Total Solar Eclipse Viewed In NE Georgia Mountains

We enjoyed nearly two minutes of 100% totality here.  Thin cumulus cloud drifted across the sun during that period, but we still got a good view of the corona and of the “diamond ring” effect when the sun first reappeared.  Most amazing details for me were the soft sunrise pastel shades that appeared on the horizon 360 degrees around, and the total quiet as birds, critters, and humans in cars all stopped and held their breath.  Gotta wonder what goes thru a chickadee’s little brain when the sun disappears mid-day … and then comes back.  (tweet) WTF?! (tweet)

I do not own an ultra-long telephoto lens, so I shot with a mid-range telephoto and a polarizing filter, and captured the sun and the immediate surrounding sky.  Images were deliberately underexposed so as to reveal the sun as clearly as possible.  Also shown is an image of the eerie pseudo-sunrise colors.  These photos are for your enjoyment but, of course, are not to be re-distributed nor published.

Total eclipse 01

Total eclipse 02

Total eclipse 03

Total eclipse 04

Eclipse “sunrise effect”

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11 Responses to Total Solar Eclipse Viewed In NE Georgia Mountains

  1. GunnyG says:


  2. Popular Front says:

    Mother Nature always puts on the best shows.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    Too cool! The best we got was 89% occlusion– kinda like a dark cloud passing overhead.

  4. Terry says:

    Very Cool ! Thanks for sharing them.
    Did you rent out parking spaces in your yard ?

  5. Hardnox says:

    Thanks for posting these. Here in VA is looked like a thunderstorm was coming.

    In 7 years there’s another one coming.

  6. I.R. Wayright says:

    Nothing out of the ordinary here at 71%. We had a dark cloud roll in just before the main part of the eclipse. You wouldn’t have known anything different was going on.

  7. malenurseken says:

    Used my welding helmet here to watch! Wasnt total but about 80%. Was awesome!

  8. vonMesser says:

    Had about 90% in Olympia. Was tempted to use the special viewer posted earlier, but wasn’t able to get mine in time……..

  9. Wingman says:

    We had a full 2 minutes of totality in mid-Missouri and it was more awesome than words can describe. The colors were amazing with a 360 degree sunrise/sunset occurring and a greenish tint to our immediately surroundings.

  10. Wendy says:

    We didn’t get “squat”!!! We’re “too low” here in North Florida, but we were watching t.v. since it started in Oregon. OMG! Beautiful.