GOP: Here’s Your Silver Platter. Now Wake Up … Or Else.

Next week I expect we will learn if the Republican Party as an entity is worth saving.  Next week, Donna Brazile releases her book on how Queen Douche Hillary Clinton working with the Wasserman-Schulz-controlled DNC stole an election cycle, in a scandal that eclipses anything in American politics since the 19th century.

We add this forthcoming MOAB drop to recent revelations about the Obama-Regine-approved Uranium One deal, and how scions of the Democrat Party sold strategic American assets that belong to we the people, to a strategic enemy, for personal financial gain, and then hid the facts under a puddle of Bleach Bit.

We add this to the lack of implicatory evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians; even that hack Robert Mueller can’t find it because it does not exist.  We add this to the MSM meltdown, with Jake Tapper’s thinly-veiled love sonnet to Islam — a meltdown that only the most committed communists in our midst fail to see.

We add this to the wholesale transfer of Lord only knows how much confidential and secure information to Muslim powers, courtesy of Debbie Washerwoman-Schmutz and her young boink-buddies Imran, Abid, and Jamal Awan, three Pakistani nationals who were overpaid to steal DNC and Democrat Congressional data, but were protected from suspension or arrest because DWS did not want to treat Muslims “unfairly”.

We have a senior member of the Democrat Party, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, bragging that she does not care that her party screwed its voters and stole the primary — demonstrating a level of contempt for election integrity and for her maggot voters that exceeds even that which Lyndon Johnson had for American blacks.

We have the defeated candidate, brave breast-beating toy commie Bernie Sanders, refusing to speak about how he was screwed for fear of “disloyalty” to his party — the party of rotten thieves and pride-soaked corruptocrats.

We have half the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, the filthy Hollywood creeps, caught with their pants down and their tools inserted in places where they are neither allowed nor welcomed — and the spotlight is focused on them, not because of moral outrage but only because the progressive third of this country’s population likes a good dirty sex story.

We have a Republican Party that holds majorities in both houses of Congress and controls the Executive Branch, along with a majority of state and county governments across the fruited plain.

And finally, we add the victory the American electorate awarded to the consummate outsider, Donald J. Trump, who does not fear the establishment and has proven that his street-fighting strategies are capable of cutting off the tentacles of the monster bureaucratic state we Americans endure.

Not since the late 1930s has the Democrat Party been so weak and in such disarray.  To quote Rush Limbaugh, the Republicans have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to literally destroy their political opposition, simply by supporting and advancing the Trump agenda and demonstrating to the voters that yes, they heard the message and yes, they are obeying their employers, the voters.

So, Smidge McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the rest of you GOPe’rs:  We are watching and waiting for you to move and take hold of this opportunity.  And if you fail to do so, we maggot conservative voters will conclude without a doubt that there is not an inch of difference between y’all and the Democrat scum you claim to oppose.  Our patience is truly running thin because, Smidge, like our President, we have “not been around Congress for years” and “do not appreciate how carefully and slowly things must move”.  No, you GOPe turds, we come from the private sector, and we expect results.  2018 is not that far away — in fact, it comes right after your next two multi-week “breaks” from doing the peoples’ work.  You peckerwoods may think you are immune from becoming unemployed — hell, you have been immune for decades — but the times they are a’changin’.

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6 Responses to GOP: Here’s Your Silver Platter. Now Wake Up … Or Else.

  1. Uriel says:

    It is also the week that SCOTUS listens to arguments on several high profile cases.

  2. Shar says:

    Great rant. Maybe they will surprise us.

  3. whitetop says:

    My rep announced yesterday he will not run for reelection in 2018, citing wanting to spend time w/grandchildren as reason. Lot of republicans not running but for what reason? Afraid they will get sent home because they failed the people who elected them in the past?

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    Question; How does Donna Brazille sell a book she wrote that has information in it the we all knew last year?
    And what is the title? “What Really Happened.”