MSM and Liberal Congress Members may have Blood on their Hands this weekend

MSM and Liberal Congress Members may have Blood on their Hands this weekend since they are pushing the meme that “Conservative blog sites and far right activists are determined to create issues” and that “the alt-left communist groups we know as ANTIFA, BLM, and Refuse Fascism are “innocently” planning on protests on November 4th.

PJ Media is carrying a November 1 post “REMINDING ‘Refuse Fascism’ Protests to Unseat Trump Begin Nov. 4”
According to Refuse Facism the post below also appeared in Washington Post.


New York Times advertisement dated November 1, 2017


Infowars article – FULL-PAGE NY TIMES AD DEMANDS ANTIFA REVOLUTION TO OVERTHROW TRUMP Coup against Trump ad appears in NY Times’ national edition



Powder Keg America: Should we expect violence from Antifa’s planned mass street protests?

Personal Liberty
Sam Rolley
November 2, 2017


Antifa protesters are set to take to the streets in cities throughout the nation this weekend to demand that the Trump administration be overthrown. The kickoff of the leftist “revolution” has some Americans wondering whether the mass protests could turn violent. Meanwhile, mainstream media is setting the tone to ensure that any violence is blamed on the right.

The group Refuse Fascism began hyping the protests earlier this year, asking supporters to take to the streets on Nov. 4 and continue protesting until Trump and his administration is dismantled.

Because of the group’s use of language suggesting that it wants American leftists to organize a revolution to overthrow the administration and its insistence that it won’t back down until its demands are met, many Americans have begun questioning just how far the protesters are willing to go. And, while Refuse Fascism itself hasn’t called for violence, at least a few people claiming association with Antifa have taken to social media to call for violence.

This week, Refuse Fascism took out a full page ad in The New York Times to drum up support for the event.

With what looks like a massive national protest with revolutionary ambitions on the horizon, some alternative media outlets on the right have begun warning readers that an army of leftists is planning a violent revolt against the Trump government.

That caught the attention of mainstream media, which is now reporting that right wingers with violent intentions are likely to show up at protests to start fights with the Antifa protesters.

Here’s one example, via Newsweek:

Members of Refuse Fascism, the nascent protest group behind Saturday’s rallies, have expressed concerns to Newsweek that the bizarre readings of the November 4 protests by those on the right could lead to real-life violence, like what transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, when anti-racist activist Heather Heyer was allegedly murdered by a white supremacist. In Austin, Texas, for example, local militias have threatened to show up to combat the antifa supersoldiers they believe are coming, according to social media posts and the accounts of Texas-based activists. To reiterate what has already been reported in Newsweek: Antifa (short for “antifascist”) is more of a style of protest targeting far-right groups than an outfit with any organizational hierarchy, according to academics and activists. Not only does “antifa” lack the capability or funding to breed supersoldiers, there is no organizational structure in place to order such a thing in the first place.

Andy Zee, a member of the advisory board for Refuse Fascism, said it was a mistake to portray the spiraling fake news stories about Saturday’s protests as a joke.

“It’s very dangerous and harmful to take these people as a joke,” Zee told Newsweek, noting the way the Reichstag fire, a false-flag operation blamed on leftists, was exploited by Nazi Germany to accelerate a fascist regime. “You have to take this stuff seriously because some of them really believe it.”


In other words, the narrative is set.

The massive Antifa event isn’t a threat by itself– but the false flag events provocateurs secretly backed by shady factions within the political and intelligence establishments certainly should be a matter of concern.



As I reported in my post last week titled “Resist Fascism Proof of Intent – Time for FBI Action”, these people are neither innocent nor unwilling to use every means possible to harm bystanders or destroy property. While preparing for the post, I also discovered that ANTIFA was being referred to Refuse Facism for all correspondence and had been pretty much told to stand down since they had become so well-known in public. ANTIFA has been on the radar for FBI and DHS for the past year. Recently the Mayor of Berkeley choked and refused to call them terrorists but did go so far as to ask them to be called a “gang.”

