Something for History Buffs – November 4th Events In History

Just A Saturday Stroll Down Historical Lanes – Enjoy

1333 – Climate change – Florence was hit by massive flooding as recorded by the Florentine chronicler Giovanni Villani.
1492 – Women – Joan of Arc liberates Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier.
1519 – Climate change – Flood ravages Dutch/Friese coast
1529 – Religious News – English cardinal Thomas Wolsey arrested
1645 – Religious News – Massachusetts uses death penalty for denying that Holy Bible is God’s word
1783 – Arts – Mozart Symphony 36 performed for first time in Linz, Austria
1791 – Regional Conflict – The Western Confederacy of American Indians major victory over US – Battle of the Wabash
1798 – Regional Conflict – Beginning of the Russo-Ottoman siege of Corfu
1798 – USA – Congress agreed to yearly tribute to Tripoli to protect U.S. shipping
1839 – Political – Newport Uprising – last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain
1841 – USA – First wagon train arrives in California
1845 – Political – First nationally observed uniform election day in US
1846 – Medicine – A patent for an artificial leg was granted to Benjamin Palmer.
1847 – Medicine – Sir James Young Simpson, Scottish physician, discovers anaesthetic properties of chloroform.
1862 – Guns – Dr Richard Gatling patents Gatling machine gun in Indianapolis.
1864 – Regional Conflict – Civil War, Battle of Johnsonville, Rebels hit Union supply base doing millions in damage
1875 – Guns – Massachusetts Rifle Association is founded in Boston
1879 – Inventions – African American inventor Thomas Elkins patents refrigerating apparatus
1879 – Inventions – James Ritty patents first cash register, to combat stealing by bartenders in his saloon in Dayton, Ohio
1890 – Inventions – First electrified underground railway system opened in Britain
1908 – Arts – Brooklyn Academy of Music opens in NYC
1912 – Regional Conflicts – 1st Balkan War: 1st Battle of Çatalca begins
1912 – Women – Arizona and Kansas granted women the right to vote but Wisconsin voted against suffrage for women
1914 – Arts – Vogue holds 1st model show (“Fashion Fete”, NYC)
1918 – WWI – The Armistice of Villa Giusti between Italy and Austria-Hungary signed 3 November, goes into effect
1921 – Hitler – 1921 The Sturmabteilung or SA (the “Brown Shirts”) is formally formed by Adolf Hitler
1922 – Archeology – King Tutankhamen tomb stairs discovered
1924 – Women in Politics – Nellie Taylor Ross elected first US female governor (Wyoming)
1929 – Antarctica – Admiral Byrd and his group begin the first trek into the interior of Antarctica
1939 – Arms Sales WWII – US allows “cash & carry” arms sales during WW II – Neutrality Act
1939 – Inventions – First air-conditioned car on display at 40th National Automobile Show
1950 – Regional Conflict – Korea Peninsula – US troops vacate Pyongyang North Korea
1950 – Human Rights – European Convention on Human Rights was signed in Rome
1952 – Climate Change – Earthquake & flood strike Kamshatka-South America
1952 – USA – US government establishes the National Security Agency, or NSA.
1956 – Regional Conflict – Israel captured the Straits of Tiran and reached the Suez Canal in Egypt
1956 – Russia – 200,000 Russian troops attack anti-Soviet protest in Budapest, thousands wounded or died, more fled
1957 – Russia – 2nd Soviet Earth-satellite launched
1960 – Women – Tanzania, Dr Jane Goodall observes chimpanzees creating tools and becomes world-famous
1962 – Russia – 2nd Soviet Earth-satellite launched
1962 – Nuclear – US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island
1965 – Women – Lee Ann Roberts Breedlove sets female land speed record (308.56 MPH) in Utah
1966 – Climate Change – Flooding of Arno River (Italy) destroys countless art works, kills 113
1968 – Regional Conflicts – Battles Jordanian army vs Al Fatah-arm forces (Palestinian Nat’l Liberation Movement)
1970 – Human Rights – Russian nuclear physicist Sacharov forms Human Rights Committee
1970 – Communism – first Marxist becomes president of a Latin American country through open elections
1978 – Iran – Iranian troops fire on anti-Shah student protesters by Tehran U
1978 – Nuclear – USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1979 – Iran – 500 Iranian “students” seize US embassy, take 90 hostages (444 days)
1983 – Regional Conflicts – Bomb attack on Israeli headquarter in Tyrus Lebanon, 60 killed during Middle East War
1988 – Computers – Berkley student releases major virus which infects the internet
1989 – Regional Conflicts – Million East Germans filled the streets of East Berlin for a pro-democracy rally
1992 – Women – Carol Moseley Braun became 1st African-American women elected to U.S. Senate
1995 – Regional Conflicts – Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by an extremist
1998 – USA Politics – Disappointing election results led House Republicans ranting about impeachment against Pres. Clinton
1998 – Regional Conflicts – Zimbabwe riots over rising prices, unemployment and involvement in the Congo war
1999 – Regional Conflicts – UN, economic sanctions Taliban in Afghanistan over refusal to turn over Osama bin Laden
2000 – Regional Conflicts – Yugoslavia approved first communist-free government in more than half a century
2001 – Human Rights – Hurricane Michelle hit Cuba received the 1st commercial food shipment from US in nearly 40 years.
2004 – Regional Conflicts – 12 French soldiers, 3 UN personnel and hundreds of civilians die – Côte d’Ivoire civil war.
2007 – Regional Conflicts – Condalezza Rice suggests 2 state rule necessary in Palestine/Israel discord
2008 – Same Sex Marriage – California proposition 8 was approved that banned same-sex marriage
2012 – Regional Conflicts – Syrian rebels capture a major oil field in Deir ez-Zor Governorate
2014 – Regional Conflicts – Ukraine army reinforcements to southern and eastern cities to combat rebel offensive
2016 – Climate Change – Paris Agreement


