Awan Brothers, Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal

GOP Lawmakers Hold Meeting on Awan Brothers,
Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal




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Imran Awan case: Lawmaker calls ‘massive’ data transfers
from Wasserman Schultz aide a ‘substantial security threat’

Fox News
October 11, 2017

A Republican lawmaker on Tuesday described the “massive” data transfers on government servers by a former IT aide to Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as “a substantial security threat.”

“These facts, standing alone, indicate a substantial security threat,” Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Scott Perry said of the Imran Awan case during an informal hearing of Republican House members on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

Awan pleaded not guilty in September to multiple federal charges including bank fraud and conspiracy. A grand jury had returned an indictment in August in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia charging Imran Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, with a total of four charges.

Perry, a member of the Homeland Security subcommittee on cyber security, said Tuesday that the House Office of Inspector General tracked the network usage of Awan and his associates on House servers and found that a “massive” amount of data was flowing from the networks.

Awan and other IT aides for House Democrats had been on investigators’ radar for months over concerns of possible double-billing, alleged equipment theft and access to sensitive computer systems. Most lawmakers fired Awan in February, but Wasserman Schultz had kept him on until his arrest in July.

According to Perry, more than 5,700 logins by the five Awan associates were discovered on a single server within the House and 5,400 of those logins appeared unauthorized. That server, Perry said, belonged to then-Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra, who is now attorney general in California.

Perry said a criminal investigation by Capitol Police begun after the House Office of Inspector General reported its findings into Awan and his associates last year.

The congressman said Capitol Police determined that an image they asked Imran to provide was falsified, believing it to be a “deliberate attempt to conceal the activities that they knew were against House policy and the law.”

Perry also discussed how Capitol Police recovered a bag with a laptop featuring Wasserman Shultz’s initials from a phone booth after midnight in the Rayburn building about two months after House investigators barred Awan and his coterie from access to House computer networks.

The indictment itself addresses separate allegations that Awan and his wife engaged in a conspiracy to obtain home equity lines of credit from the Congressional Federal Credit Union by giving false information about two properties – and then sending the proceeds to individuals in Pakistan.

The case has put renewed scrutiny on Wasserman Schultz for keeping Awan on the payroll for months, even after a criminal investigation was revealed and he was barred from the House IT network.

In a recent interview published in the Sun Sentinel, Wasserman Schultz blamed the “right-wing media circus fringe” for the attention on Awan. The former head of the Democratic National Committee has suggested it’s all part of an effort to distract from the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign and possible ties to President Trump’s team.

After Awan was arrested at Dulles airport in Virginia trying to board a plane to Pakistan, attorney Christopher Gowen told Fox News that federal authorities have no evidence of misconduct by Awan relating to his IT duties.

Fox News’ James Rosen and Alex Pappas contributed to this report.


Reference Article: The Daily Caller – Luke Rosiak – “‘Dire Consequences’: Wife Of Indicted Dem IT Aide Says He ‘Threatened To Harm The Lives”


OMG!……There is NO way that this is not a MASSIVE scandal for the Democrat Party and for Wasserman Schultz!

I almost choked when I heard the first video. The second if you have time is also very interesting. Please not this is not a regular congressional hearing, merely an open setting for congressional members to hear more ideas.



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13 Responses to Awan Brothers, Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal

  1. Navyvet says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. Just what we need. More “hearings” and “committee’s” to study and review.( ie circle jerks.) Just to create some sound bites they can use at re-election time. Meanwhile there ain’t nothing gonna happen. If they even scratch the surface they will find Hillary, Obama, and more than a few other slimeballs in this up to their necks. The power in Washingmoney cannot allow this to happen as they fear that the citizenry will lose all confidence and respect in the “leadership”. Naturally they are clueless to realize that there is no confidence or respect for them by the citizenry already.

    • Uriel says:

      Exactly why Dems and FBI and DOJ are scrambling for a silence gag! This really I think break wide open a HUGE DC swamp ring IF it hit a real court with a constitutional judge

  2. Hardnox says:

    Time for an investigation, extradition warrants, indictments for all parties, followed by firing squad.

    Where the eff is Jeff Sessions?

  3. Wise Owl says:

    I have been following George Webb’s investigation of this for months on YouTube. This is only a tiny portion of it. There is MUCH more. The corruption in Washington is astounding. Imagine your worst scenario, then quintuple it or more. Sex rings, pedophilia, satellite technology theft, nuclear base spying, spent uranium weapons smuggling, stolen car smuggling out in diplomatic containers, with drugs coming back in those containers. And that doesn’t even cover the spy ring in Congress, compromised congressmen, a TERRABYTE of data uploaded from a clandestine server to a cloud (for ??? to access), and more. Webb should make this into a movie!

    • Uriel says:

      Yes I agree Wise Owl. I watched the whole video. Judicial Watch slammed Congress big time. They hinted and touched on a good bit you mentioned.

  4. Wise Owl says:

    Sadly, I think Sessions is overwhelmed and out of his league…. or he may be part of the corruption, the swamp.

  5. Wise Owl says:

    Hardnox may be right.

    • Uriel says:

      I think it may be a combination of both with Sessions. He isn’t a spring chicken and has a lot of old style precepts. Plus he has been in government a long time long enough to have secrets buried.

  6. SafeSpace says:

    A salient fact is Awan leaving a computer bearing DWS identification in a hotel lobby to be conveniently “found” by investigators. He may have been trying to protect himself and his muzzie buds by throwing DWS under the bus. Note that DWS’s attorneys are trying to prevent the contents of that computer from being admissible as evidence.

    I also am convinced that DWS was being boinked by Awan, and is trying to hide that as well. If I’m right, let’s feel a bit of pity for Awan … imagine opening one eye and seeing DWS next to you in the sack. No wonder she helped him wire half a million dollars to his family … I’m surprised he did not charge more.

    • Uriel says:

      Yeah THIS court case surprised me. Why wasn’t he brought up on stiffer charges? FBI and DOJ have pushed others harder than him. Maybe there is more in the works?