Border Enforcement And The Wall – Security of Citizens and Country

Border Enforcement And The Wall – Security of Citizens and Country
Of course, much of this is going untold as MSM marches on in their efforts to bash President Trump.

Bringing reality to those who kneel: If you show solidarity on anything football players,
I suggest you need to actually find something better to take a knee for and not our flag.

The truth is in these press releases from DEA. As you read the information, there are three things to remember. First I only posted September press releases. Second, the border wall isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Lastly, many, but by no means all, of the names found in these indictments are from Central America  or other illegal aliens caught within our borders.

DEA Dallas Division:
Sept 18 – Twenty charged in drug distribution conspiracy. Seventeen of the 20 charged were in the United States illegally at the time the offenses occurred. This poly-drug organization distributed substantial quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine in Dallas, Texas, and other areas of the United States. During yesterday’s operation, law enforcement officers and agents seized approximately 26 kilograms of methamphetamine, three kilograms of heroin, four kilograms of cocaine, 22 handguns, three rifles, one silencer, 22 vehicles, one non-operational methamphetamine conversion laboratory, and approximately $300,000. Twenty-one enforcement agencies worked together to apprehend this group.

Sept 1 – Six Involved in Large Scale Methamphetamine Trafficking Group Arrested. Six individuals have been charged by three separate federal criminal complaints, unsealed today, stemming from their role in selling large quantities of methamphetamine in the Dallas and Desoto areas. Four were citizens of Mexico and were in the United States illegally when the offenses charged occurred. A search warrant executed at a residence in Dallas revealed two pounds of heroin, multiple kilograms of methamphetamine, multiple gallons of liquid methamphetamine and approximately $5,000 in cash. This residence was also used as a laboratory for the recrystallization of methamphetamine. Eight enforcement agencies were collaborating on this drug bust.

DEA Denver Division:
Sept 20 – Three Ecuadorian men and one Mexican man charged with intent to distribute 720 kilograms of cocaine after being apprehended in international waters. The defendants were apprehended in August near the Galapagos Islands, making this the first case in which the Southern District of Ohio is seeking to prosecute defendants captured in international waters.

Sept 6 – Seventeen people Indicted in Federal Court for Conspiracy to Manufacture and Sell Crack Cocaine in Ohio. Seventeen kilos of cocaine and over $500,000 in cash seized in investigation; 12 additional people charged in state court. The specialised Ohio task force worked with multiple agencies to bring these people to justice.

Sept 4 – Eighteen defendants face federal drug trafficking charges.  Over 30 kilograms of heroin and cocaine, multiple pounds of marijuana, two kilogram presses, approximately $1million in cash, a bullet-proof vest, three handguns and an assault rifle with an extended magazine.were seized in this West Michigan Investigation. Four individuals evaded arrest during the round-up and enforcement is requesting information on their whereabouts. Fifteen of the alleged members were from Michigan. Fifteen enforcement agencies were employed in this arrest.

DEA New Jersey Division:
Sept 18 – DEA-NJ and NYPD recover 270 pounds of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine with a street value of over $30 million. The team of enforcement people recovered a total of 64 kilograms of pure fentanyl (over 140 pounds) –Recovered from a residential building , 22 kilograms of fentanyl mixed with other narcotics, five kilograms of heroin and six kilograms of cocaine and additional an additional 25 kilograms of fentanyl and heroin (55 pounds) were recovered from a vehicle. The purity of the fentanyl and the other drugs led enforcement to state this quantity given its lethal and addictive quality could have yielded approximately 32 million lethal doses. This has been NYC’s largest fentanyl seizure to date. At least four agencies collaborated on this enormous raid.

DEA New York Division:
Sept 20 – Ten charged in Broome County methamphetamine and money laundering conspiracies.  Indictment of 10 co-conspirators engaged in a conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribute in excess of 50 grams of methamphetamine.  Four of the defendants arrested were also  alleged to have conspired to launder drug proceeds using Western Union wire transfers, bank transfers, and deposits.

Sept 6 – A 33-count superseding indictment was unsealed today in United States District Court on Eastern European Organized Crime Syndicate. There were six defendants with new racketeering predicate acts including assault in aid of racketeering, arson, extortion and unlawful firearms dealing. Five of the defendants are in custody and one remains at large. Ten enforcement agencies took part in bringing these to justice.


FBI released their “2016 Crime In America Report“.  The figures are staggering–total arrests in 2016 is 10,662,252 of which 1,572,579 were reported as drug abuse violations. A lumped together group called “all other” totaled arrests of 3,254,871. The estimated number of violent crimes in the nation increased for the second straight year, rising 4.1 percent in 2016 when compared with 2015 data. The 2016 statistics show the estimated rate of violent crime was 386.3 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants, and the estimated rate of property crime was 2,450.7 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants.

Interestingly and tellingly are the total reported in 2016 of 11,788  murders and nonnegligent manslaughters. Now consider–this contributing to that total were these top murder cities in the US: Chicago 762;  Detroit 295; Baltimore 318; New Orleans 175; Memphis 228; New York 334; Los Angeles 294; Milwaukee 154. While certainly not all of those murdered are a result of drug related deals gone bad or other accidental innocents caught up in street gang violence, I believe from what I have read that more than half were directly involved in black market sales of guns and ammunition, drugs, human trafficking,  and related gangs or Mafia.

Additionally, the number of cases in 2016 20,424 cases of slave/sex human trafficking was according to one article.  The list of top five states in the US where human trafficking was most reported were: California: 1,012; Texas: 499; Florida: 410; Ohio: 292; and New York: 262. In the US alone the closest “guess-timated” estimates of earnings off the misery of these humans was around $500 million.


Stopping the transportation and distribution of these drugs is essential to prevent even more youths even as young as elementary school and adults from being destroyed mentally and physically.  Having the enforcement manpower and the border walls is not the be all nor end all; but without those elements, how can government justify that they have our national security and our citizens well-being at heart.

When I see such stupidity as BLM and ANTIFA and now the disfunctional attitudes of NFL players, all I can think about are the countless men and women that for many years prior and especially today are risking their lives and families welfare in order to take down these animals (some of whom are quite comfortable in the rarified air of the very wealthy) who are feeding like jackals off our future decision makers.

Where are those great groups who SHOULD be protesting the REAL ISSUES rather than this stupid irrational hatred of a President who was elected by the majority.

Note to those fools: daily statistics across the country are coming out PROVING that many of the votes cast for Hillary Clinton were made either deliberately by voting precinct “mistakes”, illegal voters, or deliberate voter fraud. In some cases the votes cast if correctly counted would have had her LOSING by votes counted and higher percentages. Let me also refresh your memory, while not restricted to problems over the last eight years by any means, these horrific crimes were certainly allowed to multiply dramatically under the Obama-era mantra of “executive privilege.”

Use your voice for things that REALLY MATTER
like the drug problems, human trafficking, and lack of parental guidance or education programs.

Don’t dishonor our flag if you haven’t walked the walk like the our military and enforcement professionals do daily.
And yes that includes congressmen and women who are NOT doing their jobs.

You guys aren’t worth a dime of your salaries so long as you put socialist liberal attitudes above common sense
and irresponsible, self-interest focused ignorance of real life
above your fellow man and the increasing dangers to our country.



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