MSM Would Rather Bash Than Seek Truth – Especially Where President Trump Is Involved

MSM Taking their cue on reporting as usual from….truth, hardly..from Democrat talking heads definitely…while internet searches on Google also can be counted on to place the MSM “mudslinging” first. However, the truth is in the timeline below.  It is up to readers to see where their truth lies. Simply checking with sites who have a handle on the situation should be the FIRST order of business before writing any post. Obviously, these people didn’t bother. Balance that against the little I got directly from Obama’s White House information and there is an obvious difference.

This isn’t one of my usual blogs but simply trying to bring common sense back on reporting and headlines. Besides timelines are cool and help me sort out things so I decided to share.

Nothing new but certainly interesting if people are keeping scorecards on MSM. 


So here are the facts and a timeline for those who are interested to scan through.  Note-I made it easier to review by color coding the information – red is White House, blue is DoD, and black is a few of the first pages of search on Google just to highlight the headlines.


Timeline of the latest hurricane disasters in 2017:

8/25/17 Hurricane Harvey strikes
8/25/17 CBSDFW – Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall; Federal Disaster Assistance Granted/President tweet “At the request of the Governor of Texas, I have signed the Disaster Proclamation, which unleashes the full force of government help”
8/25/17 Trump working from Camp David while White House under renovations. FEMA reports directly to President not DHS during disaster. FEMA director assured public he was in constant communication with Trump as was Governor of Texas and Louisiana
8/25/17 Schumer tweets: “keep on top of hurricane Harvey dont mke same mistake Pres Bush made w Katrina”
8/28/17 Clinton Foundation News Release – The response to Hurricane Harvey by members of the Clinton Foundation community; Ways to support
8/29/17 Trump visits Texas briefly in particular operations center in Austin, remarks posted
8/29/17 Los Angeles Times – Trump visits Texas, hailing officials’ Harvey response and promising ‘costly’ federal aid
8/29/17 Politico – Trump relishes role as chief executive of Harvey response
8/29/17 MyStatesman – Herman: Trump’s 2.0 trip to storm area. Much better.
8/29/17 Headline Hollywood – Donald Trump Boasts Of Crowd Size After Vowing Not To Congratulate Self On Hurricane Response
8/30/17 Hurricane Harvey makes second landfall
8/30/17 GQ – Donald Trump Went to Texas for Harvey and Didn’t Meet a Single Flood Victim
8/30/17 The Hill – Trump gives Harvey condolences a day after Texas visit
8/31/17 WH Press Briefing – Hurricane Harvey relief and President’s visit earlier in the week
8/31/17 Salon – After Trump’s heartless Harvey response, Pence plays consoler in Texas
9/1/17 WH Press Briefing – continue to focus on the lives and safety of those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana Trump visited
9/1/17 ABC2news – Pence’s Trip To Texas After Harvey Differed From Trump’s
9/2/17 President Donald J. Trump Amends Texas Disaster Declaration
9/2/17 Reuters – Trump hugs Harvey’s victims in test of presidential mien
9/2/17 Newsweek – Trump visits Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston, takes more active role amid criticism over past visit
9/2/17 Texas facebook lights up with personal comments as Trump works foodline and meets victims
9/2/17 Chicago Tribune – Upbeat Trump pitches in at Houston shelter, meets with Louisiana first responders
9/2/17 Buisness Insider – Trump told Hurricane Harvey survivors to ‘have a good time’ while visiting shelter
9/2/17 Elite Daily – Donald Trump Tells Harvey Survivors To “Have A Good Time,” And We’re Facepalming
9/2/17 – People Politics – Melania Trump Wears Heels Again as She Heads to Texas to Meet with Hurricane Harvey Victims
9/3/17 – The Federalist – Trump’s Houston Visit Provoked Smiles From Harvey Victims, Scorn From Media
9/6/17 – Hurricane IRMA hits Puerto Rico
9/7/17 DOD – Leans Forward to Support Preparation and Response Efforts for Hurricane Irma
9/7/17 Politico – Former presidents band together in call for Harvey, Irma relief aid
9/7/17 People Politics – Former Presidents Obama, Clinton, Carter, Bush Sr. & Jr. Join Forces to Raise Money for Hurricane Harvey Relief
9/7/17 CNN – US warships begin Hurricane Irma relief operations
9/8/17 Hollywood Life – Hurricane Harvey & Irma Relief: Obama & 4 More Ex-Presidents Form Relief Fund — How To Donate
9/8/17 PRESIDENT SIGNS – H.R. 601 – Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018 and Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Requirements Act, 2017 submitted 9/6/17
9/8/17 The Telegraph – Former US presidents unite to raise money for Harvey and Irma victims
9/8/17 AZ Central – All 5 living, former presidents join forces for ‘One America Appeal’ for hurricane relief
