Potential legal implications from Trump dossier scandal

Potential legal implications from Trump dossier scandal



Tucker Carlson and Jonathan Turley talk about the real crime of investigating issues, false statements, and collusion.

As Turley says, actually investigating information isn’t really a crime not even if it comes from a foreign entity. It is more where the information originates from like classified documents or if the information is false. Additionally, if people do not report their activities to fulfill legal obligations like to FEC, covering up the use of documents gathered from sources especially if it is false information, knowingly disseminating false information, or lying under oath that is the real crime that the DC will indict people for doing.

Washington Free Beacon owner had the right to find out information he chose to investigate…though personally I think with reporters in a company I am more surprised he didn’t use his employee base but maybe they were already busy. Still, even reporters go to lengths to “pay” for information in order to research and provide information to back up something they choose to write about.

I do find it disgusting, don’t doubt that. Too many legal and moral lines are being crossed in search of a sensational story.  The country has lost its way between right and wrong behaviour. But, is it really illegal to “purchase” additional information to report on? I would not think so and apparently neither do current laws.

I do find it a serious issue that someone would contact and use information from a group that has known connections to an adversarial foreign interest. However, the same could be leveled against CIA and normal enforcement agencies who utilize such in order to connect dots.

It is obvious that covering up one’s own guilty actions while destroying another’s chances of running for office should land one in jail for perjury if not for an actual crime. The Democrat Party has become particularly adept at this.

My big question here is why the people didn’t do the same level of investigation on Obama and others in 2009 to prevent eight years of “transformation” against our country.  Those who did do this were private citizens and quickly labeled “conspiracy nuts.”  They got gagged, threatened, or censored from posting on any media outlets, social or news. Some lost their jobs and others faded into obscurity. Yet had the FBI done a vetting on every candidate between their submission of intention and before getting into the campaign mode, then a lot of this kind of thing would have been prevented.

Personally, I think EVERY candidate and elected member of government should undergo scrutiny and background checks randomly. Running for reelection would be a perfect time to do this prior to the campaigns.

It is far too easy for blackmail or fraud to occur while someone is in office. We have already seen cases where unexplained volumes of income have found their way into a member of Congress’s account. It is after all a bit difficult if they are supposed to set aside their income to explain how one on a “salary” in Congress goes from barely a millionaire to a multi-millionaire while in office.

It is also difficult to understand how congress members dealing with lobby groups manage to “conveniently” pass something advantageous to a particular lobby group without some sort of collusion, “pay-for-play”, or “scratch my back” shenanigans. Background checks would help keep them honest.

Lobby groups should also have to subject themselves to general checks as well and those with questionable activities blacklisted from presenting their cases.

Face it. The most corrupt groups in the country appear to be those within the beltway of the Capitol. So crack down on their activities and then hopefully more real work and less corrupt work gets done.  That apparently now includes those in the enforcement communities like the FBI and CIA.

If nothing else the last eight years and the Clinton era have proven that Washington DC has to be more closely monitored by the citizens of our country to ensure that our will and our republic remains active. It also proves that mainstream media and social media giants are just as corrupt and biased. The FCC should have been onto that issue but then it is just as suspect as the rest.




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8 Responses to Potential legal implications from Trump dossier scandal

  1. SafeSpace says:

    “The moral high ground in Washington has always been measured in millimeters”. Turley’s money quote IMHO.

  2. Wise Owl says:

    Excellent comments, Uriel, as usual. Thank you.

    Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to ensure that We, The People, keep close eyes on our politicians and prevent as much of this kind of corruption as possible. The secretary of state will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will self destruct when the discs crash.

    • Uriel says:

      lol Wise Owl …you know, seems like THIS would be a perfect solution for bored seniors….after all we still tend to trust paper and pencil more than computers lol.

  3. Wendy says:

    I live in Florida, and our State Attorney General is Ms. Pam Bondi. She’s awesome, and puts out a weekly report of what she’s doing and the crime that she has prosecuted. Our Gov. is Rick Scott, another Republican (like Bondi) and he’s out there all over the place seeing to business. So glad to be rid of former Gov. Charlie Crist, who changed from Rep to Dem for a second term! Arrgghh!

    • Uriel says:

      Good deal Wendy. I hope that continues for you guys. Times are going to be challenging in the near future. Having good governance guidance will be crucial.

  4. whitetop says:

    Let’s see if I have this straight. James Comey gets his ass fired, he takes government documents and gives them to a friend knowing the information will be leaked to the press, in hopes that a special investigator will be designated which is done by Rob Roseinstein, deputy AG doing the job the AG won’t do and selects a former FBI director, Bob Mueller as the investigator, who happens to be close w/Comey. It is all being done as a matter of course of business in Washington and there was no collusion.