Hannity: Las Vegas Shooting, Puerto Rico, & the Left

Last night…

Hannity talks about the evil bastards on the Left and their efforts to politicize the massacre in Las Vegas and the disaster in Puerto Rico.

This Left is disgusting… not a news flash to us on the Right but we hope for better during bad times.

The Left is devoid of decency.  59 dead so far and 527 wounded and those assholes can’t muster any compassion.  Very telling.  The Left is not American.

~ Hardnox

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3 Responses to Hannity: Las Vegas Shooting, Puerto Rico, & the Left

  1. Shar says:

    The left can’t stand that DJT is the adult in the room. They keep falling back on same old race, guns, hate speak. He is doing a remarkable job considering the evil against him.

    • Hardnox says:

      It is remarkable. Same shit, different day… rinse and repeat. Imagine how successful this country would be if DJT had the help of Republicans. It’s amazing. The Party of Stupid could literally erase the Left if they chose to do so but their paymasters won’t give them permission.