An Open Letter To Larry Page, Google CEO

…. On the occasion of the 16th memorialization of the 9-11 attacks on our nation which were committed by violent theocratic statists and allies of the globalists.  This piece was written and sent by Felinity (a/k/a Missus SafeSpace) and reproduced here with her permission:


Yet another post-2001 September 11 is here…and once again there’s a small, lone gray-black ribbon on the Google home page.  That little, forlorn ribbon doesn’t have a heading/title; one must put a cursor there to read the fleeting words”Remembering September 11th”.

How fleeting were the lives snuffed out on that day in autumn of 2001…and those of other lives obliterated or forever terribly changed by the actions of hate-filled, murderous “religious” tyrants since then?!  No matter…Google condescends to place that gratuitous little ribbon, nothing more.  No pointer that opens up to another page to show further historical remembrance…just that static symbol.

On the other hand, Google rushes to educate users about myriad, often-obscure personalities (preferably non-Caucasian/often non-American) and their contributions to society at large.  There’s a good chance that most Google users never heard of these people — but chez Google, the lives of these featured folks are far  more important — and they warrant links to pages of laudatory information and images.

O Great Bastion Of Information, much of it historical, why do you not provide links to show the reality of this date 16 years ago?  The photos of death-blow architecture in the wake of the strikes in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania…links to memorial pages so readers can be reminded of — or learn for the first time — about all the lives lost!

But I forgot…if Google uses illustrations of cacti instead of people when noting human holidays — there are no gender ID issues with cacti, eh? — then Google doesn’t want to show the faces of (deceased) men and women.  Someone out there may be offended…

I’m off to a new search engine; I hope and pray that many others do the same.
Oh, and BTW, here’s the new search engine Felinity references.  It is designed specifically to avoid data-tracking and advertiser-powered search “suggestions”, offering many of the advantages of Tor browsing without having to actually use Tor for internet access.  DuckDuckGo is recommended and bundled by Apple; supported by Mozilla (Firefox), and is available as a smartphone app as well as a desktop program for Android, Apple, and Windows devices.  My initial tests show that it returns a similar bunch of search results when compared to Google — with no “positioning” on the page based on advertiser payments.  And it’s as fast as Google.
     — SafeSpace —
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5 Responses to An Open Letter To Larry Page, Google CEO

  1. Uriel says:

    Thank the “missus SafeSpace”. Google needs its wings clipped definitely. It has been so proliberal for so long without people even realizing that I wonder when it will place in its logo a symbol for Communism.

  2. Wise Owl says:

    Right on! I have been using duckduckgo for quite a while, ever since I found Google hiding conservative info from me.

  3. Wendy says:

    I use Internet Explorer, and it works just fine for me!!!

  4. Terry says:

    Great letter Felinity. And good info on the new search engine.
    But it may take a while for people to get used to saying “Go Duckduckgo it”.