Nigel Farage Speech at Young American’s Conference

Our favorite British politician delivered a smashingly good and enthusiastic speech at the Young American’s Conference last Saturday.  He speaks about the Corporatists, the UniParty, the Evil Left and why BREXIT and Trump 2016 occurred and also why Conservatism is worth fighting for.

Farage calls out the backstabbing schmucks within the Republican Party who oppose President Trump at every turn.

I wish Farage was an American and held office here.  How refreshing he is compared to the trolls we have here.  Listening to most of ours is akin to watching paint dry and just as uninspiring.  We need Republican politicians which will support President Trump like this man does.

Notice he uses no notes or a teleprompter.

~ Hardnox

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  2. Shar says:

    Outstanding post. Will share. Renews your vigor.

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