What Happens When Gang Headquarters Are Prisons

We have all seen prison fiction and documentary films about gang activity inside the walls. Often it depicts a bad prison warden and his henchmen or unconscionable gang activities. But what happens when those very fortresses meant to “punish” become the hub of gang business enterprises all because of technology? This is not fantasy but increasingly more fact. Especially now as more MS13 members and other gang members are picked up and held in prisons.

Liberals would have us believe that prisoners are being deprived of their “human rights” when they have no access to internet or modern technology like cell phones. What happens however, when those very means of access become the weapon and base for a criminal hierarchy to produce sick videos for purchase on the outside? Or continue directing outside gang activities? Or assassinations for hire? Or terrorize or murder prison guards or their families? How then will these same liberals feel if “they” become the targets for such terror?

Think this is a fake news report? No. Absolutely not. A Vice blog in 2015 highlights the truth. Also this June 16th Business Insider report  “Prison inmates pay this woman to create and run their Facebook pages almost 100 hours a week.” Or this article  from Pew Trust about banning social media, tap the picture for the story.


Stateline – January 13, 2017 By Teresa Wiltz


Contraband smartphones are readily available inside America’s vast prison system. Price and availability vary widely, but they’ve been making their way inside the belly of the beast in major numbers for a while now. Recently, reports have emerged about prisoners in the US (and abroad) making rap videos, posting on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and even running their criminal enterprises by phone from their cells…”The staff is bringing them in because it’s a lucrative market, big time…”

Cell phones and other contraband have been found in many instances from drone drops to rectum dumps or ball tosses to delivery trucks. As long as those illegal phones can work inside the prisons then there is going to be the ability for prisoners to terrorize, stalk, and murder guards as well as other citizens anywhere and keep in touch with their homies on the outside. The more hardened criminals have no compunction about what or how they achieve end goals nor do they hesitate to strengthen gang alliances inside and outside of the walls after setting up pecking order. No amount of “liberal human rights” will change that attitude. Nor will enough ever be converted so long as they have such prison access to gang systems. Plain and simple they comply or they and those they love die.

This is not a new development, just updated 21st century communications methods. It has always been part of a prison culture.  I have been aware for many years through friends that more than one prison in the system over the last fifty years has ebbed and flowed as gangs find more and more creative ways to threaten and convert prison personnel in order to continue their outside “business interests” from inside the walls.

The Daily Caller story of August 8th is carrying the story of Capt. Robert Johnson of Bishopville, S.C. who in 2010 had his home invaded and he was literally assassinated. In transit to the hospital, Johnson told emergency responders he recognized the assassin as an ex-inmate who had been released from LCI just a few months before. Capt. Johnson was one lucky man as he and his wife prayed on the way to the hospital. It took months and many near death crisis events for him to eventually recover.

The hit was connected to the massive influx of contraband cellphones in Johnson’s prison, where he’d worked for 15 years. An inmate at LCI coordinated the hit through a smuggled cellphone. He targeted Johnson because he was responsible for the detection and seizure of contraband at the prison. Johnson confiscated more than 5,000 illegal cellphones during his career, leaning on his 23 years of military intelligence experience.

So what to do?

According to the Daily Caller article, there may be programming technology available or at least in the planning stages to render cell phones dead but there is also the internet calling to consider. Just because limited internet is available in a prison and closely monitored does not render it inaccessible to the talented hacker inside.

The problem is how best to approach the control of the prison system cells and internet without crossing legal lines. Jamming is explicitly illegal under the Communications Act of 1934 but there are a number of growing technologies that appear to fall outside the technical bounds.

Managed Access Solutions, or Systems (MAS), for example, is a technology that works by creating a local cellular network at a prison that all devices must access before communicating to the outside world. Another is something called “Wireless Containment Solution (WCS).”

The problem is multi-level though. First inmates are clever. They have to be to survive on the streets or in prison. Second, for every technology that is produced, someone somewhere will find a way to circumvent it. Third, legal avenues need to keep up with the needs of high security prisons. Fourth, liberal bleeding hearts who have no understanding of reality seem to champion the weirdest causes especially those guaranteed to bring death or fear.



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11 Responses to What Happens When Gang Headquarters Are Prisons

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Cell phone signal jamming is certainly possible. It may be better to intercept those phone calls and generate intel on gang activities.

  2. Auntie BS says:

    First I am not sure jamming is illegal– what makes you think so? Second, shielding the prison walls would not be difficult and screening open courtyards could be done as well. Thirdly, why are there cell towers near prisons? Prisons should be located outside of populated areas and hence, away from cell coverage.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Jamming signals can be localized and directed if need be.

    • Uriel says:


      I think you would be surprised at how close prisons come to locals. They may have started isolated but people built closer and where they go so does internet. Also prisons themselves need internet for communication and data. Plus I was serious that liberals made sure criminals have access to learning and such which lends itself to hacking. Don’t forget some cells are now wifi bases though to be sure they are higher priced. Very few areas any more have no cell or internet

  3. vonMesser says:

    Make the whole damn prison a Faraday cage so that zero signals can enter or leave. Put the admin offices outside the actual prison with over-wire access only, no wireless modems anywhere. And take every method of outside communications away from the inmates. It is punishment and confinement, not a country club.

    • Uriel says:

      Faraday cage? never heard that before…but it sure sounds right..at the same time I totally agree prison is not a luxury accomo for murders and lifers

  4. Ragnar says:

    Methinks it needs to go back to being a PRISON. Chain gangs, just think Big Joe Aripio (sp) in AZ…by the way, why isn’t Prez Trump doing anything tohelp Joe?????

  5. Hardnox says:

    The Israelis already produce cellphone jammers. They are illegal in the USA according to the FCC. The issue isn’t jamming cellphones it’s about contraband in prison. No contraband equals no problems as described. Time for the donut eating guards to do their jobs don’t ya think? Seems to me that some of the guards are complicit in the contraband. Just saying.

    • Uriel says:

      there is definitely that….after all the salary paid for walking the halls can’t nearly equal the “pocket” change of helping the inmates smuggle things in