ISIS Militants Surrender in Iraq

ISIS Militants Surrender in Iraq




October 9, 2017


ISIS  members surrender en masse in Iraq, but President Trump gets no credit.
Everything Obama said was wrong — yep its what the world said for over 5 years.



Imagine that, giving military permission and backing to fight and win actually has been working!


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19 Responses to ISIS Militants Surrender in Iraq

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  2. alakhtal says:

    🐪🐫 Shiite Militants Torture Sunni Civilians on Kurdish Cameras in Mosul. “Torture works . . . they deserve it anyway for what they’re.” Trump. ياعلي 🐪🐫

  3. They surrender expecting mercy and freedom only to, as you’ll soon see, to move to the west and create havoc and destruction under our noses.

    My suggestion – SHOOT EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

    As a leopard cannot change its spots, neither can evil be rehabilitated.

    • Uriel says:

      Hadenough I agree. These people either reluctantly Or complicity took part in major atrocities. They are surrendering only to the groups they think will keep them alive. Those that meet Kurds don’t survive. The question then becomes how many left alive will go forward to create MORE cells. I am guessing more than less. When doctors kill cancer cells they eradicate them all. A prime example is how many released from GITMO returned to fight again. More than half.

    • Popular Front says:

      Well yes, certainly kill them all but the intel work must be done first. We need to know what they know so it’s into the soundproof room for some electrode therapy. Forget waterboarding – far too slow. Nope, vigorous rubber hose application combined with slowly increasing electric charge through the testicles produces much more rapid results. Squeeze them dry for intel, THEN shoot them. Bury them face down with a pack of pork sausages to complete the event.

      • Uriel says:

        You have a wicked mind Popular. Lol. Is that how it down under? I would have thought you would take them on an extended boat ride to some exotic shark havens.

        • Uriel says:

          Or a watering hole for hungry crocs

          • Popular Front says:

            Not at all Uriel. Take a look at a topographical map of Australia. 80% of my continent is desert, very dry and very remote. Remember that ‘holes in the desert;’ bullshit from ‘Casino’ and other movies? They got that from us.

      • vonMesser says:

        Remember – with electricity:
        RED is positive
        BLACK is negative
        Water increases conductivity.

      • We think alike. Seperate rooms but not sound proof.
        While one screams from said “eletrode therapy” (I love that method) the other may sing like a canary. If not, some electric drill therapy to the kneecaps may induce said “singing”.
        And let’s not waste good pork sausage or endanger any of G-d’s creatures (pigs), just show them where they’ll end up, buried in a fenced area where pigs can roam and shit where they want.
        A few rolling heads in the area, (for porcine entertainment), just for effect

  4. vonMesser says:

    They want to meet Allah. It is the job of the US Marine Corps to make the introductions.

    • Popular Front says:

      Morning vM. As an ex-Navy man I thought you might like to see this item, via the Australian internet press. Probably more bullshit than not but who knows? Cheers

      • vonMesser says:

        Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Exhaustion. Despair.
        The cause?
        Micromanagement. Command dysfunction. Excessive punishments.

        FAR MORE here than I want to believe, but I do accept most of it as being pretty straight on. (DAMN ). This has been brewing up since the Clinton years in all the services. Political appointees rather than quality advancement. (It actually began under Kennedy with MacNamara as SecDef, but that’s another argument) .

        • Popular Front says:

          Oh vM, don’t start me on that jerk MacNamara. Being CEO of Ford does NOT qualify you for a cabinet post involving military decisions. His ‘systems analysis’ methods were the root cause of the ‘body count’ mindset. That mindset cost the lives of many young American boys and quite a few of my guys too. Did you know that, in 1969, they crunched in a lot of data into the computers at MAC-V and asked “when would the war be won?” The computer grunted, groaned, threw sparks and then announced “1968”.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Good. When they are finished extracting every bit of useful intel from these vermin then execute them. They are not protected under any Geneva Conventions.