Clash in Charlottesville, Virginia

Some of you may not know about the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia today where a number of white protestors demonstrated against the removal of a statue of our beloved General Robert E. Lee.

This situation began some months ago when some black students petitioned the city to remove the statue.  It should be noted that Charlottesville is a lefty college town and the mayor is also on the faculty of the University of Virginia as has been a vocal anti-Trumper.

This kettle has been cooking for a while.

Anyway, on Friday night white people showed up to march against the removal of the statue. joined in by KKK members complete with hoods and such waving Confederate flags.  The Antifa assholes, BLM assholes, and other assorted lefty assholes showed up with rocks, bottles, bats and such… then the shit hit the fan.  The whites fought back and people on both sides got hurt.

Today, white folks were joined by KKK members complete with hoods and such waving Confederate flags.  Naturally, the Antifa assholes, BLM assholes, and other assorted lefty assholes showed up with rocks, bottles, bats and such… then the shit hit the fan.  The whites fought back and people on both sides got hurt.

According to the fish-wrap Washington Post:

“Men in combat gear, some wearing bicycle and motorcycle helmets and carrying clubs and sticks and makeshift shields fought each other in the downtown streets, with little apparent police interference. Both sides sprayed each other with chemical irritants and plastic bottles were hurled through the air.”

Photo published for Scuffles break out at far right rally in Charlottesville (LIVE FEED) — RT America

Photo published for Home To University Of Virginia Prepares For Violence At White Nationalist Rally


Here’s the link to the rumble:

Meanwhile, the anti-white protestors had a separate march and some asshole rammed a row of stopped cars from behind with a blacked out vehicle.  About 19 people were injured and one fatality.  (don’t know for sure if the asshole was apprehended yet)

Naturally, the media and the left (redundant) is painting this as some sort of hate rally.  Our Lefty Governor McAuliffe called out the State Police and the Virginia National Guard.

The whole situation isn’t pretty.

President Trump issued this powerful statement:

Well stated President Trump.  Too bad the left doesn’t feel that way.

The media will now hype this event as the result of the Trump presidency and white racism in general.  Rinse and repeat.  We all know that it’s bullshit.  White people have as much right to defend their heritage and protest as much as anyone else but that, of course, is ignored by the Left who believe themselves arbiters of speech.

I don’t think the KKK (stupid white people) showing up in full regalia was a smart thing to do given the location and the population but it is what it is.  The First Amendment applies to them too.

More to follow as this story unfolds…

~ Hardnox



The driver of the car who mowed down the lefty protestors is identified as James Alex Fields, Jr., 20 years old, from Ohio.

The death toll is at 1 and over 20 injured, some very seriously.  2 State Troopers were killed in a helicopter crash while suveying the scenes.


Apparently, BLM, Antifa, Commie and other left-wing assholes began their protest march AFTER the white folks left.  THEN, the asshole from Ohio rammed his car into the other cars.

Here’s the video:


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33 Responses to Clash in Charlottesville, Virginia

  1. Brittius says:

    It’s not who is stupid, it’s time to update their uniform from the Spaniard pointy hood and robe. Today, maybe a black or navy blue hockey helmet with cage and eye plexiglass, and something like a work shirt with minimal patches. Image changing stuff. I think that, being white, is their uniform, and the pointy stuff of the 19th century is no longer needed to distinguish themselves. As far as their views are concerned, what, we should fault them for standing up to generations of assaults against American history and traditions? The left has gotten away with so much over the decades and centuries, and everything is coming to a head and a boiling point. Let them mix it up.

  2. clyde says:

    Were you able to kick some lefty ass?

    • Hardnox says:

      Sorry to say that i missed it. Had I known this rally was to occur I probably would have participated as it’s only 2 hours away. Next time…

  3. SafeSpace says:

    If the leftists would stop trying to erase history, and learn from it instead, this sort of crapola would not happen.

