Like Father, Like Daughter…

…Child abuse runs in the Jackson family.

I remember when MTV 1st came on the tube. I thought it was the coolest thing since Harvey Wallbangers ( of course I thought I was too). For the price of a cable TV subscription that also included the 1 other channel available, HBO, you could see and rock out to your favorite groups and songs 24/7, without paying the exorbitant cost of $5-10 to see them in a live concert, (if you were lucky enough to have them come to your area.) There was no (c)Rap, no “Reality” shows, no biased commentary, no glorification of pregnant 16 year-olds.  Just cool, creative, music videos.

My housemate at the time and I were among the 1st in our little beach community to acquire this marvel, and much to the delight of our less fortunate fellow beach party animals, we kept it blasting day & night for them to revel at when they dropped in. It even took a backseat to our refrigerator-sized stereos.

Skip forward 35 years or so. It has been many years since you could even find a music video on MTV, and if you did, it isn’t anything you care to watch.

Now MTV is all about the brainwashing of millennials ,an obvious, sad and pathetic exploitation of their naiveté and immaturity. I would describe it as a premeditated act of criminal child abuse. Many teens and young adults don’t usually have the experience and wisdom to recognize when they’re being fed a shit- burger. They dive right in and swallow every morsel. They’re being led by the trashiest of people, the type that Michelle Obama might consider role model material, Beyonce type sluts and thugs of the type most loving parents work to protect their children from.

On stupid television awards shows they’re presented as being worthy of emulation. This isn’t MTV in its original concept, the playing of videos. It’s lifestyle indoctrination and leftist communist grooming, the trashification of American kids and degradation of our culture and values.

Enter Paris Jackson, the sleazy skank daughter of dead pedophile Michael Jackson, who has somehow found her way to addressing children and teens at what is called the VMA, the MTV  Video Music Awards. This was her presentation speech at the recent awards :

As an added insult, and proof that this was all a staged indoctrination of our youth, six transgender military “its” were present, as well as the mother of the radical marching in the street in Charlottesville that was run over.

Sarah Kate Ellis, GLADD president and CEO, third from left, and transgender service members arrive at the MTV Video Music Awards


What does any of that have to do with music? Nothing – it’s all about the mind control – the communists know you have to get them while they’re young.


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7 Responses to Like Father, Like Daughter…

  1. Wendy says:

    OMG!!! Paris Jackson is right up there with the crude skank Miley Cyrus. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus is super sad that she’s the way she is right now, he was quoted to have said “I’ve got to say Goodbye to her.” I happen to like Billy Ray myself, and I understand that removing yourself from your child’s life is what you have to do. I have done it myself. I despise my own daughter’s behavior, and we are now permanently DONE! So sad, but it has to be.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    When we first got MTV as part of our expanded channel lineup, I watched a bit of it, not a lot. It wasn’t long before I told my wife, “This crap will warp your brain.”
    And it has apparently gone downhill since then.
    I’ll skip watching Ms. Jackson above. Why ruin an otherwise perfect day?

    • Terry says:

      Like I mentioned, when it 1st came out in the early ’80s it was pretty cool. Video after video, no X-rated smut, and no politics. It was fun to see all of the artists.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Never seen MTV. Never saw Paris Jackson until now either. Seems I haven’t missed anything either.

    Entertainers are paid to entertain… otherwise STFU.

    • Terry says:

      Never saw MTV ?? Is that because they didn’t play any Gene Autry or Roy Rogers songs ?
      Hell she’s not even an entertainer, as far as I know. Think she’s a model. I read she has attempted suicides many times (I think she could use some assistance ), and considers herself black, even though her mom is white, and Michael ended up being whiter than the mom.

      • Hardnox says:

        No, I’m a big Willie and Waylon fan. No cable either. 🙂

        She’s black? Yeah right. I’m darker than her and I’m of Norse Viking lineage but my color is from the sun.

        Frankly, I’m glad that perv took a dirtnap. Friggin fruitloop.