Amnesty International’s Wealthy Libs Want More Refugees in Your Neighborhoods (But Not In Theirs)

Virtue-signalling western culture into the dustbin of history (but only after retreating into their walled compounds), the progressive asshats at Amnesty International bravely waved signs (and no doubt tweeted hashtags) inviting more armed, intolerant theocratic thugs into England.  You will note that (as usual) the sign-wavers are all white and mostly female.  The photo dates to April, just before the UK elections.

Now I realize that this is an old story, but we’ve had a few months to observe the “serious consequences” predicted if those elections did not turn out the way the Left wanted.  So what has happened?  Read on:

Amnesty International Warns of ‘Serious Consequences’ of Opposing Open Borders in General Election  by Virginia Hale  21 Apr 2017

Amnesty International has issued a warning to would-be MPs standing in the upcoming general election not to speak out against uncontrolled migration.

Pointing to a rise in reported hate crimes after the Brexit vote, and the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, Amnesty issued a statement which “warn[s] all those standing as candidates in the forthcoming general election that their choice of language can have serious consequences”.

Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK, said: “In the lead-up to the EU referendum, there was a worrying use of divisive language that demonised sections of the population.

“The toxic rhetoric being used by some politicians and media sent the harmful message that some people are more entitled to human rights than others.”

In recent years the “human rights”-focused NGO, whose United States sister group receives money from globalist billionaire George Soros, seems to have taken the position that any opposition to open borders in Western nations is a breach of migrants’ human rights.

Earlier this year, Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International, said politicians who campaigned on a platform of stopping mass migration were “peddl[ing] a dangerous idea that some people are less human than others” and “stripping away the humanity of entire groups of people”.

In February, the globalist organisation also fingered talk of Britain’s national sovereignty as having caused hate crime.  Declaring the dawn of “a dark age for human rights in the UK” after the referendum, Amnesty’s website reads: “We saw political language around ‘taking our country back’ and propaganda to demonise refugees, coupled with proposals to treat European nationals like bargaining chips.

“This climate of hatred and mistrust sends a message that some people are entitled to human rights and some aren’t.”

In her statement on Thursday regarding the general election, Allen called for “all budding MPs” to “mind their language, and avoid using inflammatory language.

“This is an emotive time as the country prepares for Brexit, but that does not mean sections of society should be turned against one another in pursuit of political gain.  Toxic rhetoric being used by politicians around the world risks taking us into a dark age of human rights,” the Amnesty UK director added.

Since last year’s referendum, Amnesty is one of a number of bodies to seize on reports of “record levels” of hate crime as evidence that Britain is in the grip of an epidemic of intolerance.

However, a key aim of the UK government’s strategy against hate crime is to raise the number of reports. Much of what is outlined in the “plan for tackling hate crime” is dedicated to furthering this goal, with the Home Office unveiling a whole host of measures which are being introduced “with a view, ultimately, to increase reporting”.

Hey, Amnesty International:  How has that Welcome-Allahu-Akbar strategy worked out for your fellow citizens since the elections?  Well, here’s the good news.  Terror attacks, especially in metro London, have increased.  Various sources, both in EU governments and at travel agencies,  have suggested that tourists re-consider vacation plans that involve a visit to the UK, and France as well — the erstwhile home of “liberty, equality and brotherhood”, but now just the place that features barriers around the Eiffel Tower.

“Serious consequences”, all right:  Terror attacks are cool just so long as nobody’s feelings get hurt.  That’s a strategy eerily reminiscent of General George Casey’s fears about “diversity being a casualty” in the US military as America reacted to the murder of American soldiers by an Islamist at Fort Hood.

I wonder how loud the Sons of Muhammad laugh at the concept of “human rights” for infidels.  But then cutting off leftists’ hands does put an end to that annoying habit of waving signs around.

But not to worry.  Facts have no bearing on progressives, who are forever in search of that world of perpetual adolescence, where earnest good intentions never have serious real-world consequences.

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10 Responses to Amnesty International’s Wealthy Libs Want More Refugees in Your Neighborhoods (But Not In Theirs)

  1. Wise Owl says:

    It should be no surprise to any rational thinker (sorry– that excludes libtards) that the reason that we have so many gun-related crimes, compared to, say, Switzerland or Iceland, where every citizen has a gun: Homogeneous societies. It’s like all one big family, so you don’t shoot your cousin or rape your aunt. Further, if everyone has guns, the would-be bad guy is seriously outnumbered.

  2. Wise Owl says:

    Now, take America– we have lots of shootings. But, if you dig a bit deeper, you find that the majority of shootings are by, and among, drug gangs. And who are most of the gang members? Blacks and Hispanics; people whose culture clashes with the rest of us, the “family”. But, libtards only see the shootings and want to disarm those of us who would never hurt a flea, let alone shoot someone over illegal drugs. Makes perfect sense to me, LOL.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    Sweden had low crime rate, too, until Muslims were brought in, and now it proudly boasts being the Rape Capital of the World. Germany is catching up. France too. Liberals constant crowing to disarm the white good guys in their efforts to reduce crime, fail badly when it is pointed out that that the tool du jour to commit jihad is trucks and vehicles. Do we hear liberals calling for a ban on those?

  4. Wise Owl says:

    The common denominator is culture clash. We bring in people of a different culture, let them form enclaves, and when things don’t go to their liking, they lash out violently– their enclave against the rest of us. This is different when post WWII immigrants were let in SLOWLY, in numbers where they could assimilate, and those people wanted to BE Americans and adopt our culture. Today, the Muslims and Mexicans feel that we should adapt to THEM, because they’re too many and too fast. It’s really that simple.

    (Sorry for the long-winded comments!)

    • SafeSpace says:

      Wise Owl: Spot on. Equality of cultures? No borders? No difference between peoples? I don’t think so. I am what Neal Boortz proudly defined on his late, lamented radio show several years ago: a Culturist. Not a racist, not a ____phobe, just one who can understand history enough and not be afraid of the facts found therein. All cultures are not equal. All systems of government are not equal. And the cultures and governments that are centrally-controlled and/or run by tinhorn scam artist thugs — they are demonstrably inferior to what the West has developed over the past three centuries. (continued….)

      • SafeSpace says:

        Continued: Said another way, cooks know that you add flour to your dough mix slowly, working it in bit by bit. Chemists know you add two reactive chemicals together slowly and carefully. But liberal progressives — well, they believe that dumping uneducated and barely-civilized people (primarily hormone-laden young men) into stable societies — that’s going to work out just fine. And when it does not? Why, just blame the white people in the host culture.

  5. Uriel says:

    How Plebian of you SafeSpace lol. Why Of course the wealthy elite have rights beyond the mere masses don’t you know. I feel a major French Rebellion building again. Or don’t they remember their history on what happened to aristocracy during that uprising?

  6. Popular Front says:

    In Australia such hand-wringing bleeding hearts are known as NIMBYs* – Not In My BackYard – who screech about allowing the dregs of the muslime world free access to our nation with all its attendant welfare benefits for life but at the same time resisting and bitching about any attempts to settle such deadbeat ‘migrants’ in their affluent suburbs. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    * Feel free to use and spread this term

  7. vonMesser says:

    It sounds to me like they are saying “If you oppose open borders we will kill you”

    • Wise Owl says:

      It sure does, vonMesser! And that goes with EVERYTHING the liberals want– go along with them or they riot, threaten, fight, kill, ….. You nailed it!