Memo to Air Hostesses Flying in US Airspace on US Flag Carriers

Dear Ms Jackwagon Stewardess (sorry I do not know your real name):  When your employer, a US flag airline, is honored with the privilege of final transport of an American soldier killed in combat, you have ONE job to do, and that is show respect for the fallen.  If other passengers on the airliner wish to stand and honor that soldier as he/she is removed by an honor guard at destination, WE DO NOT CARE if that recognition “makes foreign passengers on the plane uncomfortable”.

The soldier DIED serving OUR country, the country where YOU live free and safe. That soldier was killed while defending a foreign country from its enemies.  That’s the job the American military has done for the past couple of decades, defending the freedom of those very same “foreigners” you are afraid of “offending”, when they are attacked by their enemies.

If you don’t understand basic patriotism, respect, and honor for those who protect your pathetic politically correct little candyass every time they walk onto a battlefield, I suggest you quit your air hostess job and find employment in a career where you will not come into contact with humans — I understand there are many opportunities in the septic and fertilizer industries.

The scenario described above recently occurred on a Delta flight.  Turns out that Delta was not in any way at fault; one of their air hostesses took it upon herself to invent nonexistent company policy and silence a patriotic display.  Perhaps Delta needs to add a few words to their training program for new stewardesses that explain what is due fallen military personnel.  The airlines are hiring millennials now, and we know that their brains are stuffed full of politically-correct bullshit courtesy the government school system.  It is sadly now up to employers to try to undo some of that brainwashing before turning these libtards loose on the traveling public.

When airline passenger sings national anthem to honor slain soldier, Delta’s reaction says it all  October 17, 2017 | |

A passenger aboard a Delta flight carrying a fallen soldier’s casket was told she could not sing the national anthem to honor him.

Pamela Gaudry was informed by Delta personnel that singing “The Star Spangled Banner” was strictly against the airline’s policy after she attempted to sing it aboard the flight.

Gaudry, who described herself as a physician and the widow of a deceased U.S. Navy Captain, related her story in a video she posted on Facebook.

Passengers on the Delta flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta were allegedly told to remain seated as the casket carrying Army Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29, one of the soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger earlier this month, was taken off the plane.

The slain soldier’s best friend was also on the flight and was set to deplane ahead of the Honor Guard accompanying the casket, Gaudry said, adding that she had the “spontaneous” idea to sing the national anthem.

She asked other passengers if they would be comfortable joining her and said most people “were thrilled out of their minds” with the idea. Gaudry returned to her seat after checking with all the other passengers and, as the plane prepared to land, she was approached.

“The chief flight attendant came back to my seat and she kneeled down and she said, ‘It is against company policy to do what you’re doing,’” Gaudry said.

“And I said, ‘The national anthem? And there’s a soldier on board?’ And she said, ‘Yes, you cannot sing the national anthem. It is against company policy.’”

An announcement was then made to deter any other passengers from following through on the plan, asking everyone to “stay quietly in our seats” but not mentioning anything about company policy. She alsotold Gaudry that passengers from other countries might be uncomfortable with the singing of the anthem.

Gaudry complied but felt she did the “most uncourageous thing in my life today,” adding that her husband would have been “profoundly disappointed” in her if he were still alive.

“I am humiliated by my lack of courage to sing the national anthem in my own country,” she said, holding back tears.

Delta responded in a statement saying its employees “take great pride in Delta’s longstanding support of the military” but that they do not have a policy about the anthem.

“The respectful ceremony of the Delta Honor Guard is one symbol of Delta’s pledge to the men and women of the armed forces, and it represents our broad commitment to our veterans and active-duty service members. Delta does not have a policy regarding the national anthem. We have reached out to the customer and are looking into this situation,” the company added, according to The Hill.

Gaudry wanted to let people know what had happened by posting her video, which has been viewed over 1.5 miilion times. She also acknowledged that Delta did reach out to her in a lengthy Facebook follow-up post, which follows:

Dear America,

I would like to publicly respond and thank everyone for the support. I wish that I had just STOOD UP after the soldier got off the plane and just started singing – I believe in my heart that many would have joined me.

Delta has contacted me – no money or free tickets (I promise, and I would not have taken them)- and this is NOT their policy. Evidently they had a flight attendant that made some bad decisions in trying to make this situation go away. They are going to do some training for the future.

Delta was very reverent and let the honor guards do a wonderful thing to honor each and every soldier that comes home with this beautiful tribute. For just this reason, I personally do not believe in a boycott of Delta.

The family knows what happened, has contacted me, and are appreciative of the effort. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have told them how beautiful and reverent it was as he was being taken off of the plane.

Several of the honor guards that were there have contacted me and were appreciative of the effort. Thank you. Thank you for your service. God bless you.

Many, many people from the city of Lyons, GA have contacted me and are appreciative of the effort. Thank you. God bless all of you. What you did in Lyons was amazing for Dustin Wright. I hope that everyone finds those videos of them arriving in that city.

Several people have commented that we should never sit down to sing the National Anthem. I agree 100%. I was trying to honor this soldier AND follow Delta’s rules to stay in our seats. It was all and only done to honor this soldier. Lots of things are easy to see in hindsight.