9/10/17 Washington Examiner – Hurricane relief fundraising effort by living former presidents extended to cover Irma victims
9/10/17 Politico – Former presidents add Florida relief to their efforts
9/10/17 Newsmax – Past Presidents’ Disaster Relief Campaign Expands for Irma
9/11/17 Investor Daily – With Hurricane Irma, Private Volunteers — Not Gov’t — Again Lead Way In Relief
9/13/17 ProUSAToday – White House Press Briefing: Tax reform, Clinton’s criticism, Hurricane Irma relief
9/12/17 PRESIDENT SIGNS H.R. 3732 – Emergency Aid to American Survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Jose Overseas Act
9/17/17 Miami Herald – Former President Clinton visits Miami-Dade shelter still housing Irma victims
9/20/17 Hurricane MARIA hits Puerto Rico
9/20/17 DOD – National Guard Plans Relief Efforts as Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico
9/20/17 DOD sets up a continuously updated site on Hurricane Relief in Carribean and Puerto Rico
9/20/17 WaPo – Puerto Rico entirely without power as Hurricane Maria hammers the island with devastating force
9/24/17 Hillary Tweet – “President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens.”
9/24/17 The Last Refuge – Clueless Hillary Clinton Tweets About U.S. Military Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico…
9/25/17 ABC New York affiliate – Hurricane Maria ravages Puerto Rico, knocks out all power
9/26/17 CNN – ‘Apocalyptic’ devastation in Puerto Rico, and little help in sight
9/26/17 WaPo – Clinton pressed Trump to deploy hospital ship Comfort to Puerto Rico. Now it’s preparing to go.
9/27/17 CNN – Puerto Ricans still waiting for aid a week after Maria’s devastation
9/27/17 ABC News – Hurricane Maria: Donald Trump turns focus to Puerto Rico, promises visit and aid
9/28/17 CNN – Obama, Bush and Clinton appear together at Presidents Cup (stopped off to kick off the golf charity)
9/28/17 Time – How the U.S. Turned Its Back on Puerto Rico
9/28/17 ABC – How the federal government has responded to Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria
9/28/17 DOD – triage center established at the Mississippi Air National Guard’s 172d Airlift Wing in Flowood, Miss. The triage center was established in response to the recent hurricanes to provide treatment to patients flown in from the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
9/29/17 WaPo – Maria hit 9 days ago. Less than half of the Puerto Rico National Guard is on duty.
9/29/17 DOD – Federal Support to Puerto Rico Disaster and Relief Operations
9/29/17 DOD – Marines with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252 are currently assisting the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit in providing aid and hummanitarian-relief to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.
9/29/17 DOD – Illinois Air National Guard is helping to provide critical communications to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.
9/29/17 DOD – New York National Guard in the thick of Caribbean recovery efforts
9/29/17 DOD – Nevada Guard personnel, communications equipment en route to Puerto Rico
9/29/17 DOD – Puerto Rico National Guard Distribute Water And Food
9/30/17 Fortune – Donald Trump Blames Puerto Ricans for Not Being Able ‘to Get Their Workers to Help’ After Hurricane Maria
9/30/17 DOD – Oregon deploys National Guard deploys to assist in Puerto Rico
9/30/17 DOD – Grand Forks ND National Guard deploys to assist in Puerto Rico
9/30/17 DOD – SAVANNAH AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Ga. assisting efforts including the new incoming U.S. Virgin Islands National Guard Command Sergeant Major
9/30/17 – DOD – Coast Guard Cutter delivers critical prescription medication to St. Croix following hurricane (No MSM mention)
9/30/17 DOD – B-Roll Road Clearing in Cayey after Hurricane María (Citizen-Soldiers of the Puerto Rico Army National Guard)
9/30/17 DOD – Puerto Rico National Guard distributes potable water at Bayamon
9/30/17 Mayor of San Juan and Trump get into a Tweeter war
9/30/17 DOD – US Coast Guard delivers 28,000 lbs of emergency supplies to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico (which went dark but not a word out of media on this island
9/30/17 USA Today – By the numbers: Hurricane Maria damage, recovery in Puerto Rico (NOTE the following supplied by FEMA: gas stations 714 of 1100 open. 5% electric power, supermarkets 224 of 456 open, 337 pharmacies open, all 78 municipalities provided with emergency supplies, 11 staging areas for food distribution open, 150 shelters open, 51 of 69 hospitals open only 9 connected to electric grid)
10/01/17 The Hill – White House aide: Trump administration spent ‘entire weekend’ working on Puerto Rico
10/01/17 The Hill – Schumer: Trump needs to ‘roll up his sleeves’ on Puerto Rico instead of calling names
10/01/17 The Hill – Press Briefing Trump aide describes ‘strong ground game in place’ on Puerto Rico


