Perspective On Random Mass Murder In America: Do Black Lives Matter?

Short answer: To the American Left and the MSM:  NO, black lives do NOT matter, except as a political tool. 

The MSM and the Democrat Party are in full foam-at-the-mouth mode about the Mandalay Massacre in Las Vegas.  Rightly so we should be horrified, and praying for the victims’ souls, and for prompt discovery of the shooter’s motives.  HOWEVER … There’s another story of massacres that the MSM and the Democrat Party prefer to ignore.  And that is the story of gun violence in Rahm Emanuel’s Democrat-controlled paradise on earth, Chicago.  Read on:

Final September Totals
Shot & Killed: 57
Shot & Wounded: 273
Total Shot: 330
Total Homicides: 57

Week in Progress (10/1 – 10/7)
Shot & Killed: 3
Shot & Wounded: 19
Total Shot: 22
Total Homicides: 3

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 497
Shot & Wounded: 2395
Total Shot: 2892
Total Homicides: 534

The Weekend’s Shoot-o-Rahm-a

Shooting Gallery

Final Shoot-o-Rahm-a Tally: 5 killed, 30 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 5 killed, 41 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 3 killed, 13 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 3 killed, 32 wounded

Friday 9/29
2:50p 5900 S Princeton, Englewood, M/21
5:20p 1900 S St Louis, North Lawndale, M/25
5:20p 1900 S St Louis, North Lawndale, M/27
5:20p 1900 S St Louis, North Lawndale, M/27
7:00p 2600 W Harrison, Garfield Park, M/37
7:10p 4200 W 25th, Little Village, M/27
8:50p 700 N Waller, Austin, M/42
9:00p 4700 W Jackson, Austin, M/49
9:00p 2600 S Central Park, Little Village, M/34
10:25p 3000 W Lexington, Garfield Park, M/26
10:25p 3000 W Lexington, Garfield Park, F/36
Saturday 9/30
12:45a 4100 W Fifth Ave, Garfield Park, M/27
4:40a 2600 W Cermak, Little Village, M/42
9:30a 4300 W 26th, Little Village, M/? (Hammertime)
2:40p 2500 S St Louis, Little Village, M/13
7:15p 4800 S Loomis, New City, M/19
7:15p 4800 S Loomis, New City, M/23
8:10p 7500 S Union, Englewood, M/52
8:10p 7500 S Union, Englewood, M/53
8:10p 7500 S Union, Englewood, M/53
10:05p 6000 S Karlov, West Lawn, M/28
Sunday 10/1
2:20a 5000 N Bernard, North Park, M/?
2:15a 3900 W Jackson, Garfield Park, M/38
2:15a 3900 W Jackson, Garfield Park, M/40
3:05a 100 E 102nd, Roseland, M/20
3:50a 3100 S Aberdeen, Bridgeport, M/30
4:00a 2100 W 19th, Lower West Side, F/25
8:00a 3900 W Congress, Garfield Park, M/34
10:30a 2600 E 75th, South Shore, M/28
10:30a 2600 E 75th, South Shore, F/26
2:45p 9100 S Ellis, Burnside, M/25
8:50p 13100 S St. Lawrence, Riverdale, M/20
9:00p 2300 N Kenneth, Hermosa, M/27
??:??p 100 N Long, Austin, M/22
Monday Overtime
1:30a 700 N Ridgeway, Humboldt Park, M/42

Weekend = 12p Friday – 6a Monday

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2017 Chicago Homicide Map

2017 Deadliest ‘hoods

Neighborhood Homicides Wounded Total
Austin 66 315 381
Garfield Park 26 187 213
Englewood 43 168 211
North Lawndale 33 164 197
Humboldt Park 21 113 134
Auburn Gresham 22 98 120
South Shore 22 96 118
Roseland 28 77 105
Grand Crossing 15 89 104
New City 15 78 93
Chicago Lawn 14 72 86
Little Village 8 59 67
West Pullman 7 60 67
Washington Park 11 51 62
Chatham 10 48 58
All Others 192 705 897
As of 10/2/17
2017 Chicago Chalkie

2017 Shot Placement

Placement Killed Wounded
head 170 94
chest 96 139
back 38 187
abdomen 20 183
neck 20 36
face 18 71
side 11 47
shoulder 8 91
unknown/other 153 1439
As of 10/2/17
2017 Chicago Police Involved Shootings

2017 Police-involved Shootings

Year Killed Wounded
2017 10 10
2016 11 14
2015 9 16
2014 17 28
2013 13 30
2012 8 49
2011 23 37
2010 13 33
2009 19 42
2017 POs 7

2009-2012 stats account for CPD incidents only. 2013-2017 may include other police forces within Chicago, such as the Illinois State Police, Cook County Sheriff or various 3 lettered federal agencies. Historical data pulled from Independent Police Review Authority Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA Cabana).

