The Truth About The DREAM Act

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Stefan Molyneux explains the DREAM act and does an excellent job doing so.  Molyneux says we have reached a fork in the road with respect to illegal aliens.

As you know, President Trump is nullifying Batears’ illegal Executive Order granting illegal youths certain protections whereas in 6 months they will be deported unless Congress addresses the problem.Molyneux goes through the numbers and

Molyneux goes through the numbers and deciphers the bullshit.

I will say it again for the gazillionth time…. “what part of ILLEGAL doesn’t anyone understand?”

Molyneux is correct.  This is a battle of ideas and we need to engage our elected representatives as well as our fellow citizens.

Immigration is about making America better, not about accommodating those that are from lousy countries.  Our elected leaders need to enforce existing laws currently on our books.  Further, they need to be concerned about OUR citizenry than those from other countries.

Lastly, the application of “birthright citizenry” under the 14th Amendment needs revisiting.  It was enacted to provide citizenship to native Americans and Blacks that were born here, not as a vehicle for citizenry for anyone popping out a baby to begin chain migration.

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2 Responses to The Truth About The DREAM Act

  1. Shar says:

    Great information. This certainly isn’t the immigration of our ancestors. They had to have a sponsor, have something to contribute, and were disease free. Agree no more anchor babies. This is going to be quite a fight. Expect more riots. They don’t even like dims. Look what happened to Piglosi. That was funny as hell.

  2. Uriel says:

    This is absolutely sickening. He brings up excellent points. These illegals do continue to have large family units which means their children are permanent citizens which then brings up the entire issue of parental deportations vs splitting up families. Obviously we have seen how irate and frenetic the liberal stance is on that issue. And in truth the entire subject of birth babies versus children born of naturalized or natural citizens has got to be redefined. All we need to do is look at the current trends in Europe and this becomes a very serious threat.