Democrats And MSM Scrambling To Distance Themselves From Weinstein

Returning his cash doesn’t solve Democrats’ Harvey Weinstein problem


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Washington Post
October 6, 2017

No one knew about Harvey Weinstein? Give me a break.

Trump is set for re-election, why the Weinstein bombshells stayed hidden & other comments
Now we know what it takes for Gov. Cuomo to sacrifice from his campaign war chest: a parade of other top local pols letting go of gifts from a donor suddenly in the news for decades of alleged sexual harassment.

Tri-state Dems spent Friday running hard and fast from now-toxic Hollywood kingpin Harvey Weinstein in the wake of an avalanche of exposés.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has branded herself a fighter on women’s issues, was the first to bolt, returning $11 grand in donations. Sens. Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker (NJ) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) rapidly followed in re-gifting their Weinstein largesse to women’s charities.

But it wasn’t ’til early Friday evening that Cuomo joined in, coughing up $50,000 the mogul had given in the current election cycle. (That leaves $100,000 in Weinstein giving to earlier Cuomo campaigns dating back to his run for state attorney general.)

Oh, and the Democratic National Committee is simply passing most of its nearly $300,000 in Weinstein cash on to other party organizations.

Still to speak up are Harvey’s two favorite candidates: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who got millions from him personally or via campaign bundling. (Weinstein even hired Malia Obama as an intern.)

Clinton, of course, is still on her book tour, reminding listeners that she wanted to tell Donald Trump what many women in Hollywood actually did tell Harvey Weinstein: “Back off, you creep!” (has since come out shocked by his activities)

Yet the entire Democratic Party still has a big Harvey Weinstein problem: By many accounts, his behavior was an open secret long before it was exposed by The New York Times. How did no one tell any of the pols who so eagerly grabbed for his cash?

Or did they know, but not care? There’s plenty of precedent for that, starting with Bill Clinton.

So it’s no coincidence that Weinstein prepared for the Times exposé with the help of Obama communications director Anita Dunn and Clinton ex-counsel Lanny Davis.

As for Cuomo: He still hasn’t returned a dime of the $1.2 million he raked in from Glenwood Management, the firm deeply involved in corrupt payoffs that resulted in the criminal convictions of ex-legislative bosses Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos.



But He isn’t the only Democrat in the crosshairs over the past year and one wonders how come some of these aren’t already in court as well….

Podesta – for obvious reasons has been remarkable silent over the last few months. He didn’t disclose during the campaign that he had received 75,000 shares of stock from Joule Unlimited, which was financed by the Kremlin.  Back in February Washington Post mentioned Podesta would be a contributing writer but nothing showed up that he wrote. In fact, a search on Google shows that nothing much since July has hit the media and one climate change article in August.

Chaka Fattah (D-PA) was convicted on 23 counts of racketeering, fraud, and other corruption charges. (2016)

Corrine Brown (D-FL) – found guilty of 18 felony counts of fraud and tax charges 2017.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)- was indicted on federal corruption charges. (3 year indictment as yet not complete)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) – allegations of IT members, treasonous actions, and wrongdoing currently in the news, not counting the many instances of DNC irregularities

Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and André Carson (D-Ind.) – alleged ties to Muslim Brotherhood through Islamic Society of North America though both have attempted to distance themselves from these groups.

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) – convicted of sexting with minor 2017

Huma Abedin – besides failed marriage and Clinton problems, has managed so far to stay out of the limelight and to not be indicted or called to court for her past activities and connections.

Madeleine Z. Bordallo (D-Delegate from Guam) – under Ethics Committee investigation 2017

John Conyers (D-MI) – under Ethics Committee investigation 2017

Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) – under Ethics Committee investigation 2017


Distance all they want, the taint of the Democrat Party is so bad that (not far behind is the Republican Party so no I am not biased on this) that you have to wonder how they plan to move forward.  Apparently unless the party just received a much-needed infusion, the main kitty is nearly empty. How can they possibly hope to continue to push their attempted coup of our country so long as they can’t afford to pay their bills as a national party.  The only way that is possible is for their biggest donors to secretly funnel money their way…. Oops that has already been done.  These people didn’t get wealthy by throwing money down a tar pit so how long will they continue? Oh and all that lovely pay-for-play money from the Clinton’s and Obama people, I doubt will find its way into the pockets.