2017 Chicago Homicides Cause of Death

2017 Cause of Death

Cause Homicides %
Gunshot 497 93.1%
Stabbing 20 3.7%
Trauma 9 1.7%
Auto 4 0.7%
Arson 1 0.2%
Child Abuse 1 0.2%
Poisoning 1 0.2%
Strangled 1 0.2%
As of 10/2/17
2017 Chicago Homicide Race of Victim and Assailant

2017 Race of Victim/Assailant

Race Victim Assailant
Black 414 55
Hispanic 93 5
White/Other 14 2
Police 10
Self Defense 8
Unknown 13 454
As of 10/2/17

*Victim metrics only include homicides. Assailant metrics only account for those incidents where either an arrest has been made, part of a murder/suicide, self defense or if it involved the police.

2017 Chicago Gender of Victim

2017 Gender of Victim

Gender Killed Wounded
Male 483 2100
Female 51 289
As of 10/2/17
2017 homicide clearance rate

2017 Homicide Clearance Rate

Legal Outcome Homicides
No Suspect Charged 446
Suspect Charged 64
Police-Involved 10
Self-Defense 9
Murder-Suicide 4

The clearance rate is a calculation of Total Homicide Suspects Charged/(Total Homicides – Police involved – Self Defense – Murder/Suicides). Regardless of how many people are charged in relation to a single homicide, it’s only counted as one suspect for calculation purposes. The rate has nothing to do with criminal proceedings and convictions (or lack thereof).

Chicago Multi-victim or mass shootings

2017 Multi-victim Shootings

# of Victims # of Incidents # Killed
10 shot 1 2
9 shot 1
7 shot 3 2
6 shot 2 3
5 shot 5 5
4 shot 17 17
Hat Trick 82 42
2 shot 312 98
As of 10/2/17
Chicago cost of stupidity

2017 Cost of Stupidity

*Costs assume the following:

  • $55,000: Average gunshot victim ER and hospital expenses.
  • $1000: Average CFD ambulance ride, only applicable to 80% of victims, rest self-transport.
  • $800: Homicide-related autopsies.
  • Doesn’t include hospice care or ongoing rehabilitation.

Cost estimates provided by Chicago Killings Cost $2.5 Billion and The bill for treating a gunshot wound: $21,000 for the first 35 minutes.

Chicago Homicides by Year, 1957 - 2016

Homicide Trend (1957-2016)

Mayor Term Homicides
Richard J. Daley 1955-1976 10,910
Michael Bilandic 1976-1979 2,408
Jane Byrne 1979-1983 3,202
Harold Washington 1983-1987 3,295
Eugene Sawyer 1987-1989 978
Richard M. Daley 1989-2011 14,653
Rahm Emanuel 2011- 3,003

Police Scanner Frequencies

If you’re interested in listening to Chicago mayhem, invest in a quality scanner or a cheaper two-way radio and tune in to the frequencies below. If you’re not local, head over to either the Apple or Google app store and download a scanner app or check out Broadcastify’s Live Audio Feeds.

Freq. CPD Dist. Main ‘hoods
460.125 CW 1 Citywide
460.175 CW 2 & 6 Citywide
460.150 1 & 18 Loop, Mag Mile, Gold Coast
460.500 2 & 21 Hyde Park, Grand Boulevard
460.075 3 Woodlawn, South Shore
460.200 4 & 6 Auburn Gresham, Chatham
460.025 5 & 22 Roseland, West Pullman
460.400 7 & 8 Englewood, Chicago Lawn
460.450 9 Bridgeport, Brighton Park, New City
460.225 12 & 14 Near West Side, Wicker Park, Logan Square
460.100 10 & 11 Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, N. Lawndale
460.425 15 & 25 Austin, Belmont-Cragin
460.050 19 Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Uptown
460.375 20 & 24 Edgewater, Rogers Park
Chicago Fire Citywide

Support, Tips & Donations

While a small percentage of idiots ventilate one another with reckless abandon, we diligently record, document and illustrate every stupid event. Needless to say, these jagoffs keep us busy. Your support, in any form, is greatly appreciated.

