And we wonder why our criminal justice has become leftist


On June 2, 2017, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at City University of New York, a place where students presumably go to learn about American law and order based on the U.S. Constitution hosted a guest speaker with quite an interesting background. Sekou Odinga is a Muslim agitator and radicalizing leader. He is a long time militant Black Panther.

At this point it is also important to note that conservatives like Robert Spencer had been banned from speaking on campus probably due to their “destabilizing” effect of truth. Spencer’s Jihad Watch post yesterday is about this speaking engagement. However, even without that article seeing a front page of CUNY “Between the lines” from May 2017 should easily explain the same mind-blowing idiocy of this JUDICIAL TRAINING GROUND.

“I have detailed the hostile reception I got at three campuses this past spring, and suggested that a Gitmo detainee screaming “Death to America” in the middle of those campuses would have been welcomed. Here is an illustration of the truth of what I was saying: a Muslim leader calls for armed insurrection by Muslims and others at CUNY, and I am sure he got a rousing ovation and many affirmations of support. But a counter-jihadist at CUNY, if one were ever to be invited at all, would be treated as if Jack the Ripper were coming to campus. There would be protests, petitions, and he or she would have to come with heavy security or risk being physically attacked. Sekou Odinga and the other Leftists speaking at CUNY had no such worries; nor should they have. College campuses ought to be places where ideas can be freely expressed and discussed on their merits. But if you express a point of view that dissents from the hard-Left line on a campus today, you’re risking academic suicide if you’re a student, and physical injury. –Robert Spencer”

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch post carries a video of the speech Odinga made on June 2nd before this so-called “legal training” university. But below, I am adding the transcript of some of his comments for emphasis of what is happening in our country to our justice system from MEMRI TV.

Understand first, MEMRI is itself radical Islamic leftist. What it does have though is the words and video that help us understand the mentality of these people as well as emphasising that this television group is featuring Sekou Odinga and CUNY in its posts which ought to alarm our FBI and CIA. Right? Apparently not.

“American Muslim activist Sekou Odinga said that the “internally oppressed nations” – including the indigenous people, the “New Africans,” Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Hawaiians – had the right to conduct armed struggle for their “self-defense and liberation.

Odinga claimed that the U.S. was using the war on terror and the “xenophobic war on immigrants” to repress minorities and immigrant communities. Odinga, who served a long prison sentence for attempted murder and for RICO violations, was presented by moderator Laura Flanders as a former “U.S.-held political prisoner of war.”

“For the US to acknowledge the existence of political prisoners and prisoners of war would be to admit that there are fundamental injustices that stem from the settler colonialism that built this country, that the internally oppressed nations, the indigenous people, New Africans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Hawaiians, etc., have the right to freedom and self-determination. They have the right to struggle, using whatever tactics and strategies – armed and otherwise – for their self-defense and liberation.

“Mass incarceration has been used to repress, control, and destroy black self-determination, in the same way that the war on poverty and the war on drugs was used. This is the same way that the war on terror and the xenophobic war on immigrants is being used to control and repress Muslims and immigrant communities today. These are strategies of war, meant to dismantle, disrupt, and otherwise neutralize poor working-class families and communities. They are meant to prevent self-determination and the potential for militant resistance.

“It is the responsibility of the left to educate, agitate, organize the people, especially young people, to resist the oppressor state by any and all means.”

Cover Article from Between the Lines – 

Between The Lines’ Sponsored Panel Discussion

“Strategies and Tactics to Sustain Effective Resistance for the Long Haul,” June 4, 2017panel

“Strategies and Tactics to Sustain Effective Resistance for the Long Haul,” with from left to right, Scott Harris, L.A. Kauffman, Arun Gupta and Leslie Cagan. This panel, featuring both veteran and new organizers from various progressive movements, examines the amazing explosion of anti-Trump organizing going on across the U.S. and assesses how this growing movement can embrace a broad, inclusive agenda, adopting strategies and tactics to sustain effective resistance for the long haul, as well as articulate a compelling and practical vision for the future. Chair: Scott Harris, Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine.


Oh my sweet Lord, how seriously close we have come to the end of that fragile tether where justice weeps and liberty’s bell no longer rings clear.

Communism– plain and simple, pure rot at the core…chaos and rebellion without virtue or morals and totally for destructive reasons.

Even as I type this article, I am shaking from anger and fear after realizing just how far we have fallen in the last twenty or more years into the tar pit of communism. Obama and his regime were not the beginning but they CERTAINLY FACILITATED AND ENCOURAGED a faster downfall.


Anger because it took this past presidential election and our current president to bring out the collusion and perfidy of what has been going on behind the scenes. It helped independent media finally be heard by the people of the USA and able to report the TRUTH. Only now do we actually have proof of what has been in front of our eyes and happening across our country the whole time.

Fear because I can only wonder where we go from here. Once the “baby boomer” generation and those generations born before the 1980’s age out of existence, WHO will be left to know the truth. 

It is exactly why we as citizens of our country will have to fight NOW to stop this erosion by every means necessary and stop its resulting destruction of our constitution and all of our freedoms.


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4 Responses to And we wonder why our criminal justice has become leftist

  1. Auntie BS says:

    As always, Uriel, you nailed it, expressing the same sentiment as mine. Millennials– who are now the majority– are clueless, after having been indoctrinated by Marxist teachers and professors. They do not realize that this cherished “diversity” is at the core of the ruination of America. We are sadly watching the great empire fall, as Communists and uncivilized Islamists push their domination agenda in the guise of religion and “diversity”, resulting in friction, violence, and increased Welfare, not assimilation. Instead of coming here to be Americans, they come here to CHANGE America to suit THEIR cultures, and the naive liberals cheer them on.

    Frankly, I think there is something mentally defective among liberals, who only see the emotional– not rational– sides of issues, and impose their naive will on the rest of us. Yes, you sure nailed it, Uriel!

  2. vonMesser says:

    My concern. My worry. Is that there will be bloody revolution. While we like to joke that “we have 8 trillion rounds of ammunition and they don’t know which bathroom to use” there is a problem: Do “we” have the courage to shoot to kill when necessary? There are so many of “us” that have never fired a shot in anger. Have never faced a life-death situation. Have never contemplated actually killing a human being. What are those to do when a mob of “unarmed” children come at them? Will they have the courage to shoot, the ability, or will they freeze?

    And what of the Military (all services, reserves, and National Guard), the police, and various “clubs”?

  3. Hardnox says:

    The key to much of what you described is to cut off funds coming from overseas, specifically OPEC countries that fund much of this crap on college campuses. Ditto with funds from radical groups. Why can’t they be deemed subversive? The evidence is there.