SPLC Moving Millions to Offshore Bank Accounts – Donors Beware


Southern Poverty Law Center outed for moving millions to offshore bank accounts

BizPac Review
Tom Tillison
August 31, 2017

The Southern Poverty Law Center transfers millions of dollars to offshore entities as part of its business dealings.

The Alabama-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization known for its so-called “hate group” designations — which the media swears by — also “pays lucrative six-figure salaries to its top directors and key employees while spending little on legal services,” The Washington Free Beacon reported.

More from the Free Beacon:

The SPLC has turned into a fundraising powerhouse, recording more than $50 million in contributions and $328 million in net assets on its 2015 Form 990, the most recently available tax form from the nonprofit. SPLC’s Form 990-T, its business income tax return, from the same year shows that they have “financial interests” in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda. No information is available beyond the acknowledgment of the interests at the bottom of the form.


Amy Sterling Casil, CEO of Pacific Human Capital, a California nonprofit consulting firm, told the online news outlet that there is “no legitimate reason for any US-based nonprofit to put money in overseas, unregulated bank accounts.”

“I’ve never known a US-based nonprofit dealing in human rights or social services to have any foreign bank accounts,” Casil said. “It is unethical for any US-based charity to invest large sums of money overseas.”

Meanwhile, SPLC has declared three of America’s largest Army bases, each named after Confederate military leaders, to be Confederate monuments.

In an appeal to activists, the SPLC is calling on them to “take down” the bases, which have “the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed,” says the group’s website.

The three bases are Fort Benning in Georgia, Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Hood in Texas, and are part of a list of 1,500 alleged “Confederate monuments.”



Catholicism.org – “SPLC’s Offshore Bank Accounts and Huge Salaries for Its Executives.” August 31, 2017

Poverty Law Center? Assets were over $328 million in 2015; Richard Cohen, president and chief executive officer of the SPLC, was given $346,218 in base compensation in 2015, its tax forms show. Cohen received $20,000 more in other reportable compensation and non-taxable benefits; and Morris Dees, SPLC’s chief trial counsel, received a salary of $329,560 in 2015 with $42,000 in additional reportable compensation and non-taxable benefits. And, as you will further read in the report below, SPLC spent only $61,000 on legal services in 2015. It’s “like a perpetual motion machine for fundraisers” Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, told the Free Beacon.

The Washington Free Beacon, Joe Schoffstall: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a liberal, Alabama-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that has gained prominence on the left for its “hate group” designations, pushes millions of dollars to offshore entities as part of its business dealings, records show. Report is here.


The Weekly Standard – “The Southern Poverty Law Center Has $69 Million Parked Overseas.” Sept 6, 2017

The civil rights group best known for its ‘hate map’ has investments across the globe, including in the Caymans, British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda.

The Southern Poverty Law Center invests almost 20 percent of its nearly $320 million endowment fund in offshore equities and other investments. The 2016 annual reportof the Alabama-based civil rights organization reports $69,093,576 of “non-U.S. equity funds” among the assets comprising the total endowment fund of $319,283,961, a fund the SPLC describes as a “plan for the day when nonprofits like the SPLC can no longer afford to solicit support through the mail because of rising postage and printing costs.”


Fox News – “The SPLC smear machine is being funded by liberal billionaires — why?” August 29, 2017

In a scathing August 24 New York Times op-ed, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born feminist, author, scholar and former Dutch parliament member, lamented that the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) “has hit the jackpot” in huge donations in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville.  Hirsi Ali noted that Apple pledged $1 million to the SPLC; JP Morgan Chase & Co. half a million; George and Amal Clooney $1 million.

While Hirsi Ali condemned Nazism, white supremacy and racial bigotry as having no place in a civilized society, she made it clear that contributing to the SPLC is the wrong way to combat this poison.

Last October, the SPLC added Ayaan Hirsi Ali to its hate list, an appalling act that ignored the decades of intimidation, hatred and fear Ms. Hirsi Ali has endured from radical Islamists.


Infowars is a bit over the top but the gist of his information is spot on.

Time for SPLC to be ripped open and seen for what they are…



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12 Responses to SPLC Moving Millions to Offshore Bank Accounts – Donors Beware

  1. SafeSpace says:

    I suspect these double-dealing asshats are hoping to hide their funds from the IRS. Hell, that tactic works for multi-national corporations, so why not for progressive leftist race-hustlers?

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Might be an interesting exercise to look at the stock portfolios held by the offshore funds in which the SPLC is investing. Do those funds hold any stocks of companies that do not pay wimmin equally? That make environmentally-unfriendly products? That have offices in Israel or other “apartheid” nations? We conservatives can play this idiot game, too.

    • Uriel says:

      Interesting line of thought. I heard though haven’t bothered to check the computer biggies Do discriminate even Google

  3. SafeSpace says:

    One last question: Is George Clooney really married to someone named Anal?

  4. Hardnox says:

    Odd how these lefty organizations squirrel away millions while at the same time decry capitalism. Oh, the irony and hypocrisy. bastards!

  5. GunnyT says:

    For a “Non-Profit” they seem to be making a rather large profit off of instigating hate.

  6. Dynalady says:

    Not that I would know bc I certainly don’t have the mone to have this problem, but I understand the purpose of offshore accounts is to hide your obscene amounts of money from the government so you don’t have to pay taxes on it–they don’t even report it, much less pay taxes on it (seems supremely hypocritical for Big Gov’t Liberals) AND to hide the money from potential creditors, especially those who might sue you for the assault & thuggery against their persons and property.

    • Uriel says:

      About right Dynalady….it is their “rainy day” run away and disappear money…all the best criminals use it just like the Clintons and Soros and several in Congress who don’t want their constituents to learn how much they scammed off their projects, programs, and grants.


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