Who Is The US Supposed To Be Helping In The Middle East – Part 2

Who Is The US Supposed To Be Helping In The Middle East – Part 2

Who are we fighting with and for what purpose? To eliminate these fundamentalist radical ideological barbarians? To bring human dignity and rights back to an area that has long suppressed certain groups such as women, people with mental and physical disabilities, civilized productive economic behavior, and those with a different lifestyle? To wreck vengeance upon those whom we believe have been attacking and killing our citizens here within our borders and around the world?  Or is it to advance a hidden agenda? Again, I think the answer is all of these and most importantly the last reason.

There is not enough paper or time in the world to write about the complexities of the Middle East crisis nor knowledgeable “groups of intellectuals that can  explain in plain language what is really at issue in each of these conflicting parties.  There are plenty of conspiracy theorists and hundreds of possibilities floating out in the ether about how we got pulled into all of this. Much of that will have to be left to future generations (if there are any) to research and consider. However, here is in the briefest timeline how we have gotten into this current mess.

The Ottoman Empire
– was mostly driven by the Turkish people who conquered or ruled many lands around the Mediterranean region (similar in ways to Romans and their drive to conquer the same areas and more).  At its height the empire encompassed most of southeastern Europe to the gates of Vienna, including present-day Hungary, the Balkan region, Greece, and parts of Ukraine; portions of the Middle East now occupied by Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Egypt; North Africa as far west as Algeria; and large parts of the Arabian Peninsula.   The Ottoman period spanned more than 600 years and came to an end only in 1922 after WWI when western countries divided the remaining stronghold areas up to prevent their continued march to take over the western European countries and rule by the same barbaric laws as had destroyed or enslaved the conquered regions of the empire before the war.

Like all conquering armies before it, the Ottoman Empire found that the greater the land conquests and the further from local rule, the easier and more likely that the conquered regions would revert or establish their own countries, customs, and governance. They would become resentful of a far off region controlling their existence and would rebel which led to serious conflicts and clashes until the regions simply took back their lands and the Ottomans conceded their control or were eliminated. (sound familiar). Through the 1800’s conflict arose so that by 1914, the Ottomans had ceded control of most of their conquered territory especially in Europe, retaining less than a third of its land control. Most of the empire at that point consisted of Turks, some Greeks, some Armenians, Arabs, and Kurds.

WWI – reluctantly by some in the empire, the Ottomans were drug into WWI and sided against Europe and Russia in concert with Hitler and Germany which obviously did not end well for the empire. The Armistice of Mudros between the Ottomans and Britain was signed Oct. 30, 1918. The Ottomans surrendered their garrisons and Allied forces occupied specific areas of the region.  The allies won the right to occupy “in case of disorder” the six Armenian provinces and to seize “any strategic points” in case of a threat to Allied security. The Ottoman army was demobilized, and Turkish ports, railways, and other strategic points were made available for use by the Allies. The entire Ottoman region was then broken up into parcels in hopes that there would no longer be any threat to the Allies and especially Europe from the region.

It did not help at all in the case of the Ottoman Empire that the Islamic religion was strongly embraced by many og their people some from fear and others for personal reasons. Its ideas and laws were so restrictive, intolerant of non-Islamic religions, oppressive in its administration — fundamentally the antithesis of western civilizations or other civilizations that had adopted more liberal and civilized Christian or other religions beliefs — that these opposing forces would never be able to co-exist peacefully as we see continuing to be played out today in every corner of the world where the two(Islamic vs Anti-Islamic) are found.

That dividing of the region has proved problematic ever since. It was done without regard to native populations, customs, historical divisions, or long-standing feuds. Basically, I see this area to be no different from the Native American cultures who lived, governed, and conquered regions in the US. Western civilization came in with the mandate to build, to prosper, to gain wealth for European interests, and establish regions without any regard for the people of the continent, their basic political divisions, or their own histories. In other words, they lumped all tribes and people under one heading and attempted to shove them into confined areas without regard for their histories.

The problem with that is obvious. Blood feuds and hatred between tribes or groups when disregarded often become central to constant fights, aggression, and explosive situations. It also makes the intrigues of a few much easier to carry out where hatred, immoral or illegal activities, tribal conflicts, and prejudicial behavior play a large part in the lives of those involved.

We see the same attempt to divide and conquer occurring right now here in the US between ideologies, anti-constitutional activities, and the drug/sexual/anti-culture infestation (not those who have true biological differences but those who deliberately and maliciously have radicalized people to certain “trendy” behavior). 

