. Uriel says:

    Yeah I think we all knew when the change in command hit that the kids were much more liberal and progressive (socialist) than their papa. It really is telling when you consider how many heavy hitting conservatives have been dropped from the line up.

  3. deacsdomain says:

    two points-
    1)when Roger Ailes left FOX and then died , the REAL FOX also died. What shame that the lefties could have a hand in this!!
    2) When we lost Niki as our Gov. I was afraid that we might have a great turmoil in our state of SC. We haven’t. We have gained a great spokesperson (NIKI HALEY) for TRUMP in the UN and an even greater one for our country .

  4. Diego Dave says:

    she is tough, and as my grizzled veteran dad would say: “that woman can rip the b*lls off a brass monkey”.

    i think she could be a good candidate for prez.

  5. Hardnox says:

    I like Haley better as UN Ambassador than as SC governor. She nailed it.