Patriot’s Wednesday Musical Interlude
















In Honor of All Military Who Lost Their Lives
In the Fight For Freedom and Against Tyranny 

May we continue to honor home and country so their sacrifice was not in vain.





as we meet our enemies and face evil on foreign and domestic soil





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Retired educator and constitutionalist
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6 Responses to Patriot’s Wednesday Musical Interlude

  1. Felinity says:

    Thank you and God bless, Uriel!.

    My addition is “Let There Be Music”, composed by American Frances Williams in the 1940s. I recall singing this in my public-school choir in the 1960s…and GOD is in the lyrics! Whom did we offend then? Ironically, I found the best performances sung by British-Isle choirs.

    Ooh ooh ooh…had to add to link to a performance of “This Is My Country”:

  2. Shar says:

    Awesome. Shared.

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