Thumbnail sketch of last seventeen years:

1800-1917 – WWI, break of Ottoman Empire, formation of Muslim Brotherhood to return the empire to its former glory and spread Islam throughout the world to become dominate religion and governing body, and the emergence of socialist/communist ideology in the 1800’s thanks to Karl Marx with its determination to also become dominate. The US underwent several major issues from secession to elite scandals. With the advent of the industrial revolution, the wealthy got richer and the newly wealthy joined their ranks although it was an uneasy alliance. These elite groups found ways to indulge their own priorities and encourage the general populace to buckle under to their manipulations.

1917 – 1945 – Countries were hit with financial, economic, and natural disaster leading up to the emergence of Nazi Germany and spread of communism and its offshoots Nazism and Fascism in eastern hemisphere countries and the western European countries in particular. The western power countries realized the threat this posed to all of the world and within an eight year time frame from 1937-1945 fought a war that they hoped would put an end to the cancer of communism.

The Ottoman empire, China, Russia, and a few European countries who had once been part of the Ottoman Empire bought into variations of the Marxist ideology changing or taking parts of it to be specific to their needs. Gangs or mafias began cropping up more and more as they began making money not only the sale of illegal alcohol but dens of pleasure where addicts were able to indulge many vices not just opium.

1945-1960 – Countries tired of war and having to rebuild their destroyed lands set out to become financially more stable so they established the League of Nations to help get back on track.  In most cases the continuation and growth of an illegal, lawless era was taking a firm hold. After WWII ended there was the Korean and Vietnam Wars involving the US specifically but there was some 20 or more internal or noteworthy conflicts mentioned during this period of time from Arab/Israel conflict to Indonesian and Chinese insurgencies. Several of these have not been resolved even in 2017.

The disillusionment from “seedy wealth” to constant warring engagements coincided with the introduction of massive drug use and distribution, black market in everything from weapons to humans, sexual revolution, disdain for establishment prosperity, trendy anti-establishment slogans and actions. During that time socialist/communist ideology hidden within the cloak of progressivism, social justice, brandishing terms of racism and bigotry had a chance to make its move across the U.S. fueling bitter hatred and violence. Not that there wasn’t a need to revise social consciousness at the time, but that these people infiltrated the movements and turned them to be their own “anti-democratic” agendas. Their names have changed and evolved but the underlying ideology is still at their core. The United Nations evolved and found new relevance as the powerful and ideological came together to provide a vision of a world run by one single governing body.

1960-Today – The time of great social awareness and change — civil rights, the end of segregation, Medicare, extension of welfare, federal aid to education at all levels, subsidies for the arts and humanities, environmental activism, fears of over-population, race to outer space, unrestricted decimation of the resources of the earth, all leading to genocidal actions through “globalists” efforts to save the planet, abortion and a series of programs designed to wipe out poverty, and constant revolutions. To be sure great strides have been made in specific areas like health, industry, and communication but these can become weapons of destruction as easily and more insidiously than any MOAB. The only thing that might have a greater impact would be a massive display by Nature to render all humans and life on earth void as may have happened long ago.

It is also a period of time of serious financial and economic recessions where oil and other natural resources became the overriding point of contention and where world economies not just those in the US were on the edge of toppling. Easily a hundred different conflicts affecting as many countries occurred over the past fifty years. At their base was a push for more communism/totalitarian/fascist government and less religion, sovereignty, or democratic forms of government. The ultra-wealthy either turned to self-indulgence or to plotting and planning for a One World style socialist government to relieve their boredom.

All the while the Muslim Brotherhood gained strength and pushed for their own system of religion and government to override what they saw as the horrors of a westernized world. Attacks, bombings, and loss of lives and livelihoods became their mantra and goal to dismantle and bring to its knees those they viewed as infidels such that few western countries, their allies, or innocent barely surviving countries were exempt from the threat of fear and destruction by jihadists.


There were issues aplenty of human suffering, selfishness, poverty, disease, bigotry, and irresponsible behaviour as there had been since humans began to overcome their neighbors.  These people were hard-core and unchecked in their vehement shadowy efforts to change all human attitudes with an ulterior motive such as politics or religion and an agenda based on a flawed ideology. Those with deep pockets and a globalist outlook of the future found readily available evil tools that combined the rabid religious fervor of the MB and those those on the far left to do their dirty work.


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