Could the Democrat Game Plan Be Any Less Obvious?

Could the Democrat Game Plan Be Any Less Obvious?


NO – but there are a lot of very angry patriots getting very tired of their chaos.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of regular citizens going about their day’s business that cannot see the forest for the trees and would rather follow the flock than find out the truth. They are not seemingly even aware of the real activities being hidden behind the more obvious and obnoxious rants and theatrics of the media hounds out for their ten minutes of fame/infamy.

Efforts to remove Trump from office:

There were more than a few examples of MSM speculating on impeaching Trump beginning in early 2016 such as Politico and Washington Post. Obama even made several on-air remarks about his qualifications and how he would never be president. In December 2016, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Dick Durbin, Chris Coons, Ben Cardin, and Jeff Merkley introduced a bill that would require the President of the United States to divest any assets that could raise a conflict of interest, including a statement that the failure to divest such assets would constitute high crimes and misdemeanors “under the impeachment clause of the U.S. Constitution”.  Immediately after his inauguration, The Independent and The Washington Post each reported on efforts already underway to impeach Trump. The Washington Post further noted the creation of by Free Speech For People and RootsAction, two liberal advocacy groups. Since his inauguration, various Democrat congress members have introduced bills, gone on rants or crying jags, made inflammatory remarks on camera, in their respective houses, and in media as well as other actions in order to force impeachment proceedings.

Senate Nomination Agenda:

Since President Trump took office, there have been 1,069 nominations presented to the Senate for confirmation both civilian and non-civilian. By the same token, there were 2,443 total nominations listed for Obama from December 2008 – December 2010, most of which had been confirmed.
Wikipedia places the number of known appointments higher at 1,212 presidential appointments but President Trump signaled that some positions will not be filled. IF one considers the number listed by The Washington as identified 601 key positions requiring U.S. Senate confirmation; then the Senate has only confirmed 142 as of October 6, 2017.

NPR noted something in 2009 that is relevant. “… many of the positions, confirmations have been expedited…” NYT noted that by August 2009, Obama had just under half of his nominations confirmed. So if we look at the 2,443 nominations possible by the end of 2010 then Obama would have had somewhere between 500 and 1,221 confirmed. And even more importantly those 2,443 were acted upon and either confirmed or denied by December 2010. The article from NYT clarified the issue a little bit by noting that in seven months about 215 positions had been filled out of a needed 500 key positions by Obama.  They tried to say at that time that Obama was soooo picked on and ignored…

Even if there were fewer than 500 needed, it still does NOT explain why more than 500 of Trump’s appointees have not been confirmed out of a possible 1,069. So the Senate is lagging behind by 358 appointee confirmations at least 9 months into his first year of presidency. In comparison to Obama then Trump falls roughly 73 appointees short of even Obama’s lagging confirmations. Let’s also not forget that some of Trump nominations may include military confirmations so they could possibly skew the actual figures considerably and definitely less in fulfilling Trump’s cabinet appointee positions over Obama’s.

Critical areas needing confirmations:
Judges – there are 149 current vacancies and only 50 pending confirmations as of 10/10/2017. Some of these have been pending for nearly 4 years. For every position not filled, the courts are backing up at an alarming rate which denies citizens the right of due process in a timely manner. In addition, those judgeships filled by Obama are notably liberal which means that decisions are skewed away from the letter of the law and toward a more socialistic position.

Attorney and Enforcement – There appear to be between 50 and 100 positions not yet filled in this area from FBI to DoJ and others. These also cause a backlog and an inadequate level of due process from civil, criminal, and cybercrime cases. Even if Sessions wanted to bring cases against every person who committed a crime or breach of ethics, how would he possibly have staff and enforcement enough to do a thorough job. Those currently in positions have to be staggering even now over the sheer volume of cases.

Unmasking and probably illegal use of spying tactics upon citizens and President-elect over the last few years:
What Trump accused of in tweets has actually been proven to have occurred during the election cycle and probably before during various congressional committee investigations and leaked information. Yet Obama and his administration have yet to be brought up on any charges.

Russia connection to President-elect Trump and his staff:
Mueller has been performing unnecessary, often belligerent, non-transparently funded, and far too many gag order style examinations on not only pre-election Russia/Trump connections but has spread his influence in areas not contracted. Far from being non-partisan, his group has been found to have deep ties and connections with past and present Democrat Party members and as a result has been carrying out a biased campaign to justify whatever funds have already been expended as well as dragging out a non-existent case against PRE-election Russia/Trump connections. In the process some things have come out that suggests a far deeper tie between members of the Democrat Party and Russia such as Podesta.

