Here Is PROOF That SJW’s Have A Mental Illness

Channel Rod Serling’s voice…

There’s only one cure.

~ Hardnox

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8 Responses to Here Is PROOF That SJW’s Have A Mental Illness

  1. I agree, they DO need “medical treatment”. It’s called heavy doses of the missing mineral, Pb (lead).

  2. vonMesser says:

    Had enough, while emotionally, I agree with you, I need to point out (professionally – I worked in Western State Hospital – the largest mental hospital in Washington State – for 5 years) that they – and we – would be better served with mandatory commitment, intense psychotherapy, reeducation (real education), and then movement into the Marine Corps for 2 years of real-world experience. Maybe in a specialized USMC civil affairs Battalion doing reconstruction and manual rebuilding of US infrastructure in places like Appalachia.

    • The one question that follows is “do we have enough facilities and support staff to accomplish this endeavor?
      I agree, military service IS a good idea. But is it possible? Wouldn’t this then turn our military into what its already become under o’shitbag – a social experiment?
      Giving this some thought, you’d have to isolate each and every one of them, never being allowed to mingle with others of their mindset, otherwise, this would be futile. Like sending minor offenders to a federal prison only to be “properly trained” by those who are hardened criminals.
      Unless they can be isolated, this will never work, no matter how noble the effort.
      Sometimes it’s best to be rid of the lot. We cannot separate the lepers by the number of sores

  3. Wingman says:

    Why disrupt the military with these hopeless insane pieces of shit? A simple injection of lead is more humane and yields instant results.

  4. clyde says:

    So much for the rampant use of psychotropic medications when they went to kindergarten. And, not NEAR enough hand to the ass when they were little.

    • Maybe their troubles started when THEIR PARENTS were experimenting with various drugs. Tell me that certain hallucinogenics don’t alter DNA. I think we are seeing the results of a large scale experiment.

  5. Wise Owl says:

    Seriously, I think it is largely poor parenting and even worse schooling. Where is integrity taught? Responsibility?