Trump Ends DACA

About friggin time!

Lou Dobbs has a few words….

The left and their butt buddies, the RINOs have their panties in a twist over this.  Why?

I wish the assholes in Congress would get as excited over the welfare of OUR youth as they profess to have for these illegal invaders.  Let’s face it, they don’t give a shit about our citizens because they have prostituted themselves to special interests.

It’s a sick joke to expect McConnell or Ryan to deliver any meaningful legislation regarding illegals.

As I have written thousands of times on this blog… “what part of ILLEGAL don’t these assholes understand?”  We have laws on our books, codified by Congress, signed by presidents… yet they are not enforced.  WTF!

Then we elect a president who actually wants to enforce existing laws, and eliminates illegal executive orders issued by Batears, and suddenly Trump is a vilian?  Again… WTF!

It’s ridiculous beyond words.  I remain disgusted… but I am not alone.  Millions upon millions of people in the USA, regardless of flavor, are disgusted with Congress.  President Trump just painted Congress into a corner right before the elections.  Brilliant!

~ Hardnox

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13 Responses to Trump Ends DACA

  1. I think Trump is brilliant. He’s called them to the mat and now, NOW, they have to show their true colors and the entire country will see, finally, what and who these cretens are.
    Their votes, on this issue, will define whether they remain in congress or they’re thrown out on their asses, once and for all.
    I sit in amazement as Trump continually stirs the pot, drawing to the top the scum from the shit-soup we have simmering in the political cauldron called “congress”. It’s definitely a popcorn-munching experience.
    I have no idea yet of how I’m going to set the table for the mid-terms. Whether it’s popcorn, cookies or a collection of brandies. Perhaps both. Either way, it’s gonna be nail-biting…bwahahahahaha

  2. Bobbie P. says:

    I am as outraged about this as you are, Hardnox! WTF is Sessions DOING? Why is he not ALL OVER this, like white on rice? Do We, The People have to march to the swamp and lynch the lawbreakers? Congress isn’t doing ANYTHING! We need to send them a STRONG message by voting them ALL out. No do-nothing incumbents. Argh!

  3. This egg was laid a long time ago by the inaction of several administrations and congresses, whether by design or neglect.
    Now, let’s see those chickens go HOME to roost.
    And let the dreamers explain to us all exactly what gives them the right to stay here.
    If I (along with my parents) broke into say, a hunting cabin, and lived there for 9 months without any problems. Next hunting season, the owners show up and want to throw us out in the cold. Do I tell them, “Hey, listen, we have lived here for the last 9 months and kept everything neat and clean.” “You can’t expect me to leave now!”
    Really? Wanna bet? Is it my fault some jerk left the door unlocked?

    And a little note to La Raza types; You left Mexico for good reasons, did you not?
    So why do you want to “reconquista” the South West and turn it into Mexico again?
    Why not go home and fix the f***ing place you came from?
    MMGA=Make Mexico Great Again.
    And while you’re at it, kill some bad guys in Honduras, El Salvador and a few other hell holes.

    • I use your “cabin” analogy all the time but folks, somehow, just don’t get it. If you leave for vacation or “snowbird” for the winter, does anyone have the right to move into your home and squat and then claim “residency” when you return? NO!
      In the border case – they break into your home, while you’re sleeping, and tell YOU they’re moving in. They demand you make breakfast, let them sleep in your bed, insist you respect them and expect you to say nothing when they reach for your wallet? NUTS!
      My answer: As I reach for my 9 I say: GTFO!

    • Hardnox says:

      My thoughts too I.R. These illegals need to clean their own house. It’s insane that our elected officials allowed this yet alone endorse it now.

    • Wise Owl says:

      IR Wayright and Hadenoughalready and…well, ALL of you really nailed it!

      • And another thing, if I may add, do not get your face on TV carrying signs that say “F*** Trump, and Mexican flags trying to drum up support for your concerns. Better you make some signs that carry a different message. One of contrition.
        Like: “I love America and wish to stay here as a good citizen.”
        Or: “I respectfully ask you to forgive my parents, who brought me here out of desperation.”
        That attitude would get you a long way.

  4. Shar says:

    I hope in the six months they will self deport.

  5. Shar says:

    Nox, should we get our knock knock jokes ready?

  6. whitetop says:

    High Praises for Lou Dobbs for exposing the twin AH/s for what they really are. Out of thousands; we have one true journalist in America.

    Regarding the crap about the effect kicking the illegals out of this country will have hone them. Someone brought them into this country which means the children were separated from their families. Now it is cruel to send them back? I don’t hear any die-hard liberals screaming how hard it is on children when their parents divorce. Maybe divorce should be outlawed in this country.

    I screamed to high heavens we needed to get rid of John Boehner. We got Paul Ryan in his place. Lesson learned: be careful what you wish for.