The Immature Left

The Leftists in America have gone ‘round the bend” mentally speaking or in coarser terms, “the cheese done slid off of their cracker,” over the election of Trump.

The first reason is that they had eight years of a permissive parent in Barky Obama, who is little more than a spoiled baby himself. When Barky didn’t get his way, he reacted by blaming someone, usually Bush 43, or making rush to judgement comments like, “the police acted stupidly.” There was no wondering why Barky was nicknamed “President Stompy Foot,” early on in his reign of terror, when he did not get his way. Perhaps the best example of that is Barky locking up our massive amounts of natural resources, placing them permanently off limits, in his war on coal, oil, and the American people since Barky KNEW that the faux climate change war was more important than terrorists attacking America, winning in Afghanistan, or keeping nukes out of the hands of the mad mullahs in Iran. Another excellent example is that after Barky did his “Bash American Tour 2010” and his anti-American Cairo speech he made Benjamin Netanyahu not only wait for him to finish his lunch but made him use the back entrance to the White House. Childish. Immature. Stupid.

The second reason and probably the most important reason that the Left (ANTIFA, Soros, Neo-Nazis, BLM, KKK, etc, etc., ad nauseum) have gone beserk since November 8, 2016, is that while we on the Right treasure things like Freedom of Speech (but with consequences), the Left does not, never has, and never will.

Rule 1, Leftist Handbook:  “Thou shall toe the party line at all times.”
Rule 2, Leftist Handbook:  “When in doubt, see Rule 1.”

The Leftists must maintain their political correctness at all times and any dissent is immediately and thoroughly squashed, i.e., Liebermann tossed out of the Democrat Party after speaking out whereas we on the Right allow for dissent and indeed, agree to disagree, as long as mutual respect is maintained on both sides!

“The right to swing your fist around stops at the end of my nose.” Dad

Anyone who has read anything by Edmund Burke and other Conservatives knows that we limited government and that through order, traditions, and the Rule of Law, that we can obtain, as flawed humans, something called “ordered liberty.” That is, that as flawed beings, we are however, basically good and that we have progressed over the centuries to where they can live together in relative peace, to do whatever we want to, as long as it does not unreasonably impact the rights of others around us. That then is Conservatism in a nutshell. At the root of the issue, we also know that this cannot come from a Nanny State, which is where the Left gets derailed, after eight years of a Nanny State under Barky Obama and his minions, who sought to impose THEIR version of social justice on us via Barky’s Executive Orders, Liberal courts (9th Circus Court), or simply ignoring Federal courts, i.e., the oil drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. Thus, when Trump stated that he was going to end the Nanny State and return America to the great Republic that it used to be, the Left erupted in a massive tantrum that continues today, bought and paid for by their lord and master, George Soros.

The buzzwords for the Left are: Political Correctness, Radicalism, Conformity, and the Rule of Man vice the Rule of Law.

The conclusion reached is that the Right understands and realizes that Mankind is imperfect and that by limiting the power of an imperfect government to only those actions and laws which preserve the Republic, we allow for more personal freedom (again with consequences). However, the Left sees that a utopia (always just around the corner) requires a government reeking of power and whose Progressive heavy hand imposes social justice, political correctness, and strict codes of conduct for all (except themselves of course), through a Nanny State.

So why the extreme violence of the Left and why don’t the Democrats disavow it? One, because their owner/operator is George Soros and he has stated numerous times in the past that his goal is not only a one world under a one world government (with him as a demi-god) but also to destroy America, which is why he funds groups like BLM, ANTIFA, Neo-Nazis, etc. Second, as we all well know, the Left expects the Right to attack THEM like the Left does to us. It is an Alinsky rule that the Left blames others for the crap that they do and we hear it all of the time when a Leftist spouts, “well they all do that,” or “well, they’re all corrupt,” as a way of justifying the crap in DC. Their goal is always to silence the opposition much in the same way that the Nazis (Socialists) used Brownshirts to silence their competition (Communists) by breaking up their meetings, rallies, etc., just like what happened in Charlottesville.

In closing, by losing to the “adults” in November, the Left de-evolved into a mass hysteria because in their eyes, government is everything and only the government can deliver justice and after eight years of a whiny bitch like Obama, who gave the Left everything they wanted and more, electing Trump was like taking a favorite toy away from a spoiled toddler, with the expected reaction ensuing. Quite simply, the Left wants a Nanny State that wipes their asses from the cradle to the grave and we do not and that upsets their progressive political thought on creating a utopia!

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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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9 Responses to The Immature Left

  1. I think you’re just being mean bullying these poor children whose IQ is equal to or less than their combined shoe sizes.
    I recommend you cut them some slack – or throat – and give them some space (that found between the 30th and the pavement). I’m sure they’ll appreciate the FREE ride…

  2. Uriel says:

    At this point Gunny I am tired of their antics. They have moved from children with tantrums to a much more serious label — domestic terrorist organizations. Like the ISIS radicals we have to stop treating them like put out-of-control children and move into the realm of treating them like what they have evolved into–anarchists–

  3. Hardnox says:

    Well done brother. There’s only one remedy.

  4. clyde says:

    These idiots. They would be crying like little bitches if they had to live under ANY form of an autocratic government. Once those assholes were done with the libtards as useful idiots, THEY would be kicked around as well. And THEY won’t survive that. Good post, brother.

  5. RE says:

    Living thru 8 years of lil half black osambo a known illegal kenyan raghead mussy bastard and the left along with the new republican anti American party all they can do is complain about an American like Donald.
    BUILD the WALL. REPEAL lill half black osambo-care. STOP reparations that have been going on since the UN-civil rights movement of the 60’s by reducing taxes on all workers and let the leeches fins work.