Hurricane Sandy Response:

Obama White House Archives:

10/28/12 Obama holds discussion with advisors on Hurricane Sandy at FEMA – Memorandum: Remarks By The President on Hurricane Sandy
10/29/12 Hurricane Sandy makes landfall Atlantic City
10/29/12 Briefing Press Secretary Jay Carney Aboard Air Force One En Route Andrews Air Force Base
10/30/12 WH posts read out of President’s briefing on Hurricane Sandy
10/30/12 Obama Remarks by the President at the American Red Cross ongoing efforts to obtain scope of disaster
10/30/12 Obama signs EO – New York Disaster Declaration
10/31/12 Obama visits New Jersey
10/31/12 WH sets up site for FEMA suggestions about ways to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy
11/01/12 Obama tours New Jersey damage
11/01/12 Obama issues EO – Executive Order on Climate Preparedness referencing Hurricane Sandy
11/03/12 Obama weekly address referencing efforts from Hurricane Sandy
11/04/12 WH blog shows recovery efforts are still ongoing
11/14/12 The Atlanta – Hurricane Sandy: The Long Recovery – 16 days and counting – New York and New Jersey have suffered most of the estimated $50 billion in damages. Most who lost power have had it restored by now, but many still remain without electricity or heat. Thousands of residents are still unable to return to their homes, and a lack of temporary shelter is making problems worse. More than two weeks after disaster struck, the long journey to full recovery has only just started.
11/15/12 Obama takes walking tour of Cedar Grove Avenue, NYC
11/15/12 – Obama post on WH site between 11/12 and 11/16 listed: 350 ambulances deployed, 40+ Mobile Communications Office Vehicles, 6 Mobile Emergency Response Systems, 3 National Defense Reserve Fleet Vessels, 70+ Disaster Centers, 31 SBA Recovery Centers, and 3 Helicopter Carriers at the peak of response
11/18/12 – Biden visits New Jersey to survey damage
12/07/12 – Obama EO – Establishing the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force
12/07/12 – WH letter to House from OMB – requesting immediate release of emergency funds under BBEDCA of about $11.8 billion and stated it was not subject to discretionary cap
12/11/12 – According to WH by the numbers: 8.5 million were without power, $1 Billion was issued by FEMA in assistance. Feds’ Deployed: 15 FEMA assistance teams; 1,200 HHS personnel; 9 Fed Urban Rescue Teams; 7,799 DHS Disaster Personnel; 1,000 State response personnel; 1,020 CNCS members; and 2,400 other state compact personnel and equipment
1/6/13 Obama signs H.R. 41 to increase FEMA borrowing authority in order to continue paying flood insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy.
1/28/13 Obama issues statement praising Congress for Passage of the Supplemental for Hurricane Sandy
1/29/13 Obama sends letter to House requesting all funds for disaster relief be released
2012 Disaster Alert document supplies emergency unemployment assistance information
5/28/13  The Jersey Shore is back …President Obama visits Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.
8/19/13 WH blog posts “Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy: Helping Communities Prepare for the Impacts of a Changing Climate”
6/14/14 Obama issues EO – National Disaster Resilience Competition especially naming Hurricane Sandy to prepare for climate change and future disasters

According to some posts New Jersey was still waiting for relief in October 2013. New York had been luckier. As of late 2014 less than half of Corp of Engineers projects for recovery in structures and such had not been completed. By March 2015 nearly 200,000 claims for relief had been closed then reopened in New Jersey alone. By June 2017 most of aid funds had dried up. Insurances profited but homeowners received less than half of their claims.

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4 Responses to MSM Would Rather Bash Than Seek Truth – Especially Where President Trump Is Involved

  1. Wise Owl says:

    Remember the interview with the head of CNN by a Vertas person with a hidden camera? CNN was caught ON CAMERA, admitting that they KNEW the Russia collusion was BS, but did it solely for ratings! Do you really think the rest of the MSM is any different? Apparently, anti-Trump venom sells their media to irrational libtard fools who don’t bother to question it.

    • Uriel says:

      I guess smut sells better Wise Owl. And yes I do. Aren’t they supposed to have a new batch out soon?

  2. vonMesser says:

    And with the PR truck drivers on strike (Trump’s fault) things are still upgeflocked.

  3. whitetop says:

    Schumer still parroting the democrat mantra of Hurricane Katrina. Then governor of Louisiana, Mary Landreiu, refused assistance for Bush and then blamed all the disasters on Bush afterwards. Nice whipping boy. Ragin Cajuin, Mayor of New Orleans, left his people to make it on their own but blamed Bush anyway. Obama didn’t invent “blame Bush” he just perfected it.