The $80,000 Yugo, Financed By Us Maggot Taxpayers

Four point nine billion dollars up front to Elon Musk for his Tesla companies … plus a $7,500 federal income tax credit and a $2,500 rebate to each and every buyer of the Tesla Model S automobile sold in the USA. 

Set aside for a moment what we maggot taxpayers get in return and consider just what the virtue-signalling, eco-warrior purchasers of the Model S themselves get for $80,000:  An unreliable vehicle with the fit and finish of a 1970s Chevy.  A jackwagon for “special” people to be seen in (when it’s actually running.)  Golly gee, with deals like this on tap, the federal budget deficit will start falling any day now … any day now …

I kid you not:  I had a ’79 Malibu with better-crafted door trim panels than this crap.

The Tesla Model S is targeted at buyers who expect quality in addition to a virtuous status symbol in their garage.  These good folk drive Range Rovers and Esssscalades, after all.  And the Tesla is said to be mostly hand-built.  So why does it look like it was assembled by a drunk robot on a Monday morning?

Elon Musk speaks loftily of clean power generation … of self-driving cars … of a future in which George Jetson would feel comfortable.  But after nearly three years of hugely hyped taxpayer funded attempts, he has yet to even deliver a reliable automobile.  Now that Batears is no longer pissing federal dollars onto the virtuous green fields, why are we still supporting Musk?  If he is such a friggin’ genius, why doesn’t he round up some private investors (Babs Streisand and The Clinton Foundation might be good candidates) and fund his own growth.  The federal government did not fund Thomas Edison, nor George Westinghouse, nor (for that matter) Nikola Tesla (who is probably rolling in his grave at this insult to his name!)  Seems like the crony capitalist train rolls on, no matter who is sitting in the Big Chair in the Oval Office.

Can y’all say “green scam”?

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5 Responses to The $80,000 Yugo, Financed By Us Maggot Taxpayers

  1. Uriel says:

    I haven’t read through this but here is an interest Tesla debunk site.

    It seems like I remember reading Tesla or someother scientist was caught faking an experiment to continue getting funding. There may be too many to count lol.

  2. Popular Front says:

    We Aussies can sense a bullshit artist from miles away and this Musk character has just completed a deal with the South Australian state government – leftist, with a thick leavening of oddball Greens – into providing a giant battery to alleviate the states power woes. They have staked everything on wind & solar to provide base load which of course ain’t worth dick if it’s cloudy and calm. So naturally they’ve been having power outages state-wide. Elon Musk in many people’s view saw a greenhorn (pun intended) target and flew in to make his pitch and they bit. More taxpayer’s hardearned being pissed away.

  3. Popular Front says:

    If you still had that 79 Malibu SafeSpace you’d be able to sell it for a very nice profit.

  4. Hardnox says:

    I’ve seen a Tesla up close. Yup, they are a piece of shit. I’m not a car guru but crap is crap regardless of label.

    The fact that WE are paying for this crap is outrageous. Hopefully this will get axed soon.

    • whitetop says:

      So much of our tax dollars are involved the company is now too big to fail. Remember the GM & Chrysler bailouts? Wait till this poor guy has to replace the batteries. He will need a government bailout for that.