The Regressives Versus Human Nature

As Conservatives we share a strong belief in the virtue or self-discipline and self-respect and accordingly, we believe that one must earn our respect and trust, which makes us critical of politicians like John McCain who has pissed down our backs and told us it was raining for decades. We show our trust in a just society by getting up even morning and going to work, following the law, and doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time. We respect America, the Flag, God (for those who believe), the American Dream, and our Way of Life. Which is why we get so pissed off when idiots burn the Flag, take a knee during the anthem, or bray about gun control instead of criminal control. Why is it then that Liberal seek to coddle the shooter(s) while working overtime to take away the guns of those who did not do the crime? Consider this. In the 1920s one could walk into virtually any hardware store in the US and buy a fully-automatic Thompson SMG and all of the ammo they wanted and yet there were not rampant shootings like an everyday occurrence in Chi-Congo. Why? Because America had criminal control. If you raped, kidnapped, murdered, or shot a cop (dead or not) you ass got a free ticket to “ride the lightning!” It was a deterrent, that is, until idiots like Doctor Spock and his ilk started spewing their bullshit and the other idiots like the ACLU whining about the Death Penalty.

We on the Right know that Human nature is flawed and that temptations face us every day and only a proper upbringing, that includes getting your ass whupped, can enable us to face them and overcome them. Case-in-point: The Gunny is walking down the hallway in a large corporate building and sees a woman’s wallet on the ground. He picks it up and it had about 300 bucks in it plus an assorted of credit cards, etc. Temptation moment! Return it? Take the cash? What? So he tracks down the owner and returns the wallet with everything in it. Why? Because it is the RIGHT thing to do and he would want that if he lose HIS wallet! Not to mention having got a whipping for throwing a rock through a neighbor’s window at 7 and a serious asswhipping for shoplifting at age 9!

HOWEVER, the Left sees human nature from a different angle. While we know it is flawed, it has been from Day One and it always will be, they believe that human nature can be changed. Case-in-Point: Obama’s Czar of Regulations, that blithering idiot Cass Sunstein, wrote a book called, “Nudge,” and proposed that people could be changed by offering them limited choices as chosen by the “leaders.” In other words, control, but these fools fail to grasp that human nature will always overcome and adapt, i.e., Prohibition. Moreover, they raise taxes on cigarettes in order to stop people smoking because THEY think it should be so and what happens? A black market for untaxed cigs springs up so now, instead of a steady revenue of taxed cigarettes, a loss of revenue occurs because of their fascist need for control.

Consider this. The first mass shooter commits his/her heinous act but lives through it and is arrested. The Left immediately goes into full fascist agenda by screaming for gun control, thus blaming society instead of blaming the criminal! What should happen in a world without Liberalism would be that the shooter gets a fast but fair trial, not to exceed thirty minutes, and then a bounce at the end of a rope. You can bet your ass that the next idiot would think twice, and age be damned. The Left doesn’t think like that and in fact, dislikes that form of talk, calling it profiling or stereotyping. We on the Right don’t give a damn if the shooter, the robber, the rapist, etc., is white, black, or purple and if you do the crime, suffer the consequences but the Left would immediately call down the Gods of Racism on anyone saying that an execution is in order for anyone other than a white male doing the shooting, robbing, raping, etc.  

The Left calls themselves Progressives but in reality they are Regressives by their failed ideology because human nature demands freedom, period. Consider the secession issue in Catalonia and the fact that they have been abused by the leadership in Madrid, much in the same way that the leadership in DC treats Americans on the Right or how Sacramento treats anyone in California outside of the urban coastal cities. In other words, work hard, pay taxes until it hurts, suck up the fact that we’re allowing in illegal aliens, implementing illegal gun control, etc. Freedom will always win out, it is human nature but the Regressives (calling them that vice Liberals or Progressives is more accurate) will simply add more and more controls, trying to force their fascist ideology on freedom-seeking peoples, thus adding fuel to the fire! Human nature simply IS and moreover, humans cannot deal with life in a logical and realistic way without acknowledging and accepting it for what it is.

An excellent example would be found in the former Soviet Union whose leaders sought to “change” human nature with the New Soviet Man by changing their living environment, their lifestyle, and their society in general. In the end, the Russian people went back to being people who simply ignored their leaders (risking the gulags in the process) and lived their lives until the system crashed due to its own failed ideology (Socialism/Communism always fails due to human nature). Unfortunately, the Regressives always can be counted onto miss the lessons of history and they still persist in yammering on that Socialism will work here, we just haven’t tried it yet (again, failing to note what happened to the Virginia Colony under Governor Bradford). Therefore the Regressives continue to attempt to change human nature and the more it doesn’t change, the more laws they pass to control us, and the natural outcome is more and more Leftist ideological tyranny imposed on a more and more unwilling people.

Another excellent example of the Regressives battle against human nature is women in combat. Can they do it, maybe a very can but what is the end result? Consider going hand-to-hand on a battlefield with a woman going up against a man? Who wins? Usually the man. Why? Because we have the upper body strength that a woman can never hope to match. Period. End of story. What happens when we have women being taken prisoner and then getting raped, etc., by some Third World savages who couldn’t even spell the Geneva Convention much less abide by it but to the Regressives, women MUST serve in combat to be fair only one thing stands out and that is, that the kids of these Regressives NEVER SERVE and never will. Should women be in the military? Hell yes. Should they be in the infantry? Hell no? But the Regressives overlook the physical sex differences because fairness uber alles! There is one huge problem and that is there is no such thing as a fair fight and when women start coming home in body bags or paraded as sex slaves by some Muslim savage on TV what then? Will the Regressives own it? No, like seagulls, they continue to fly in through the window, deliver a load of shit, and then fly away leaving a mess for others to clean up.

In summation, perhaps the Founding Fathers, whom the Left hates, captured the very essence of human nature in the Declaration of Independence with the words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” We on the Right see and understand that and take it a step further in that we know that we are all born with different talents and that we should be free to cultivate and thus prosper via these traits but the Left would see that someone who can paint a masterpiece and prosper from it is a rich 1%er and the enemy because a bum in the street, there by his or her own piss poor choices in life doesn’t have that money, house, lifestyle, etc. We seek to improve our lives because THAT is the American Dream whereas the Regressive elites seek to pull everyone down to the lowest common denominator, that is, except themselves.

“Some pigs are more equal than others.” George Orwell.

“The Right to Liberty means that we have a duty to respect everyone else’s Right to Liberty.” Dad

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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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4 Responses to The Regressives Versus Human Nature

  1. Wendy says:

    You’ve got that RIGHT Gunny! Hey! I served in the Army in Bad Kreuznach, Germany in an Infantry Support Unit. My MOS was 64C Motor Transport. I learned to drive deuce n’ a halfs and 5 ton tractor trailors. As soon as I got to my place of duty, a female Captain pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to take a spot in the Driver’s Testing Dept. She found out I had good secretarial skills. An E-6 gave the driving in Europe classes, and I sat at a typewriter after the testing was done, and issued licenses. I would have rather been driving my big rigs!!!

  2. Uriel says:

    and yet, let’s not forget Gunny all is fair FOR them and their wants, needs, perversions, and pocketbooks….so long as conservatives pay for all the ills of the world.

  3. w barna says:

    Very well stated, Gunny!

  4. Shar says:

    Great post.