Resist Fascism Proof of Intent – Time for FBI Action

As usual while researching something else, I discovered something more important.  In this case, we have heard a lot of frantic calls and seen a lot of YouTube sites discussing November 4th.  I pretty much put them on a back burner because I felt these people would have been crazy to broadcast intent.

HOWEVER, this Refuse Fascism group is NOT just a fly-by-night radical off-the-wall group. They have held conferences, prepared and distributed pamphlets and posters. This is a PURE COMMUNIST organization that is attempting to take over our country. If the FBI hasn’t already become aware, they should have been. Why haven’t the leaders been rounded up and brought to trial for treason?

Unfortunately for the Democrats, these people don’t even like their efforts.


(Marching down Valencia Street, some two hundred demonstrators cried “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” — a call often heard at recent Bay Area protests. Related marches held in cities across the nation Saturday were coordinated by Refuse Fascism, an organization that works to remove the Trump administration from office.  The group labels the current federal administration as a regime. posted by SFBay.

Harmless? Innocent? Those marching maybe but those organizing — H### NO!  They will get these people killed in the long run and do so willingly in order to advance their cause.


This is a speech that was given by some idiot named Andy Zee…August 7, 2017

On November 4, 2017, We Begin, This Nightmare Must End:

…People feel that somehow this must end and yearn for a way out. Refuse Fascism is the hope and the way to drive the Trump/Pence Regime from power… Waiting for investigations, waiting for the Democrats to act, thinking that Trump will implode, hoping for 2018 Congressional elections, even protesting each abuse—as righteous and part of people raising their heads as such protest is, these are all acting within the normal frameworks that people have grown accustomed to thinking and acting within for change in policy and direction. But change, even under “normal” times, rarely comes without ferocious struggle if it is not change in the interests of at least some of those in power. BUT EVEN MORE, THERE IS NOTHING NORMAL ABOUT THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME. FASCISM IS NOT NORMAL.

We should recognize, and hold firmly to, our demand that the whole REGIME must go. This is a tremendous strength of Refuse Fascism. No one else, no other organization, has raised this demand. Yet, many are paralyzed at the thought of Trump being removed and ending up with Mike Pence. Their repulsion at Pence is warranted.

Pence is now the political leader of a theocratic Christian fundamentalism—that we should more accurately call Christian fascism. Decades in the making, the roots of this are gone into extensively in The Truth About Right-Wing Conspiracy… And Why Clinton and the Democrats Are No Answer and The Coming Civil War, both by Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party and architect of the new synthesis of communism.


That REFUSE FASCISM identifies and demands that the whole regime must go is a great strength and should be a magnet for people to get with the vision for November 4. Our two slogans, “This Nightmare Must End, The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!” and “In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!” concentrate a lot of understanding of the situation that we face and the road forward—they need to be everywhere and everywhere struggled over.

Our plan requires thinking and acting, as they say, outside the box. We are calling on people to put a lot on the line—taking to the streets and the public squares day after day and night after night and not stopping…

…November 4, 2017, we begin. Why have we set this date? Because without the kind of mass determined opposition of millions of people being in the streets day after day night after night, there is little chance of the whole regime being removed before they are able to cement into place a fascist re-ordering of society. By setting the date, we focus our attention and that of the whole society on the form of political protest that is required…

With the actions on July 15, we put on the political map that there is a national movement dedicated to fighting for the demand that the whole Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!—and that organization is Refuse Fascism. The demonstrations were relatively small, hundreds in key cities, yet people came forward in the face of threats and the presence of organized fascists. In LA, when the fascists began chanting “USA! USA!” they were answered with chants of “Humanity First! Humanity First!” We should grasp the potential and the significance of that. We should not fail to appreciate and build on the embryo of July 15.

Yet we do not have the numbers or enough leaders right now for what is needed to begin on November 4. We can get them in the next two and half months. This proposal is made in full recognition of the huge leap in our work, and for the millions of people who want the nightmare to end.

First, we must understand that the kind of struggle that we are calling for on November 4th is absolutely essential. Waiting till next year could well be too late. There is freedom in really understanding this. To just keep on keeping on with what we and other forces have been doing will very likely lead to real catastrophe. Understanding that hard truth opens up and compels us, together with many other people, to find and fight for the ways and means to meet that necessity that is objectively posed and underscored by setting a date to begin. The principle here is that really understanding the necessity we face opens up the potential to find and act on new freedom to transform that necessity.

We should clearly understand that we are not organizing for November 4 in a situation where nothing else is happening but us and the Trump/Pence Regime. Quite the opposite…. We will have to lead through a contentious mix of forces and events consistently putting forth our position as concentrated in the two Calls (the Call for November 4 and Refuse Fascism’s founding statement) and leading struggle as part of organizing to make a real beginning on November 4. By calling for November 4, we will actually be in a far stronger position, should masses of people come out in response to a breaking event in large numbers, to advance the date to earlier, if conditions emerge that make that possible.

I want to read two paragraphs that appear on the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party, REVCOM.US… (RevCom is a political party in the United States. Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the RCP, USA, has led the party since its founding in 1975. Avakian’s New Synthesis of Communism[2] is the RCP’s ideological and political foundation and framework. The organization releases daily update online and a periodic print edition of its newspaper, Revolution (formerly called Revolutionary Worker, 1979–2005) which is published in English and Spanish, and has been published continuously since 1979. Wikipedia)

The Democrats, along with the New York Times and the Washington Post, etc., are seeking to resolve the crisis with the Trump presidency on the terms of this system, and in the interests of the ruling class of this system, which they represent. We, the masses of people, must go all out, and mobilize ourselves in the millions, to resolve this in our interests, in the interests of humanity, which are fundamentally different from and opposed to those of the ruling class.

