Conservatives – Heads Up on 2018 Elections


If we want to continue to make a difference and maintain the people’s rights and to continue to “Make America Great Again”, we all need to be aware that there are CRUCIAL positions coming up in 2018. We cannot slack up. The minute we do, we lose.

Ballotpedia is the source of the information below.



There are 36 gubernatorial seats up for election in 2018. Heading into the 2017 elections, there were 15 Democratic governors, 34 Republican governors, and one Independent governor. Control of 36 out of 50 gubernatorial seats will be contested in the 2018 elections. Of the 15 gubernatorial offices held by Democratic incumbents in October 2017, nine are up for election in 2018, while 26 of the 34 Republican-held seats will be contested.

California –

Democrat Stronghold – Jerry Brown is term limited. He has possibly chosen his handpicked successor as Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. It is important to note that a very liberal, globalist leaning Silicon Valley whose combined worth is somewhere around two trillion dollars has been influencing the state to the point that conservatives and others have either moved away in desperation or are living in poverty level conditions, many without homes. (The fires and disasters that have hit the state have also been a factor.) So fewer than 50 of the wealthiest individuals makes California the third-highest number of billionaires in the world, most concentrated in the San Francisco/Los Angeles Tech corridor. They send are basically living in a glass dome where children and communities are mostly sheltered from the hard realities of the rest of the state. Yet they have been involved in the running of the state along with Jerry Brown and his cohorts.

Colorado –

Democrat Stronghold – John Hickenlooper is also term limited. Ten Democrats, Republicans, and other less known parties are already in the race, though there is time for more. Discussions are already underway that suggest spending records for running will shatter all previous amounts. Lieutenant Gov. Donna Lynne appears to be Hickenlooper’s favored choice. This was a critical state in the 2016 Presidential election. It has had medical pot since 2009 and regulated stores selling pot since 2014. This has greatly increased an influx of people so that property values and apartment rents have drastically increased. His administration has pretty much followed every Obama mandate with increased taxes, expanded gun background checks, expanded Medicare, state-based Affordable Health care, out-of-state students sharing in programs, payments for non-citizens to attend higher education, etc. The state revenue includes the lottery. Legalization of recreational pot eliminated high unemployment and added a lot of revenue. At the same time, Colorado has seen an increase in marijuana related traffic deaths, poison control calls, and emergency room visits. The marijuana black market has increased in Colorado, not decreased. And, numerous Colorado marijuana regulators have been indicted for corruption.


Republican Stronghold – Rick Scott has termed out. As one of our Floridian readers yesterday mentioned, there have been a lot of positive affects of his administration even with the hurricanes. However, he has been lambasted and embroiled in liberal angst against his decisions. He has also had his share of scandals. Gwen Graham is the leading Democrat and already hot on the trail. Some believe she could make it into the position while others say the position is wide open and unpredictable. Going head-to-head, Graham and the Republican Putnam are long-time residents with deep pockets so this also promises to be a long costly fight. There are others in both parties who are considering running or have declared.


Republican Stronghold – Nathan Deal has termed out. Major gay rights/religious liberties, diversity, ethics violations, sanctuary college campuses, DACA rights and other controversies have been brewing for the last few years. Five Republicans and two Democrats have already declared and like other states, cost is a major concern.


Republican Stronghold (barely) – Rick Snyder has termed out. 2016 Presidential election results showed a mere 10,000-12,000 vote difference with Trump. It was a critical swing state. There were rumors of voter fraud that might have widened the gap and had Trump winning by a slightly higher count including more vote count than the amount registered to vote. Flint disaster hit the state hard during his terms in office. There were other controversies as well. Immigrant count is just under 10 percent of the state population. Sanctuary cities were on the rise there until a controversial bill against them passed.

There are 30 lieutenant gubernatorial seats on the ballot in 2018.

There are 132 other state executive seats on the ballot in 2018.


A total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 6, 2018.