For those few that felt that I was doing it for the glory: Please. Please stop. My new husband is a veteran, and so were both his brothers. One of them is a retired general. They all served during the Vietnam war. My deceased husband was a flight surgeon in Vietnam, a 20 year veteran of the Navy. I have been handed a flag after an honor guard honored him at his funeral. I was told that we could not sing because people from other countries were “uncomfortable” and “offended” with this. This statement horrified me. I was told that we couldn’t sing because it was against the company policy – I was told this TWICE. I sincerely wish there was a recording. You would have been horrified too. I was horrified. I made the video after leaving the plane.

For the many soldiers who have shared their stories with me: Thank you. I have cried reading your heartfelt stories.

The one thing that has been profoundly evident to me with all of your comments is that I am not worried about the patriotism of this wonderful country as much as I was prior to hearing from you. I thought that we had no hope. We do. We have lots of hope. I encourage the silent majority to be silent no more.

Do I think that we can break out in the singing of our national anthem when we feel it is appropriate? Yes. Should it be ok on a plane with a soldier being taken off? Yes, WHEN the time is appropriate and if you stand AND observe the appropriate silence that is due. If the family is on board and does not want you to sing? No, I would respect their wishes. Did Delta honor this soldier? Yes, beautifully and reverently.

Were there really people on the plane that were from other countries and were uncomfortable and offended? I will never know for sure, but this is what was told to me. If I was in your country and the same thing happened, I would smile and be impressed by the patriotism. If the flight attendant just told me this to stop me singing {and be silent and reverent (which was admittedly appropriate)}, then shame on you! How could you even come up with this excuse. In a thousand years, I cannot fathom that an American could have come up with that excuse. Although, I pray that you just DID make this up because you were nervous. I have done stupid things when I was nervous or upset. If you actually conceded to these wishes of people from other countries…I cannot find the appropriate words to reprimand you.

Delta has apologized to me. Profusely. I accept. Like many things in life…it should have been handled differently. I am not throwing any stones.

What good has happened?

1. Hundreds of thousands of people who never knew about William Wright (Dustin Wright), his death, his family, and his service to our country, now know.

2. Hundreds of thousands of people are now praying for this soldier and his family. I know that they appreciate the prayers. Please keep them coming for this family – they will need it, especially when the attention dies down. Thats when it is the most lonely – after.

3. Hundreds of thousands of people now know that four soldiers died in this tragic event in Africa:

Staff SGT. Dustin Wright
Staff SGT. Jeremiah Johnson
Staff SGT. Bryan Black
SGT. LA David Johnson

Lets pray for all 4 of them and their families.

4. All of you have made it clear that there is profound patriotism SLEEPING in this country. Lets WAKE UP! Show it.

5. There is profound belief in God – The God of which the foundation of our country was based- SLEEPING in this country. This woke a lot of people up.


Show it! I have received so many messages about prayer and God with respect to this country, it makes me hopeful that we all truly pray for God to continue to bless this country. We need it.

Thank you all for your messages that are 99% positive. I cannot possibly answer – let alone read -them all. I am going to try. I wish that every soldier and especially every gold star family could see the messages…they would have more pride in this country than they already do – which would be impossible. I sure do.

For those who were upset with me or thought that I was after glory…I am sorry that I upset you and that you think like this. It is wrong – but we can debate that forever and get no where. It is just sad. For the people who said very nasty things…I forgive you. I understand the passion and emotion. I get it.

I wish that I had asked for forgiveness in singing instead of permission to sing – but then these good things would not have happened. It is done. Just like NOT singing yesterday… I cannot undo it.

For the William Wright Family – I hope that you are ok. I am sorry if I caused you any discomfort or unwanted attention. Truly. Obviously America, the great State of Georgia, and The Bulldog Nation have lost a hero. I pray for you. We all do.

Please pray for ALL of these families tonight and for a long time – they will need it.


Pamela Dee Gaudry

She added that the airline company apologized “profusely.”

“Delta has apologized to me. Profusely. I accept. Like many things in life … it should have been handled differently. I am not throwing any stones,” she said.

Dustin Wright’s family also reached out to her, Gaudry shared, and thanked her.

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8 Responses to Memo to Air Hostesses Flying in US Airspace on US Flag Carriers

  1. Deserttrek says:

    I don’t care if anybody from anywhere is or was offended
    It is OUR country

    time for that kind of garbage to stop

    • whitetop says:

      Ditto Deserttrek. I’m tired of the PC that says we have to be sensitive to the feelings of people from other countries when in our country. As for the stew on Delta AL she needs to be fired. I doubt any sensitivity training would serve any useful purpose w/her.

  2. Wendy says:

    OMG! I had to stop reading in the middle of this story. My tears were flooding my eyes so fully, that I couldn’t read the words! I had to walk away for several hours. I was so struck by this woman’s patriotism, my heart was melting.

  3. GunnyG says:

    I refuse to fly Delta. They have been like this for a number of years.

  4. Terry says:

    Curious to know the race/nationality/ political party of the pos stewardess. She should be fired immediately !

  5. Hardnox says:

    The whole anti-American narrative everywhere is absurd and shameful. This shit needs to stop.

  6. Diego Dave says:

    Have trump send the Delta stew a memo “You’re fired!”.

    Or better yet, send it to her in one his of tweets! We might get more mileage out of that, because they always cause libbies blood vessels to explode.


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