Character assassination of members of the Trump administration and election committee personnel:

MICHAEL FLYNN, National Security Adviser – forced to resign as Trump’s National Security Advisor after information surfaced that he had lied to Vice President Mike Pence about the nature and content of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. Held years of high level intelligence positions. He was appointed by Obama nominated Flynn to be the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. All of which suggests that he was under extreme scrutiny for more than 20 years yet suddenly he has been caught in a national security breach. His actions after retiring suggested a tie to Turkey, Islam, and possibly Russia. The mystery here is that he managed to maintain high level clearance during his military years prior to Obama. After Obama is certainly understandable. What isn’t understandable is that Trump worked with him prior to election.

THOMAS PRICE, Sec of HHS. – He was alleged to have cost taxpayers more than $1 million between his use of private planes for domestic travel and military jets for recent trips to Africa, Europe, and Asia by Politico and other MSM liberal mouthpieces. Kathleen Sebelius held the position from 2009-2014. This is the same woman deeply involved in the Obamacare debacle. The same Kathleen Sebelius who was raked over the coals by OIG in a scathing inspection report in 2012 for uncontrolled and unaccounted for spending in HHS programs. Nine programs were deemed by OMB to be susceptible to making significant improper payments. The same person who came under Hatch Act investigation by the Office of Special Counsel (HA-12-1989) in which SHE had to reimburse the federal government for travel expenses for political rather than business purposes. The same woman who also had come under fire for “unintentional” back taxes issues during confirmation.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, Deputy Assistant – An accomplished and professional naturalized citizen who was a military and intelligence analyst. He was said to have been forced out by those who were determined to undermine the MAGA platform. He came under heavy media and liberal attack by some critics who challenged his academic credentials, his views on Islam and radicalization—as well as his motives for identifying with the Order of Vitéz or supporting the EU-banned Hungarian Guard even though he held many positions of high esteem in intelligence both in European political climate and in academia. He did not achieve the necessary security clearance to be within the inner circle of the president possibly because of his past connections. However, he was constantly under fire from MSM for his views and their maligning of his character as well.

STEVE BANNON, Chief Strategist – This one was an assured problem from the beginning. Bannon was an outspoken conservative who probably chaffed constantly at protocol. He was however a strong champion of MAGA. Conflicts appeared to rage daily between staff, Trump, and Bannon. He left and immediately began what he does best – bedevil the liberals and Democrats.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, Communications Director – This one was a strange appointment to say the least. His street fighter stance was definitely not a good fit for the White House.

REINCE PRIEBUS, Chief of Staff – A supposed feud between Scaramucci and him appears to have been one of the reasons for his resignation though it may also have been the lack of control he had over all of the staff and in particular Obama holdovers.

SEAN SPICER, Press Secretary – Acerbic almost to the point of rudeness, Spicer was an odd choice in the beginning for this role. He was placed into a position that required more suaveness and ability to deal with pressure from MSM. At the same time, MSM was determined to find fault with him from the moment he began in the position. He was a strong MAGA addition but did not like to continue press briefings as they had been done for years, rather he proposed and rightly so that ALL media including non-MSM had the right to attend and ask questions.

Obama Administration during the same timeframe:

Resignations/Removals : Phil Carter, Detainee Affairs; Greg Craig, WH Lawyer; Matthew Hoh, Foreign Service Officer; Anita Dunn, Communications Director;  Yosi Sergant, Director of Communications; Melissa Hathaway, Cybersecurity Czar; Susan Crawford, Technology Policy Adviser; Steve Rattner, Auto Task Force; Van Jones, Green Jobs Czar; Robert Gates,  Defense Secretary; David Axelrod, Senior Adviser; General James Jones, National Security Adviser; Economics Team – Peter Orszag, Christina Romer, and Larry Summers; Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff.

In a blog on the Politico website, Alvin Felzenberg, the presidential historian and author of The Leaders We Deserved, wrote: “These departures are a reflection of Obama’s leadership style. Why he has such a difficult time earning and retaining the loyalties of people outside his circle of intimates is anyone’s guess.”


This is very much only the tip of the iceberg.  I didn’t even bother to get deep into the MSM side. Nor have I noted the number of protests and rallies funded by Soros and other liberals or the rants that border on subversive by congress Democrats.

Sheesh, even if we wanted to get into the problems or talk about real issues, it is literally impossible to do so thanks to these anti-American actions and anti-constitutional illegal activities by past administration or their current holdovers.

Do not doubt that if we want to continue on a path of MAGA then we absolutely must vote out any who might send us reeling backward into a socialist/liberal death spiral.


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