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*Source Data & Editor’s Note

We compile our own dataset using the following sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-TimesHomicide Watch Chicago, DNAInfo Chicago, Chicago Redeye Homicide Tracker (no longer updated), NBC5 Chicago, Chicago Tribune’s Shooting Tracker & Homicide Tracker, CPD’s Historical Data Set, City of Chicago Data Portal and CPD CLEARMAP.

Community areas and neighborhoods are determined by the Chicago Tribune’s Boundaries App.

Editor’s note: All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murders. We count homicides, whereas the CPD counts murders. A homicide, or a non-fatal shooting, regardless of type or by whom, within the city limits of Chicago counts towards our total metric, including anything on the expressways. CPD-involved, ISP-involved and justifiable homicides all count. Reckless homicides may count if the Medical Examiner rules that the cause of death was a homicide. Suicides do not count. Additional definitions can be found on the Glossary page.


The Vegas shooting has claimed 58 lives as of this writing.  In September 2017, 57 citizens of Chicago were shot dead.  In year 2017 to date, 497 citizens were shot dead.  Over 90% of those victims are persons of colour.  What has Keith Olbermann, or Jimmy Kimmel, or Hillary Clinton, or even Richard Dawkins had to say about this?

                            >> crickets <<                  >> crickets <<                   >> crickets <<

Mister Emanuel is an orthodox Jew, the most conservative branch of Abraham’s religion.  Murder is a sin to all Jews, not just the Orthodox.  Social equality is a cherished value to all Jews, not just the Orthodox.  But more important than his faith, ol’ Rahm is a dedicated proselytizing Democrat and FOB (Friend Of Barack).  And to send the Black Lives Matter mobs into his town to protest the death rate of African-Americans …. ain’t gonna happen.  Their lives do not fit The Narrative, so they must be allowed to die in silence.  And to die month after month after month after month.

Why have the Democrats and the MSM not laid the Chicago situation at the feet of the NRA?  Or blamed it on Trump?  If it is guns that kill people, seems like there’s a lot of evil guns runnin’ around Chicago these days, unpunished.  And we won’t discuss crime stats in Philadelphia, or Detroit, or Pittsburgh, or St. Louis, or any of the other major Democrat-run cities in our nation …

Rush Limbaugh says that the goals of Leftism and Progressivism, to Democrats and their fellow travellers, take precedence over EVERYthing else in their lives:  Over their nation’s security, over the security of the citizens of our cities, over God, and most importantly over TRUTH.  Destroying their opposition and increasing their political and social power are more important than the lives of their voters (hell, if some persons of colour get bumped off in Chicago, they can import a few “refugees” to vote in their place).  Exactly so, El Rushbo.

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  1. malenurseken says:

    I THOUGHT CHICAGO WAS OBUMMAS TOWN! Best potus (NOT ) (he was never EVER potus in first place} ever! People FAINTED in his presence! His speeches resonated! GOD ON EARTH! But let me tell YOU ALL its cuz of OBUMMA that this is happening now! AND Dem party! His weak policies on immigration,….list goes on!! Corruption, in ADMIN, and ABOVE ALL the legalized and forced IMMORALITY on our nation! Take GOD out of the equation, As has been done, Make THOU SHALT NOTS be THOU CAN, and what do you expect! USA will go down like ROME or all other nations in Bible did for their corruption! ITS cuz of GOD we won 2 world wars ibn past! HIS protection and assistance! IT wasnt US! Im pissed off

  2. Outstanding post, Safe!

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good post. The Left doesn’t want this failure, and others, widely known because it will shine a spotlight on their mismanagement. Personally, I believe the left doesn’t care a wit about black on black murder. It’s simply retroactive abortion to them of the “useless eaters” that they secretly will discuss in private. Ditto with the abortion clinics in predominantly black areas of any major city. More than half of all black babies are aborted each year. Blacks are nothing more than a voting block to the left who are being replaced by hispanics. Eventually blacks will be dismissed.

    Meanwhile, the left will focus on a white cop offing a black thug and then canonize him as an unarmed victim to maintain the “racist” meme. Disgusting.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    Thanks, friends. Hey, how could I pass up a chance to share a website named “hey jackass” ?!

  5. Terry says:

    All I really need to know, I learned in this post.
    Great job SS !


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