Anonymous Reveals The Identities of Alt-Left Hate Group, AntiFa

September 18, 2017


Details about the identities of some of the alt-left, hate group AntiFa members has been released by the group Anonymous.


AntiFa members usually keep their faces covered so they can commit crimes like breaking windows, burning cars and assaulting anyone who seems to have right-wing beliefs. CNN even glorified them on a segment about who the group was. When interviewing the members, they showed up with their faces covered, wearing sunglasses. Well… The masks have now been removed thanks to Anonymous. Check out the cowards below…

World News Politics| Most Antifa members hide their identity by wearing black masks and hoods. This ensures they won’t be charged for the property damage and physical assault they regularly engage in. However, news today from Right Wing News is going to put the brakes on Antifa’s arrogance.


According to Right Wing News, the hacktivist group Anonymous has just posted details of the identities of many Antifa members on the forum 8Chan. Anonymous is politically neutral and seeks to expose all that is secret and behind the scenes in the modern surveillance state. Many of the Antifa criminals appear to work in supposedly respectable professions such as education, offices, authors, political activists and computer programmers. Less surprising is that many were also found to be rabid Communists and anarchists.

As far as I’m concerned, only criminals feel the need to hide their identities with masks. If you watch all of their actions and rioting you will come to the same conclusion that these people are nothing short of terrorists.

These Antifa folks have been asking for a beat down, and after the wrong (or right) people see these identities they’re going to get their wish. I’d like to see them ask the police for help then!

~I encourage every reader to save the list (in the above link) and pass this article along to all your rational, and even your irrational, friends.

These people need to be exposed for who they are. Enough of their hiding behind masks. If they’re afraid to be recognized, they can’t be too proud of their actions and, if they fear legal reprisal, then they know what they’re doing is wrong.

I say: Let them be afraid – VERY AFRAID. Their day IS coming!


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28 Responses to Anonymous Reveals The Identities of Alt-Left Hate Group, AntiFa

  1. Jules Smith says:

    They a say a mask reveals a persons true identity: Cowards.

    If I had any rational friends I’d pass it along but I’ll keep the list anyway incase that day ever arrives.

  2. Hardnox says:

    You bet. A reckoning is coming. Good post.

    Yes, they are terrorists. I’m left wondering where the hell is AG Sessions?

    Looks to me, these assholes are the 30,000 community organizers that Obama bragged about. Again, where is Sessions?

    • Yup! These are o’shitbags’ private, civilian army, dressed in black just like his heart (if he had one).
      May he and his Wookie contract a terminal, flesh-eating disease and die s l o w l y.

  3. Shar says:

    Good post. Quite a list. Wonder if it will lead to any firings. IMO Sessions needs to step down. He isn’t up to the job. After he recused himself he isn’t moving forward on much of any thing. But then again neither are any of his GOPe coworkers.

    Good one on the Sicilian joke.

    • Wise Owl says:

      WTF IS Sessions doing, besides proclaiming war against medical marijuana patients???? Talk about low-hanging fruit…

    • Unless they work for a decent, conservative company, which I rather doubt, I don’t see any getting fired. But at least we have their names and, knowing how brazen they are, I’m sure they can be tracked down on FB or Twitter and put a face to their names.
      They’ll make nice “WANTED” posters for when the “games” begin.

      • Blessed B. says:

        LOL! Funny I was thinking of the same thing…. I’m sure that folks on FB could get a picture to match their names.

        Many who are members of the Son’s of Odin and a few other groups that are willing to fight Antifa scum that I know should be very interested in the list of names. I’ll be informing those I know to get working on getting the faces and to publish them with names and addresses if possible.

  4. Wise Owl says:

    I couldn’t find Ovomit’s name among those…. Does he use an alias?

  5. Emilia says:

    If they are so proud of their beliefs and actions, there is no need to hide their identities. Would they walk into a banking institution dressed like that and be surprised when clerks push the emergency button to alert authorities? The similarity to ISIS garb is very disturbing. Imitate a terrorist group? Why aren’t they called terrorists themselves? And yes, where is Sessions? He is such a disappointment! Has he been fooling us all these years into thinking he was up to the job or is he just part of “the swamp”? I would like to believe he is investigating things and keeping quiet about it but……….

    • I had hoped he was getting his ducks in a row and doing his homework but 8 months? There should have been a phone-book-long list of indictments on his desk by now but there doesn’t seem to be, does it?
      He’s pushing my patience…

  6. SafeSpace says:

    For a brief moment I was surprised at how many names are on these lists. They I remembered that progressives have been f*cking up the education system for two full generations now. Now I’m wondering if Anonymous missed a few thousand additional names. Cleaning this cesspool up will take massive firings and pension terminations at virtually every public school and “liberal arts” university and publishing house and movie production company in America. A job more suited to the USMC than for Jeff Sessions.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Actually a Glasnost Perestroika needs to be done…..a social cleansing of all socialists like was done in Russia. Civilians that had had enough of the BS went in and shot teachers in front of the students. Then said this was the disciplinary action for those who promote socialism. Students were then asked how many of them were socialists…not a single hand went up. Cleaning the cesspool is not as difficult as one would believe….it just takes a few good men to combat evil.

      • It’ll be bloody and widespread. There’s a lot of fools out there.
        Most are just ignorant of the historical facts and could, given the chance, change their minds. Some already have and it’s a good sign. Just not enough, yet.
        I think it has a lot to do with college folks being “sheeple”, following the clique under peer pressure. They want to “belong” but, sadly, they’ve chosen the wrong groups to “belong” to. Too many are hooked on the “friends” thing to bother checking things out on their own. Sad, considering the same internet has the very answers they seek, but fail to expend the energy to do so.
        I’m my opinion, FaceBook, Twitter and all social media should be banned to anyone under 21; just like alcohol and other intoxicants. There’s little difference, psychologically.
        Did you see where some of the BLM have joined the Trump train? Fascinating! There is ALWAYS hope!

  7. Amboyduke says:

    Good stuff, Had…well done.
    Friend Amboy…

  8. Terry says:

    I’ve always thought they covered their faces so their mommies won’t recognize them and ground them for the weekend.

    Sure be a lot of “educators” on that list. Scary.
    Good post HEA. (I can’t believe I’m saying that)

  9. Peppermint says:

    Wow what a list. Thanks. And what is so horrifying is so many of them are teaching our kids.

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