Heading into the election, the Republican Party holds a 52 seat majority in the Senate. Democrats hold 46 seats, and the remaining two are held by independents who caucus with the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is on the defensive in 2018, as they are left defending 25 seats (two of which are held by independents), while only eight seats up for election in 2018 are held by Republican incumbents. The Democratic Party is further weakened by having to defend seats in a number of states which supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Heading into the election, the Republican Party holds a majority of 241 seats to Democrats’ 194 seats in the House. Due to the general lack of competition, it is unlikely that the Democratic Party will be able to flip control of the chamber in 2018. Democratic gains are predicted though, as the party of a newly elected president has historically lost seats in Congress in the following midterm election. However, the ferocity and fervor to win back Democrat control may create a serious challenge.


As of October 2017, congressional redistricting was the province of the state legislatures in 37 states. In four states, independent commissions were responsible for congressional redistricting. In two states, the task fell to politician commissions. The remaining seven states contained one congressional district each, rendering congressional redistricting unnecessary.

As of October 2017, the legislatures themselves were responsible for state legislative redistricting in 37 states. In six states, the task fell to independent commissions. In seven states, politician commissions drew state legislative district maps.

At least one of those redistricting maps are currently under federal judicial review and at least one state has seen the application of a judicially appointed “Redistricting Arbitrator” as challenges make their way through courts.


So 2018 is shaping up to be an extremely costly political campaigning year.

There are a lot of challenges and serious divisions in policy and politics to contend with.

Buckle up folks. We are not nearly to a finish line to save our country. We cannot afford to have even one race not receive close attention whether it is local schoolboards, local governance, state, or federal positions. Every one of them count.



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14 Responses to Conservatives – Heads Up on 2018 Elections

  1. Hardnox says:

    Yup, well stated.

    The Left isn’t giving up and neither is the Swamp. There’s too much money at stake which a Trump loyal congress would threaten as well as State governments, hence the pushback.

  2. Hardnox says:

    One more thing… the announcement by both Sens. Flake and Corker not to run again means that WE and Trump are winning. These assholes know they will get primaried out next year. Best to land a lobbyist job ASAP.

    Now even Susan Collins is flapping her yap claiming that “we need to accept Trump as our president”. Really? 11 months later? What an ass.

    Sen. Linda Graham has said as much. More to follow as the rats clamor to stay on the ship they drilled holes into.

    • Uriel says:

      What You said!

    • whitetop says:

      Didn’t Suzy collins vote against the repeal of Ocare along w/ McCain? Seems she has been pissing on Trumps leg and now she says it’s raining.

      Ted Cruz is up for reelection to the Senate in TX so he probably will be challenged by democrats and the GOP machine since he beat the favorite son to win a seat in the Senate. We have a new chairman for the state Republican party and he seems to have a different message than the old machine. Hopefully it will encourage decent people to run for some of the other offices.

  3. Popular Front says:

    Very interesting those points about Colorado’s medical marijuana setup. It seems to highlight all the negative aspects of the long called-for ‘legalisation’ with black market corruption to the fore, Just like all we old farts predicted.

    • Uriel says:

      Agreed. At one time the non-medical use was frowned upon. Beats me how recreational use ups cognitive skills. They spend so much time “stoned” nothing useful is remembered or gotten done.

  4. Terry says:

    If Roy Moore’s defeat of swamp-endorsed Luther Strange in Alabama is an indicator, we should have a good year.

    • Uriel says:

      I never count my chickens this soon. Too much time between now and then for paddywackadoos

      • Terry says:

        A google search found no references for “paddywackadoos”, however I think I know what it means . 😉

        • Uriel says:

          Bwahaha I had to use “creative words” around my mom. It always stuck with me.

          • Terry says:

            I’m pretty well versed in “creative words” from my years with Wendy.
            Her favorites are “Cocka-doodie, cocka-dinkie, ain’t nothin’ but a stinkie !”
            I always know what she means.

  5. Shar says:

    Orin Hatch isn’t going to run either. Heard Mittens (Romney) is his replacement choice. Hope Bannon has a good candidate in mind.