Ben Shapiro Takeaways on His Berkley Speech

5 Things I Learned At Berkeley Last Night



Ben Shapiro
September 15, 2017

So, I visited Berkeley last night.

And it was terrific.

The students were engaged; the police were finally allowed to do their jobs. Antifa stayed away. Sure, there were protesters – lots of them. That’s great! It’s a free country, and they’re free to say whatever stupid nonsense they want to. But overall, this was a big moment for Berkeley, which had been blockaded by violent leftists for nearly a year: a civil discussion involving a dissenting, conservative voice, allowed by the administration and defended by law enforcement.

The five takeaways:

1. When The Police Are Allowed To Do Their Jobs, Antifa Is Powerless

2. Many Students Are Infected By The Microaggression Mentality.

3. Many On The Left Are Willing To Label Anyone A White Supremacist.

4. Students Can Handle It.

5. Conservatism Needs To Be Heard On Campus.

Overall, the event was a great success. All the Leftist insanity merely brought a spotlight to conservatism, and to the necessity for free speech. Thanks so much to the Young America’s Foundation, to the Berkeley College Republicans – and more than anyone, the besieged police officers – who made it possible. This is what America is all about.

Read his explanation on those talking points HERE.


I saw a brilliant clip explanation from Shapiro in a student debate exchange. When queried about abortion, Shapiro asked (rather than ranting on about the evils of killing a fetus) three questions. The student, I think, got the point.

1- Would you want someone to stab you while you were drinking or eating or doing some activity? (I may be remembering this one incorrectly, however it gets the idea across)

2- Would you want to have someone stab you while you were sleeping?

3- Would you want someone to stab you if you were in a coma?

The query each time was no. I have rights, am a sentient being, and vulnerable but alive. BINGO.

The key to the success of that speaking engagement was that POLICE WERE NOT TOLD TO STAND DOWN BUT WERE TOLD TO DO THEIR JOB.

Everyone was prepared for the event and still were determined to carry on a lively and healthy debate as young adults and administrators.

The silliness outside amounted to childish behavior and being called out for it on social media.

Chalk and stupid chants have no place on a college campus except when done in a reasonable, calm, and intelligent debate way. Otherwise the perpetrators come off looking like spoiled children throwing a tantrum.

If I saw my child acting out like the Antifa and others outside, I would want a refund of tuition, cart them home to go to work, take a switch to their backsides, and restrict their internet or phones to bare minimum. Safe space counseling my granny arse. The best counseling I know is hard work and dose of instant reality. Use that Spock PC book where it counts most.

We can no longer allow “children” radicalized by leftist socialism jargon to be in charge or hold our country hostage. It is time and past that these children of the corn receive their devil’s due from parents, community, and the law preferably in that order. The consequences otherwise could be devastating in the extreme to our country as a whole.


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8 Responses to Ben Shapiro Takeaways on His Berkley Speech

  1. Shar says:

    I read an article stating that Berkley spent $600,000 for security. I would love to hear comments from those who attended. I don’t fb or twitter. Any one hear remarks?

    • Uriel says:

      Shar that article posted a lot of tweets. What I haven’t heard is the honest responses from students who participated

      • Uriel says:

        About the only way to gauge their reaction is to watch his speech on you tube. I doubt they would’ve posted to social media for fear of repercussions

  2. Wise Owl says:

    God, I hope this is a turning point. I have been appalled at the police standing down and letting violent clashes and vandalism occur, without consequences. This glimmer of rationality is refreshing.

    • Uriel says:

      That it is Wise Owl but it appears to be a shot in the dark as today we hear about St. Louis riot and the litttle I heard makes it obvious this hasn’t caught on.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Some of the progressive citizens of Californicate are bellyaching that hosting Ben Shapiro “cost the school over a million dollars for security”. Sorry Wise Owl, but no, they do not get the point. Shapiro’s presence did not cost Cali one red cent. The presence of AntiFa and the rest of the hired leftist thugs demands paid security measures.

    If the mortarboard-hatted geniuses who run Berkeley had shut down violence when it first appeared, instead of coddling and encouraging it, Shapiro (and Coulter and Yannopolis) could all speak with zero security required.

    To paraphrase the very clever and intelligent President Creased Trousers: Shapiro brings a brain to a fight, the leftists bring bricks firebombs and knives.

  4. MarkInKansas says:

    The reply from the student, when asked if it would be right to kill him while he was in a coma, included the student’s consideration that he had “potential” sentience, and it was at that point that Ben Shapiro had the argument.

    The student in a coma indeed would have potential sentience, a developing baby, if not already sentient, could be considered to have potential sentience.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Markin. Exactly and well stated! Everything a fetus does is an example of a sentient being— definition
      1 :responsive to or conscious of sense impressions sentient beings
      2 :aware
      3 :finely sensitive in perception or feeling

      There have been numerous studies in the last few years providing proof.