Harvard rescinds Chelsea Manning’s fellowship



From Earl:

Again, bwhahahahahahaha!

~ Hardnox

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8 Responses to Harvard rescinds Chelsea Manning’s fellowship

  1. SafeSpace says:

    The enquiring mind wonders: Did Harvard cave because of pressure from patriotic donors? Or because they committed the sin of offended Miz Manning by calling her a “fellow”? Did they weigh the positive support they were getting from the homo/perve lobby against the damage to their historic reputation, and decide that being SJWs was not worth the cost?

  2. Popular Front says:

    It’s a pity that no-one (yet) has rescinded the little queer’s ability to breathe.

  3. GunnyG says:

    I’ve love to let the air of this scumbag’s head.

  4. Hey Knox thanks for the post!

  5. clyde says:

    Some sanity at Haavarrd? Who knew? The ONLY thing Mr. Manning deserves is a couple rounds. BTW, I don’t care if this cretin had a takadickfromme or not. He will NEVER genetically be a woman. BWAHAHAHAHA. The dumb shit anyway.