Before moving to our immediate plans, I want to underscore again that a key obstacle that we must overcome is people today having little experience with truly mass struggle that steps outside the bounds of the normal political processes, including protest as usual. Our actions and our organizing between now and then must make this different way of doing things come alive for masses of people.

This is both unprecedented, and at the same time, there are models and experience to learn from. Nixon and his Vice President, Spiro Agnew were both driven from power.

Before moving to briefly putting out the plans, I want to reiterate that while we should aim for mobilizing millions and put that before people, and if they all came out on November 4 that would be great, but the process is more likely to be, and what we must concretely achieve through our organizing, is that at least several thousand people in each of several key cities begin on November 4, and that through a process, this quickly becomes a platform from which to rapidly call forward and draw forward more and more people. There will be a back-and-forth struggle in the media, among the people, and with the authorities. Through this there will be a dynamic where through ebbs and flows as well as attempts to slander and suppress what we are doing, more and more people can be drawn forward. Where thousands become tens and then hundreds of thousands, and potentially millions.


Aug 19: Regional Conferences Plan for Nov 4 – This Nightmare Must End!

Saturday, Aug 19, 2017, 12:00 PM

LGBT Center
208 W 13th Street Rm 101 New York, NY

1 Members Went August 19: Regional Conferences to Plan for November 4 This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America! Regional Conferences in New York, Chicago, Los Angele…

Check out this Meetup →


NOVEMBER 4, 2017

Take To The Streets And Public Squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met:

This Nightmare Must End:
The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!
In the Name of Humanity,
We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!

Time, Place, and Contact info:

New York City 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm LGBT Center 208 West 13th Street NYC

Austin TX 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Location TBA

Chicago 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Trinity Episcopal Church 125 E. 26th Street Chicago

Los Angeles 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm Location TBA

San Francisco 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Location TBA


Conservative Review: “Nov 4 ‘Refuse Fascism’ Occupy redux funded by Soros, Marxist orgs”

As expected, the mainstream media continue to hype the coming protest as a marker for when the Left will raise a united moral front against the Trump presidency. But the truth is far more sinister.

While quite transparent about its goals, the organization has taken several measures to hide its operational backings. Its website reveals no details about the people behind the coming Nov. 4 rallies.

However, when soliciting donations, the organization asks contributors to send money to the same office address as “World Can’t Wait.” That New York City-headquartered group is led by Debra Sweet, a self-described “revolutionary communist.”

They receive their cash from the Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ), an “anti-capitalist,” “anti-imperialist” outfit that was founded by a group responsible for supporting communist revolutionaries in Nicaragua.

According to NGO Monitor, AFGJ has supported convicted terrorists affiliated with groups such as al-Qaeda, Hamas, and FARC. AFGJ also supports “political prisoners in the USA,” displaying a list on its website that includes notorious cop-killers and jihadi terrorists.

Despite its support for extremist causes, leftist billionaire donors continue to happily write checks for the Alliance for Global Justice. According to the Capital Research Center, the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations has given six-figure checks to the Marxist outfit.

They’ve also received massive funding from the far-Left Tides Foundation (another group Soros has been extremely generous with in years past).

Somehow, Refuse Fascism retains its tax-exempt status with the IRS. While John Koskinen, the sitting IRS commissioner, made sure to leave out Tea Party groups from consideration, he apparently has no issue giving tax credits to a revolutionary group filled with members who seek the violent overthrow of America.


Do Not take this lightly but move cautiously and ONLY respond if threatened.  We need to force Trump and others to stomp on this before innocent citizens are harmed!


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14 Responses to Resist Fascism Proof of Intent – Time for FBI Action

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Hey Antifa asshats: What fascism exactly are y’all protesting? That of leftists on college campuses who silence conservatives? That of federal agencies weaponized by criminals in the Obama regime? That of murderers in your pet family ‘planning agency, Planned Parenthood? That of bigwig liberals in Hollywood who force-boink employees before allowing them to work?

    • Uriel says:

      Yep all SafeSpace said and more. Seems these hangerson are so clueless even a Communist Fascist group can pull the wool over their brainless heads

  2. Hardnox says:

    The premise for this planned event are absurd.

    However, these threats are real. I have been following this since they first announced back in July. They are stupidly serious. They created GoFundMe accounts for the express purpose of purchasing weapons.

    Personally, I am not worried other for those in large urban areas (where most people are not armed). It’s a different ballgame in rural America where these assholes will get mowed down like wheat and their corpses will get stacked up like cordwood.

    Bring it.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    I noticed that some of the signs carried by these protesters were made by Look ’em up. Amazing that they let that organization operate on our soil.

    • Uriel says:

      Hey according to Obama all were welcome. I did briefly look them up. Scum commie. They have been a registered political party since 1975. So why weren’t they shut down back then under the Communist Act?

  4. vonMesser says:

    While I will be on “vacation” over the day of dismay, I have a couple of bangsticks with me, including one in .99 caliber.

  5. Terry says:

    That’s the biggest group of Antifags without acne that I have seen so far.
    But even this older group kept to the required standards : Fat, stupid, and ugly. And apparently tone-deaf.

  6. W Barna says:

    Locked and Loaded.

  7. Wendy says:

    Oh Lord! What can I say but LOCK ‘N LOAD!!! Terry & I are in a very small town, but just outside of Pensacola, FL. We DO have a bug out location in a tiny place as well. We’ve been prepping for some time (abt 2 yrs) and hope to get out of Dodge before it gets ugly!!!

  8. vonmesser says:

    I am fluent in multiple languages. 9mm mostly, but comfortable speaking .45ACP as well