Washington Free Beacon Behind Original Fusion GPS

Washington Free Beacon Behind Original Fusion GPS


Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses latest information on anti-Trump attempts to get dirt on Republican presidential candidates  and how Hillary Clinton, DNC, and their pals in government colluded to take down Trump and other Republican candidates.




Oh my goodness, how the piglets are squealing!



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2 Responses to Washington Free Beacon Behind Original Fusion GPS

  1. whitetop says:

    Call me a cynic but I don’t have have much faith the American people will get the justice they deserve from a House investigation. Jeff Sessions needs to become the AG is was hired to be and start issuing indictments. They need to indict Mueller if that is the only way to remove him from his illegal witch hunt.

    • Uriel says:

      Me either Whitetop. It’s just another way to up their celebrity status and spend taxpayer money. If they were serious, then instead of days long “congressional” investigations, they would turn the whole thing over to the DoJ and FBI right then to get done. If the FBI found there were laws that had been broken then let a court of law decide the fate of the person be it a congress member or an agency employee.