Note for Liberal/Socialists/totalitarian marchers:

The world has always been in conflict with socialism. Your attitudes are nothing new. Nor are the results bloodletting, death, and destruction. You are being fed garbage and willingly accepting while blindly following like sheep to slaughter.
It took time but many countries broke the chains or got enough and rebelled FOR FREEDOM and against socialism…Gee I wonder why?

For those pushing the “Islamaphobia” meme, if the US were so willing to accept the fundamental radical ideology of Islam, then why did they fight against those in the Middle East that pushed it, not just in the recent past but from the earliest days of the country when they got tired of paying “Tribute” all the way through WWI and II when Communist ruled Russia and the Middle Eastern Ottoman empire worked as allies?

Hey, I don’t recall any “pro-climate change” discussion where massive flooding or horrible results from volcanoes was mentioned. Don’t think those folks back in the earlier centuries contributed nearly as much as the idiots who fly from place to place to give speeches and listen to others on their doomsday climate change pontifications all the while not practice good environmental habits themselves, or contributing much to the world other than hot air.

The same events have occurred throughout history some not so significant and others world changing. Now, man’s inability to act responsibly or consider the ramifications of actions long term have had and do continue to make a difference in the world habitat and weather-wise–that is an absolute fact. But to say that WE HUMANS affect the change of all climates and have done so repeatedly is a false narrative made to help someone get richer — period.

The difference I see is that now those who are pushing this meme are willing to destroy anyone with a different viewpoint, either professionally, socially, or legally. THAT is the real climate change that should be considered. The “climate” being human perception not weather related events (except as how some dumbarse uses chemicals in an effort to control the weather).

People believing all these things need to do research themselves instead of believing what they are given.


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  1. Wendy says:

    As always, your posts are excellent! They are researched and well thought out. I agree with everything you said and noted. Love to read ’em! 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    I think Billy Joel’s song “We Didn’t Start The Fire” should be inserted here somewhere! I’ll ask Terry later on today to do it, only if that’s okay with you! He can do computer stuff. I just add opinions. 🙂

  3. Hardnox says:

    November 4th, 2017 – NOTHING BURGER

    • Uriel says:

      Let’s hope the lemmings heard the message Fish or cut bait loud and clear. When is it the better course? When people realize consequences can hurt 😭

  4. Sheesh! After reading yesterday’s “done” list, I’m exhausted! lmao!

    Another WELL DONE, Uriel! Great commentary, too. So true!

    I’m nominating you for the HN&F version of the Pulitzer Prize (it’s a back-lit keyboard mounted on 4 – 32 oz. coffee cups, topped with a Kleenex box and crowned with a bottle of NoDoz); if that’s ok with you…lol