And let’s not forget Steve Crowder’s “UNDERCOVER IN ANTIFA: Their Tactics and Media Support Exposed!”

So ANTIFA being a “non-political entity” or “non-organized group” is a lie. They are part of the Refuse Facism group which IS A COMMUNIST ORGANIZATION since it was founded in December 2016. Its national office is in New York City and is associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party USA and with The World Can’t Wait, a movement opposed to the War on Terror. If you read the speech I posted last week and compare it to the link I just added for REVCOM, you will find much of the same exact garbage information appearing in both.

So ANTIFA and Refuse Facism are simply morphing names and supported groups like several others for a communist party that has been a around aince 1975. Its chairman is Bob Avakian. He evolved beginning in the 1960’s from participating in the Peace and Freedom Party and the Black Panther Party to a hard-line Maoist then started REVCOM. After Students for a Democratic Society splintered around that time, Avakian was one of many who tried to form a successor group, Gitlin said. He envisioned RCP as something akin to the Weathermen. He has since written some masticized garbage that some on the far left has picked up as gospel. His small band of followers put him at nearly “cult prophet” status as believers. REVCOM was outed as a participant in the Ferguson riots by at least one bloggerafter pictures surfaced with REVCOM clashes with both sides of the chaos.

So for concerned conservatives and everyday citizens — be wary and stay safe. Keep your eyes open. But know that MSM is at least complicit in encouraging these thugs and anarchists. Maybe we need to consider hitting the MSM up on their advertising revenue in protest of their apparent acceptance of COMMUNIST agenda groups and determination to make these people out to be harmless while showing approval of their activities by posting advertisements from the groups.

I pray there are no problems this weekend.  But if there are, I pray that those in enforcement are ready, willing to use appropriate force, and stay safe. I also pray that no conservative groups, hot heads, or alt-right start or are involved in any altercations. That is EXACTLY what MSM and liberals are hoping will happen so they can “resist” and push anti-US agendas. MSM is guilty as sin and should be made to answer for any bloodshed or chaos that occurs.


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27 Responses to MSM and Liberal Congress Members may have Blood on their Hands this weekend

  1. While I pray no one gets seriously hurt, I hope they DO riot. I hope they DO cause damage. And I hope the MSM, all frothed-up in anticipation, are there to cover the melee.

    And I hope “normal”, conservative Americans stay away and DON’T confront them.
    Let them prove, all by themselves, who they REALLY ARE.

    Maybe THEN the DoJ will wake up and label these assholes as the terrorist organizations they are. All of them!

    • Uriel says:

      good point Hadenough so long as bystanders aren’t there to “see” them usually going on past incidents — they fight between themselves. That isn’t a bad thing.

  2. Wise Owl says:

    I keep getting the feeling that Antifa is TRYING to induce a shooting war, hoping that Martial Law will be invoked, the right disarmed, demonized, making their Communist agenda go more smoothly. They are so EGREGIOUSLY daring us, trying to find our breaking point.

    • Wise Owl says:

      That seems totally unconstitutional and I don’t believe the Trump administration would tolerate it. Nor do I believe the American people would– we would see the U.N. as a foreign invader and I’d hope that the “gun behind every blade of grass” would be true.

      “A well armed militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

  3. Hardnox says:

    I’m with HEA on this but the media will portray them as “mostly peaceful”.

    These assholes are wanting martial law and removal of President trump from office. I don’t see either of those coming no matter how ugly the reply gets.

    What I’m not understanding is why haven’t these groups been neutered yet? Ditto with the financiers (we know who they are)? These people are anarchists and are violating a number long established laws.

    It could be the authorities are waiting for them to act. Sadly, innocents will get killed.

    • Wise Owl says:

      I agree with you and HEA, but expecting the DOJ to do anything but masturbate in a closet is unrealistic. Sessions recused himself from the Uranium One/Hillary/Comey/corrupt FBI, etc this morning. We need an uncompromised Attorney General with gonads and integrity!

