James Woods : King Of Snark

I’ve always liked James Woods as an actor . Now I really like James Woods as a Fellow Patriot.
Seems he recently came across an old tweet of HildaBeast’s from last year, and decided to rub it in :

We have always known “who you are” Cankles , along with your scumbucket hubby and half-wit child.
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9 Responses to James Woods : King Of Snark

  1. Uriel says:

    Good for him!

  2. Popular Front says:

    Always liked James Woods, great actor even when he plays assholes, as in ‘Casino’.

    • Terry says:

      He plays a great asshole !
      1st movie I remember him in was “The Onion Field” back in the early ’70s.
      A true story about cop killers written by Joseph Wambaugh.

  3. Wendy says:

    Try to find it on dvd Popular. It’s a really good movie and true as well. It happened close to where I come from in California!!!

  4. Hardnox says:

    Woods is priceless. His tweets make me laugh out loud. I read he can’t find work in Hollywood because of his constantly kicking the left in the groin for their hypocrisy. Ya gotta love his patriotism as most others in hollywood have prostituted themselves.

    • Terry says:

      With the over 100 movies he’s made over 5 decades, he probably could give a rat’s ass less !
      I read his IQ is 180, and he was smart enough to get into M.I.T., where he studied political science for a career at the State Department.That would have been interesting.

  5. Diego Dave says:

    wow…a hollywood star with real cajonas! awesome.