Mob Rule vs Law and Order, eventually something has to give

A protester kicks a toppled Confederate soldier statue after it was pulled down in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo: Casey Toth/TNS/Newscom)


Mob Rule Prevails in Toppling of Confederate Statue

The Daily Sun
Jarrett Stepman, Editor
August 15, 2017

Following the ugly incident that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend, an unruly mob took out its anger on a century-old statue in North Carolina.

It is a perfect example of how tribal and identity politics are raging out of control in America, and how radicals will continue to ratchet up their tactics to match one another.

While the media spent its time connecting riots to the political right, the hard left continued to step up its tactics to promote social discord, as it has been doing for years.

On Monday afternoon, a crowd of people in an “Emergency Durham Protest” marched down Durham’s Main Street, then made its way to the Durham County Courthouse.

The Herald Sun reported that organizations like the “Triangle People’s Assembly, Workers World Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Antifa movement” were at the rally.

One of the participants, Eva Panjwani of the Workers World Party Durham, said in an interview, “We need to shun passive, white liberalism.”

The crowd gathered in front of the courthouse and decided to target a statue that was created in memoriam to “the boys who wore the gray.” That is, the North Carolina soldiers who fought for the Confederate Army in the Civil War.

What followed was a scene reminiscent of the French Revolution or the war in Iraq.

The act of vandalism continued unabated, as authorities stood by and watched. Durham Police put out a statement saying that they did not interfere with the toppling because it happened on “county property, where county law enforcement officials were staffed.”

This isn’t a battle over ideas or the Confederacy’s place in American history, it’s sheer and mindless identity politics.

…Unless leaders pay increased devotion to denouncing and taking action against these lawless demonstrations, mob rule is here to stay.

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Seriously? This is Eva Panjwani





I won’t be sarcastic about anyone’s looks…but this person neither looks abused, starved, rabidly anarchical nor exactly all together either. How in the world would the person above ever be taken seriously when planning and carrying out any top-level anarchical strategy goals and objectives? The person’s last name is Pakistani by the way.

On an obscure interview post by one young adult, is posted that “Eva Panjwani was five years old when she emigrated from Pakistan to the United States. Without a U.S. passport, citizenship, or financial resources, she hasn’t been able to return since then, but she still holds memories from the first five years of her life.

Soooooo….is this Eva a citizen? Who brought the five-year old here to the USA? How has she survived, with whom, and where in the US since the age of five? I do know from an Indiegogo post that in 2013 she was asking for and received online help to go to school.



Interesting that this person has become a “voice” for lefties.


No, mob rule is not here to stay. Eventually those dealing with out-of-control mobs get enough and people die as war erupts. That is where this is heading.

Mayors and law enforcement officials who tell their people to stand down are guilty of every one of the murders or injuries suffered. They chose not to fulfill their oath of law, order, and duty to constituents. At this point these children of the cornfield need to be rounded up and shuffled off to a secure facility where they can only harm themselves.

Cut off the Medusa head named Soros, disassemble his empire and set the carcasses out for vultures to pick over. In every incident in the last ten or more years the name Soros has popped up as a financier or instigator.

Several countries including his home country are all involved in shutting him down. YET the USA has allowed this rotting excuse of a demon to reside within our borders, grow fatter every year off misery and manipulation, and infest our youth with misinformation while feeding them nothing but radicalization and hatred.

WHY is he not gone? Why has he not been incarcerated in solitary confinement and his financial empire stripped? Could it be because big government owes him blood dues like all the demon’s spawn they are?


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11 Responses to Mob Rule vs Law and Order, eventually something has to give

  1. Popular Front says:

    How many times must it be said? Soros? WHACK HIM!

    • Uriel says:

      you have to strip the entire network too Popular…his progeny are also moving into the limelight and doing his bidding

  2. ToNY says:

    Soros owns the Democrat party lock stock and barrel. See John Podesta the Clinton’s and our good friend John McCain.They all socialize in the New York Hamtons. In fact Hillarys state department funnels money to his causes. Our tax dollars used against us.

    • Uriel says:

      so true…..but to be totally fair it isn’t only him its a LOT of the hyperwealthy getting onboard with the global elitist agenda where they instigate world wars, burrow into their havens till its over then voila a who new world. But HE is and has been the ground zero source of a lot, lot, lot of these uprisings, shifts in financial disasters, sexual deviant behaviors,and so much more. Evil breeds and encourages greater evil — the fruits of which these guys are salivating to taste — fear, death, financial upheavel, all mean more satanic ecstacy for them.

  3. malenurseken says:

    Drone should have flown over while they were doing that. PEPPER spray them all. Then surrounded so none could get away, ALL arrested! BUT id rather take them all to top of the building where monument was and each one pushed off blindfolded!

  4. vonMesser says:

    I’m just terrified that this will open up into major gunfire.
    There is an Antifa poster out explaining why they must kill nazis because nazis killed lotys of people and killing them in advance is just self-defense. Unfortunately, the Antifa describe a nazi pretty much as anyone who disagrees with them.

    • Uriel says:

      Von my skin is crawling and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing because having seen what is happening over the past few days…life is about to take a serious turn not only for Antifa but for everyone.

      • Uriel says:

        Never doubt though that the out of country game players are salivating waiting for just such to happen…especially the UN and globalists

        • malenurseken says:

          Yes and THIS is what the DEMS are hoping for! Yet they dont know if they survive the blast, Sharia will hold them to their houses too! Then the fkrs will realize they were wrong! And Ive no pity for any of em! BUT Id say stock up on non perishable food and water! EMP IS LIKELY! BUT there will be a battle first! Dems losing! Then the nuke! EMP!

          • vonMesser says:

            Watching out for EMP – I have a small generator and an old Tandy 1000 computer with 16K modem and 150 or so programs in a faraday cage in my shop. Not a guarantee, but an attempt.