      • Uriel says:

        Wth? WHY did he do that?

        • Uriel says:

          What good is he if every time some troublesome indictment comes in particular about the Clintons and Obama he recuses himself? Like someone said, there must be a ton of dirty laundry smelling up his closet that has him terrified of doing the job he was hired to do.

    • Uriel says:

      US – Article 1, Section 9 states, “The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

      In the United States, there is precedent for martial law. Several times in the course of our history, martial law of varying degrees has been declared. The most obvious and often-cited example was when President Lincoln declared martial law during the Civil War. This instance provides us with most of the rules for martial law that we would use today, should the need arise.

      The President’s proclamation was challenged in ex parte Milligan (71 US 2 [1866]). The Supreme Court ruled that Lincoln’s imposition of martial law (by way of suspension of habeas corpus) was unconstitutional.

      Did this mean that martial law could never be implemented? No, the Court said. The President can declare martial law when circumstances warrant it: When the civil authority cannot operate, then martial law is not only constitutional, but would be necessary: “If, in foreign invasion or civil war, the courts are actually closed, and it is impossible to administer criminal justice according to law, then, on the theatre of active military operations, where war really prevails, there is a necessity to furnish a substitute for the civil authority, thus overthrown, to preserve the safety of the army and society; and as no power is left but the military, it is allowed to govern by martial rule until the laws can have their free course. As necessity creates the rule, so it limits its duration; for, if this government is continued after the courts are reinstated, it is a gross usurpation of power. Martial rule can never exist where the courts are open, and in the proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. It is also confined to the locality of actual war.”

  4. Wise Owl says:

    How much further does this go before the 2nd Amendment is invoked? This is exactly the tyranny our founders spoke about!

    • Uriel says:

      Good question!

      • Wise Owl says:

        Uriel, and your associates, THANK YOU for your useful and informative site and blogs. You do a LOT to expose the BS in an interesting and concise way, which is easy to share with others. Hopefully, more and more will be reading you and feeling the same outrage that we all feel. Keep up the good work!

        We MUST take back our country! I think Congress will be in for another surprise in 2018.

  5. deacsdomain says:

    A little off topic:
    Why in the hell are the PRES & Congress not calling for a CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION of Hildedouche ,Pendershit, & the ‘hole f–in buch of treasonist.

    • Uriel says:

      lol Deacsdomain not off topic at all. Trump has tweeted a LOT today on this. Sessions probably needs to leave office. Even Congess wants to grill him on his actions. And apparently he HAS recused himself from all things Clinton and Uranium One today.

      • deacsdomain says:

        Thanks for the info on todays news. Haven’t been in touch. Good to hear that, at least, Trump is weighing in. SOMETHING mayor must be done NOW or every ones house of cards will fall.
        How bout that traitor BEiNbOMB being able to walk.

  6. Shar says:

    Last night Hannity said Sessions did not recuse himself from the One deal. We shall see. Before Trump boarded his plane for overseas he remarked that he wished the DOJ would do their job, but he can’t force them to. He is very frustrated like the rest of us.

  7. Shar says:

    I heard he could but it would be political suicide. Don’t know why he is worthless stepping aside in all situations that matter. Good old Catch 22.

    • @Shar; If you’re replying to my “firing him”…If Trump installed someone who did the job, took the traitors to task and actually DID something to prosecute them, Session’s firing would be quickly overlooked. Maybe not in the dem’s eyes but the American people would be greatly overjoyed.
      The left have rendered themselves irrelevant and, at this point, no one gives a rat’s ass what they think. Even the MSM would be chided into oblivion.

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  9. Shar says:

    Hade, If I remember correctly his own party (Swamp) warned him not to fire him and that they would not approve a replacement this Congress. I agree that the American people would be happy to see him go. He is in way over his head.