Why Was The US Pulled Into A Middle Eastern Regional Conflict – Part 3

Why Was The US Pulled Into A Middle Eastern Regional Conflict
Rather Than Eliminating Those Who Attacked Us At 9/11

Is what is happening in the Middle East a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Is it the mechanization of two warring Middle Eastern groups hoping to wipe out their long time tribal adversaries? Or are forces at work (especially after the last eight years )who have been deliberately using US taxpayer funds to arm ALL sides so everyone can fight like mad dogs set loose in an arena with the only clear winner being the observers in the elitist shadows?

On the one side we have the Socialist/Communist agenda, while on the other there is the Fundamentalist Radical Islamic agenda. Between the two factions in the middle are all the people who do not fit in either category. Somewhere snickering in their bunkers or crowing in their dark backroom meetings are the globalist elites who are watching their carefully crafted plans come to fruition.

As the premier advocate for a democratic way of governing and specifically an example of a Republic, we in the U.S. have become the prime rib being fought over for dominance. For years we have either not seen this coming, been soothed into believing theirs was the right response, or been overridden and bombarded as “deplorable” for trying to make sense and stand our ground.

Since the 1960’s, we have seen the creeping cancer of liberalism/progressivism/socialism within our borders. Since Obama we have been bombarded and lambasted by attacks from Muslim Brotherhood affiliated people and groups either in the courts, in media, or by targeted attacks. All of those have been couched under the title Democrat Party.

What has happened now is that the Democrat Party is in disarray or headed that way without strong intervention because these factions cannot co-exist for long. One or the other will end up in key position. What has happened is that these radicalized and liberalized” young adults have been educated since birth on propaganda fed them by educators, media, and the like. They have no rudder or guide dog for the moment to keep them focused and moving. Though without doubt Obama has made it clear he plans to pick up those reins.

Now into that mix falls the Negotiations for an Iran nuclear deal framework which began in 2013 and ended after a series of intensive talks April 2, 2015 in Lausanne. Neither the Democrat nor Republicans had any idea of all the terms involved in that deal. Obama held secret negotiations and backroom horse trading. Conservatives were outraged that the entire plan did not get published and definitely not any backroom deals. Although it should not have come as a heart stopping shock given all the other things Obama transformed during his time in office.

In September 17, the deadline for Congressional action on the nuclear deal between Iran and the world’s six major powers, Senate Democrats blocked a Republican-led effort to reject the agreement. They filibustered and prevented a resolution of disapproval from coming to a vote. They made sure that Obama got everything he wanted. McConnell refused to push on any HR amendments if there were not enough votes to override a Obama veto. So the Democrats lorded this over those in the country and basically told everyone to mind their own businesses as they had the deal all sewed up.  In order to continue though the plan called for the President to certify that Iran was indeed living up to the agreement every six months.

Trump called the Deal and Obama’s shuffling of millions in cash and kind to Iran one of the worst deals against our country’s national interests ever made. He did not withdraw from the deal but Democrats and Iranians have played the scenario as if he had. In fact more than 180 Dems signed a letter pushing Trump to re-certify Iran nuclear deal on Oct. 4.

Basically President Trump punted the mess back to Congress to determine the Iran Deal’s fate in a press meeting on October 13.  He has the power to scuttle the agreement unilaterally if he wants.

Now we learn that the Iraqi forces plan to attack two Peshmerga-controlled regions near Mosul according to Iraqi News on October 16.

DoD posted concerning the issue:

Oct. 16, 2017 — Coalition military officials are monitoring military movements near Kirkuk, Iraq, following reports of an incident, Pentagon Director of Press Operations Army Col. Rob Manning told reporters today.

Coalition forces and advisers are not supporting the activities of Iraqi government or Kurdistan Regional Government forces near Kirkuk.

The United States continues to support a unified Iraq, Manning said. “Despite the Kurdistan Regional Government’s unfortunate decision to pursue a unilateral referendum, dialogue remains the best option to diffuse ongoing tensions and long-standing issues,” he noted.

The Defense Department remains focused on the fight against ISIS, a terrorist organization that threatens the states in the region and the international community, Manning said.

“We call on all actions in the region to focus on this common threat, and avoid stoking tensions among the Iraqi people. We remain focused on destroying ISIS,” he said.


Setting the stage for WWIII and beyond.

How better to ensure a one world government than to provoke two sides of a religious coin into all out warfare? How better to create the perfect war where both sides annihilate each other through infiltration, mass immigration of fleeing hordes on a religious quest, genocide, defense or to settle a score? How better to keep ones hands relatively clean while preparing for the conflict outcome?

How better to ensure that the few left alive around the world believe in and participate in the setting up of a WORLD government where only the “elite” (who appear generally to believe in a  scientifically manipulated world not a religion-based world) are left to establish a transformed and tightly managed utopian government?

