Bill Whittle: SJW Surprise

Bill Whittle talks about the Social Justice Warrior assholes and “white privilege”.

Nailed it Bill… yes, they are worthless.  Zero.

When the SHTF, these assholes will be the first ones to go like pumpkins at a firing range.  🙂

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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6 Responses to Bill Whittle: SJW Surprise

  1. Hey, Bill; try Sniveling, Whining, Jack-offs. I wish he’d speak his mind…bwahahahaha

    You’re quite right, HN. They’ll be picked-off like skeeters in a bug light.

  2. clyde says:

    Well said. Had I done a rant like that, it would have gone like this: bleep sjw bleep assholes bleep bleep bleep… I think you get the idea.

  3. dynalady says:

    You can tell Bill has never worked with or for anyone who believes in white privilege & believes it their God given duty to remedy it–at your expense. Whether it is your fault or not.

    I still remember a ‘white privilege’ moment I had 25+ yrs ago. I was in line at the grocery store over the lunch hour, hurriedly grabbing a few measely food items bc I had literally nothing in my apt. No lie–I had decided to put back a 2nd $.054 can of tuna bc I just couldn’t afford it, esp since I needed a new pair of pantyhose for work. The woman in front of me had a large # of items–meat, potato chips, sodas, etc–all luxury items to me, I assure you. She was my age, had a beautiful milk-&-coffee colored complexion, long dark hair, BOTH her nails & toenails manicured. She had 2 beautiful little children (no wedding ring), fashionable new clothes she looked fantastic in, & gold jewelry that also looked fabulously beautiful against her dark skin. I was a frumpy ruddy skinned single white girl who lived alone, wearing my slightly ill-fitting dress I’d bought several years ago on sale, with cheap uncomfortable shoes, no jewelry except the 1 pair of post earrings I never took off bc I didn’t have any others.

    She paid for her groceries w/a Lone Star card–at that time, Texas’s new way of distributing food stamp benefits–& I thought how nice it was that I would be rushing back to my stressful job to earn the money that would pay for some of her groceries along w/the interest on my student loans, all while telling myself how ‘smart’ I was bc I had Gone to College.

    • “It would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich man go to heaven”.
      I envy them nothing. IMO, let them enjoy the trinkets of this life; I’ll have my palace later. They can neither give nor take that which they cannot touch – my faith.
      In fact, I laugh that they pride themselves in their “toys” of today knowing that it’s all dispensable.
      When I lose something, I know why and don’t care as it’s only a material item. When they lose something, it’s a travesty. Let them pine…

    • Hardnox says:

      Good story. Many of us have experienced the same type of insult. It’s a head-shaker. Then the establishment wonders why Trump was elected by us Deplorables.