    • Hardnox says:

      Exactly right. If the left who oppose Lee’s statue knew anything about him then none of this would have occurred. Sadly it is easy to fool the ignorant.

  4. Adrienne says:

    I’m with you, Hardnox. All these brain dead progs think Black Lives Matter and those goony women with their pussy hats are just A-okay. Thing is – they’re just as much a hate group as the KKK. If the counter-protesters had just stayed away, none of this would have happened.

  5. Terry says:

    I’ve been trying to learn more about the driver, but so far all that has been released is that they were arrested.No further details.
    One by one, they’re attacking, removing, and ethnically cleansing, white history that the left doesn’t approve of. It’s a means of promoting the global citizen identity and “de-Americanizing” us.

    We are starting, finally, to fight back. It doesn’t help our cause that the KKK showed up in full garb, but even they have the better interests of this country compared to the left. In fact, I’m starting to feel a certain kindredship with them.

  6. Terry says:

    Seems McAuliffe responded quickly after his kumbaya with Trump in order to take full advantage of the deaths that he helped make possible by screwing around with the First Amendment and obstructing the rights of those he disagrees with, just like the AntiFa punks.
    The sooner he got the “official narrative” out there, the less chance there is for facts to get in the way.Of course, the narrative was that it was all the fault of the right-wingers. He said :
    “I have a message to all the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today. Our message is plain and simple, go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth. Shame on you.”

    • Hardnox says:

      McAuliffe is a POS of the first order. He couldn’t wait to scream his anti-gun drivel 2 minutes after the lefty asshole shot up the Congressional baseball practice.

      Asshats like McAuliffe don’t have any clue that their beliefs and actions are what set the stage for this shit.

      • Bullright says:

        Great write up. They already poisoned the airwaves. McAuliffe was chomping to get his righteous anger flowing. (defective as it is) So where is the outrage for Antifa, Commie Anarchos, BLM, and cop Killers? MIA

        Now McAuliffe gets all the cheers and Trump gets the jeers and hate. Same movie plot, they just keep rewriting the script.McAuliffe staging for a 2020 run. When it’s liberal violence they say “it was an otherwise peaceful protest.”

        • Hardnox says:

          Thanks. Yup, their righteous indignation is reserved only if it fits their agenda. They are sick and twisted… but that has long been established.

          McAwful is indeed running in 2020. Good. He’s an asshole.

  7. I.R. Wayright says:

    I want to know which side was FIRST to start with the violence. And, what is the racial breakdown of the leftie crowd.
    Think back to all the attacks on the Trump supporters during the campaign and those who simply wanted to attend a speech by a conservative. Did the left think the pendulum wouldn’t eventually swing back at them?
    I wonder how fast the punks would run if we came at them with a running chain saw. Hmmm?

  8. vonMesser says:

    It appears to me that things are boiling over. For many years the left has had the monopoly on violence. Now the “other side” seems to be hitting back. While I am not much of a fan of violence (been there, done that, got the Vietnam medals to prove it) I am thinking that this type of actions may be the final trigger for a second Civil War. If it goes that way, God help us, because it will be violent and bloody. And probably short. And far too many civil rights will disappear – maybe for generations.

    • Hardnox says:

      My worry too but who could blame anyone for protecting themselves? Had I been there I would have dotted a few lefties.

      C.W. 2.0 would be short, and yes bloody. People on our side have had more than enough of the bullshit coming from the left. We’ve already lost our civil rights. Some people have special rights. It’s time that “rights” apply equally to everyone.

  9. Terry says:

    Mc Awful seems to have selective hearing at pressers :

  10. Wingman says:

    No sympathy here. That crowd was full of the usual Antifa shit disturbers as well BLM,CPUSA and various rainbow flag waving pukes. Anyone marching with those pricks condones their actions if not commits them. Too bad that car wasn’t a snow plow.

  11. Ripples says:

    I don’t think that twitter account is the same guy.

  12. I.R. Wayright says:

    Warning for language.