Still this is a very dangerous time for both parties since both have fallen far short of their platforms and goals. Conservatives are pissed at both–one for its outright socialist/communist platform and the other for aiding and abetting those determined to destroy our country. Young so-called Democrats or should I say communists are determined to transform our country into a third world venue.

It isn’t going to end well for either party but particularly the Republicans who have fought against Trump for well over a year now.



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13 Responses to Democrats And MSM Scrambling To Distance Themselves From Weinstein

  1. Popular Front says:

    Madeleine Z. Bordallo? Really? LOL If I were her maybe I’d think about changing my name, to something like……Madeleine Z. Brathel or perhaps Madeleine Z. Wherehouse.

  2. Diego Dave says:

    my question is since the harv was known sexual predator by many for many years, why all of a sudden did all these revelations just come to the public eye? he must have crossed somedody, but who? usually the dems, pervs, and pedos dont eat their own.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Diego Dave. He must have stepped on someone’s toes for sure or he got caught on the fringes of the deep well. They are beginning to squabble amongst themselves it seems as the center left is being overrun by communist and MB influence now. Let’s not forget the younger group is more radical now than the older.

      • Diego Dave says:

        agreed on the youngers being more radical…the enemys strategy of infiltrating our educational systems has worked out very well.

        i raised three daughters in a conservative environment going to private christian schools. up to college things worked out pretty well…after college not so much.

        its like they went thru some sort of “process” and came out somewhat “libbed”. i feel like the colleges they went to (georgetown, williams and usf) are false advertisers with a hidden agenda: transform the student to a globalist, morals-are-relative socialist lib.

        you go on scouting and parents day forays for discovery, and you are “funneled” down the “conservative” aisle. you walk away feeling they are in a good place. Next fours years and beyond is a constant battle to mitigate the “mind” damage and help peel back and discard the layers of the rotten idealogical onion they have absorbed.

        i thank God for His hand in all the help, because they are salvagable…and i will never give up on them as He does not on us! But it IS a fight for our young ones hearts minds more than ever.

        • Uriel says:

          Amen to all you said. I watched well mannered, loving Christian teens around me attend college and their fall into paganism and drugs was frightening. Like you, we must hang on to be there for them later. However drugs are a war we have to wage because people don’t often return from that pit sadly. I also recall efforts of parents to intervene, retrain and save.
          After all we went through something similar in the 60’s and hopefully we weren’t all corrupted. The return and rejoicing of the lost son in the Bible always comes to mind.

  3. Dynalady says:

    Diego D. & Uriel–thought I was done ranting for the day, but your exchange touched me & inspired me. Know someone w/similar experience w/a daughter–mind/attitude corrupted by ‘education.’ Thankful for lots of good progress, but seems never quite done.

    And, just to get something off my chest–to all you Real American Men (women too, but esp our good men) out there who got married, been faithful husbands, good provider fathers, fair (& maybe tough-minded) employers/supervisors, served your country, worked hard–this guy Weinstein’s exposure is your liberation. Middle America has been mocked, spit on, exploited and law-fared for 40 yrs by guys like this & his ilk–abusers/enablers & the vile movies they make, the lying media they run, the corrupt politicians they fund & stump for–if any of them ever had any credibility it is GONE!

    Like you guys said, we’ve got to keep praying for the hearts/minds of our young people & for righteousness in our gov’t.

    Like y’all–I suspect the only reason they took down a guy as big as Weinstein is bc there’s someone bigger who needs cover or who got mad. We’ll see if anything happens in the end.

    • Uriel says:

      Just speculating here but he had close ties to Clinton’s. could be with her “popularity waning especially with Sanders morons that he is being jettisoned to take the heat off of them. That has always been their modus operandi.

    • Diego Dave says:

      dynalady: thank-you! great to know there are women out there who appreciate men who take seriously the role of loving and honoring God; as well as loving, protecting, cherishing and providing for our wives and children.

      in other word real men with real women…having God fearing, country loving, troop and responder supporting families who respect the rule of law and have an actual work ethic that embraces societal and civic responsibilities.

      unlike how the “modern” feminine not-sure-of-identity men, alpha my-husband-is-an-idiot women and bratty-a**ed-my-parents-are-stupid children are portrayed today in the brainwashing media establishment (upchuck here)

  4. Uriel says:

    Isn’t he the one who ratted Hillary out on preplanned email video? And how she stiffed him for raising money for her campaign?

    lists a lot he donated to in Dem party and amounts