Has The Senate Taken An Extended Leave of Absence-Calling Them Out

Has The Senate Taken An Extended Leave of Absence?

We saw in July how both the House and Senate were motivated to pass a particularly “so they decided” bill and place it in President Trump’s hands to sign in less than a week. We saw how the Senate remained in-house in August in order to slog through a particular issue. BUT apparently the Senate has decided to take a leave of absence since they returned from their short vacation.

Why do I say that?

Well obviously the first thing is that the Senate has not attempted to confirm nearly two-thirds of President Trump’s nominations and military appointees as I mentioned in my post yesterday (Could the Democrat game be any less obvious?) where over a thousand nominations are waiting in the wings.

The second thing according to Govtrack is that the House of Representatives has 295 bills passed and being sent to the Senate. The Senate on  the other hand only has completed 64 to be sent to the House. Often there are companion bills that work through both House and Senate then get marked up so it is possible that of the 64 many have companion bills within the 295 mentioned. This makes it even more telling. Some of these House bills have been languishing in the “inbox” of the Senate since May or before.

I encourage each citizen to go to the Govtrack site and look into what congress is working on. Get familiar with their activities and in some cases inactivities.  We can’t expect to take our country back if we do not do our homework and keep on those making decisions and reviewing just what they are trying to get passed for or against us.

Let’s review a few of the bills crossing from the House of Representatives to the Senate and see how important they are:

Firefighter Cancer Registry Act
Improving Access to Maternity Care
FERC Extension on the Cannonsville Dam
DOD Appropriations
Modernizing Government Technology
Children’s Foster Care Modernization
Expiring 2018 Appropriations Bill for several agencies
Medicare Part B Improvements
Reauthorization of Trafficking Victims Prevention
Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications
Waterway Hydropower Extension
Tribal Acts across the country to benefit Native Americans
Restraining Civil Asset Forfeiture
Small Business Capital Formation
Power and Security Systems
Veteran’s Compensation – Cost of Living Adjustment
Equal Access to Justice
Kari’s Law
Make America Secure Appropriations
Disaster Assistance Support
Border Enforcement Reauthorization
No Hero Left Untreated
Review and interagency coordination of Natural Gas Pipelines

That is enough for readers to get the idea….these are all important some take little effort to pass while others require more consideration. But, what is important is that these are ALL affecting our country and our citizens either protecting our rights or renewing our rights. THEY NEED TO GET DONE.

By the same token looking at the 64 Senate crossing over bills. Many have fluffy names better served up with ice cream. However a few are indeed similar to the House bills and just need review and adjustment before heading to the president’s desk.

The point I am making is that since its return to work the SENATE has done nothing but stall. NOT ONE PIECE OF LEGISLATION has hit the White House registry for the president to sign since September 14. There are 9 bills currently headed there but none of those nine bills are of any serious significance like the ones listed above.

Perhaps if they pushed enough bills across the president’s desk, they might keep him too busy to tweet? Na-a-a-w not possible.

Congress, in particular the Senate, is using valuable time on things that are better ended and on protesting against the president rather than doing the job the members were sent to congress to get done.

Time to contact your senators and chew their arses out.


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9 Responses to Has The Senate Taken An Extended Leave of Absence-Calling Them Out

  1. whitetop says:

    The lack of competent leadership is the main problem. Mitch wants the Senate to remain the good ole boy club and Trump has called him out on it. Therefore, Mitich is demonstrating his power thinking his lack of activity will still fill the Senate w/republicans come next election. John Bannon has declared war on Mitch and any senate republican not supporting the president’s agenda. Just voting doesn’t count; they have to show real commitment. I hope it works and BTW, the house could use a little trash removal as well. Starting w/Paul Ryan.

  2. vonMesser says:

    I am so PI$$ED at the GOP I could consider voting Loser-tarian.

  3. Shar says:

    Read the Senate is having trouble getting funding. Uncle Mitch will be sorry he blew so much in Alabama.

    IMO Ryan and Mitch have a game going. The House passes bills and the Senate holds them. They think we are stupid. Go Steve Bannon. Money that use to go to Rove’s PAC is now going to Bannon’s.

  4. Dynalady says:

    It’s a tough call at this point as to which is worse–Dems or Repubes. Dems want to flush us all down the toilet straight into the sewer. Repubes seem to want to swirl around, swirl around, swirl around, saturating themselves (& us) thoroughly in all the waste, stench, & crap, convinced that eventually we’ll like it as much as they do & then we’ll believe them when they smile & tell us we’re not in a sewer!

    After all, it just can’t be a sewer if they’re around!

    (Sings to the tune of the Speed Racer cartoon song): Go, Steve Bannon! Go, Steve Bannon! Go, Steve Bannon, GO!!