We as citizens have been complacent and complicit in allowing MSM, Democrats, and those funding them to “handle” and edit information for a very long time. It has been easier and we thought that our daily lives took precedent. Understandable but remember that over $6 TRILLION of our US funds have gone into funding war, supplies, and restoration here in the US and in other areas of the world in the last sixteen years rather than first taking care of our own issues.

Who stood to benefit from that well of ever flowing money? It sure hasn’t been the average-Joe or Jane citizens of countries around the world though the shifting money did help pay for employment opportunities and innovations. It didn’t help those in distressed countries raise themselves up out of poverty, starvation, illness, or bring about peace and prosperity even thought the UN has pushed that meme since it reimagined its role in the world. So who does all of this benefit? The ultra-wealthy elite have gotten richer as they have manipulated and orchestrated their own agendas around the world. They and their end-game are the only real winners.

The lives of our citizens and those of other countries have been affected dramatically and tragically on a daily basis by what has transpired in the Middle East and spread throughout every corner of the world. There is no other way to look at the changes which have occurred since WWI with the rapid spread of liberal/progressive/socialist communism ideology and nearly in tandem the Islamic radical fundamentalist movements.

President Trump at the Arab Islamic Summit said: “America is a sovereign nation and our first priority is always the safety and security of our citizens. We are not here to lecture—we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be, or how to worship. Instead, we are here to offer partnership – based on shared interests and values – to pursue a better future for us all.


No wonder globalists and the UniParty are upset and continue to attack Trump…they see their cash cow and all manner of plans going up in smoke.  Thankfully he gets the difference and has been determined since day one to reverse the downward spiral.

Could it be that with great wealth comes social and political awareness really or boredom? Could it be that those very wealthy found new ways and self-indulgences to increase their holdings exponentially? Could it be that plotters and planners were simply bored rich needing something to make them feel alive and “god like”? Or, could it be having hatched their agendas they set out to stir the human “pot” to create a last great war? One in which they have made every effort to insure their elitist groups survive and are able to establish the very object they so desire – world government ruled by these elites and attended to by any “worker/slaves” they so choose to save for pleasure?

This is what the best science fiction thrillers on the market foresee. It is what conspiracy theorists and a lot of average Joe and Jane groups consider as strong possibilities. Only the Bilderburg Group, the Rothschilds, Google, Facebook, The Times, Congress’s Unity Party and the other mega wealthy can tell us. They won’t though because by doing so they know the masses of humanity they have affected and are continuing to affect would not stand for this if they knew. What man wants to have someone walk up and say “You are inferior and flawed. You need to be eliminated.” or “so-and-so has a gifted mind and this will be useful so we will include them in those to be saved?” Yet it has been alluded to in whispers if not publicly this has been and is occuring now.

The problem as I see it that the Elite for all their so-called planning cannot control all events man-made or natural. They can’t control those whom they have set in motion nor the extent of the disaster should both war and nature align.

We have seen in the Middle East and after WWII how lands are laid waste, people left barely managed to survive. How then or who then will survive into another millennium if even the elites are not around? Odds are a few will survive but then all life will have to start over again from ground zero and who is to say that they will have access to the Elite’s fount of knowledge? I’m thinking someone two thousand years from now will be digging up artifacts and speculating how some race may have existed and postulating about why and where they went. 


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PS… My apologies to those who prefer short and sweet. My apologizes also to those who have a lot better grasp of the area and the situation. I am sure that each of them could have done a much better job. But frankly I am fed up with the whole thing. Especially to allow these folks (communists or radical religious ideologists) access and a great deal of control over our government when they are not here to assimiliate but to destroy our way of life. I end here with an apology also to those who do want to assimilate, this rant is not meant as a bigoted, racial, nor religious rant in their cases. But rather an outpouring of my personal view of the greater situation.

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4 Responses to Why Was The US Pulled Into A Middle Eastern Regional Conflict – Part 3

  1. Hardnox says:

    World War is a great way to reduce population numbers plus at the same time make mega bucks. Follow the money.

  2. deacsdomain says:

    This is certainly comprehensive, factual, & enlightening. I thank you for bringing these pages to the public eye. I just pray that they are distributed & read by thousands and heed taken.
    I have read entirely ( tirelessly) and my only disappointment is there are no names of current participants involved in this “NEW WORLD ORDER”.
    Original communist-Socialist were , I think , participants but it was primarily brought about, as is stated in these 3 parts, in the Mideast .
    Nowadays, as obvious herein, the mass participants in ALL lib movements throughout the world, not just the US,have no idea what the puppeteers have in mind for a final result . THE “NEW WORLD ORDER”.
    The only knowledgeable participants are the likes of the Clinton & Soros.