HR 3364, Congressional Actions – Height Of Stupidity And Lunacy


H.R. 3364 – Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act

H.R. 3364 – Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act was introduced by Rep. Ed Royce [R-CA] on July 24, 2017 and was co-sponsored by Engel, Eliot [D-NY]; Hoyer, Steny [D-MD]; McCarthy, Kevin [R-CA23]; Cohen, Steve [D-TN9] ; and,  Smith, Christopher “Chris” [R-NJ4]

Its purpose has many parts all of which deal with sanctions and Russia, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. This act brings eight bills together in one bundle:

  1.  To direct the President to impose sanctions against: (1) Iran’s ballistic missile or weapons of mass destruction programs, (2) the sale or transfer to Iran of military equipment or the provision of related technical or financial assistance, and (3) Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated foreign persons.
  2. To provide sanctions for activities concerning: (1) cyber security, (2) crude oil projects, (3) financial institutions, (4) corruption, (5) human rights abuses, (6) evasion of sanctions, (7) transactions with Russian defense or intelligence sectors, (8) export pipelines, (9) privatization of state-owned assets by government officials, and (10) arms transfers to Syria.
  3. To (1) direct the Department of the Treasury to develop a national strategy for combating the financing of terrorism, and (2) include the Secretary of the Treasury on the National Security Council.
  4. It modifies and increases the President’s authority to impose sanctions on persons in violation of certain United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding North Korea.

Trump was really not willing to accept this to be signed but at the time had no choice since the bill was veto proof considering it received nearly 100% backing in both houses.

Not only did this bill get introduced on July 27 but it was signed within the week just as the Senate slunk out for their vacation.

Congress who characteristically can’t get a damn bill introduced and through committee in any given year that affects our economy, our health, our defense, our budget, and other important issues…


even as they fought over our health care? Seriously?  

Let that sink in — we can drag out crap for years and years and rarely if ever come to a bi-partisan overwhelming approval of some bill–we can wait six months for the senate to confirm only a fraction of the nominations that have to be done by Any president not just Trump…


that either deliberately by design to destroy any gains President Trump has made

or by design started a coup in order to take over the country as we are dragged into a major war —

WHAT THE H$!L are they doing?

HR 3364 just shoved up our tailpipes by this congress placed our country in a very precarious position with one of the leading world countries and its allies like China. Congress can rant and rail about Trump’s impetuosity and crude short-sighted policy making–but it was okay to shove this through without thinking of long-range ramifications or allowing for negotiations and rebuttals? Any goodwill that Trump had begun at the beginning of his presidency was effectively shackled and thrown under the bus.

They may have wanted to curtail a president’s authority after what Obama did, got that…

They may have wanted to slap him down for being a non-politician, okay…

They may have suddenly had a hot poker shoved up their collective wet noodles, who knows…

You don’t cut off your nose to spite your face idiots and this should have been two separate issues addressed in separate ways…

The timing on this stinks to high heaven even as a grand jury is being convened that is a “witchhunt” to delegitimize President Trump, to prevent or stall, and cover up real issues….


Here is the Fox News report on the subject:




In case you are wondering–here is how the Russians reported this bill signing:

–propaganda or not what this idiot congress just did is undeniably insane while tensions are so high and Sec. of State Tillerson and Trump are trying sixty ways to Sunday to de-escalate a bad situation most especially since NOTHING substantial has been proven against Russia, Trump, or anyone OTHER THAN the liberals and Democrats and even THAT hasn’t been proven before a court.  We do have evidence that Obama and his administration as well as ones before meddled in the affairs of other countries though so can we get him in court and put him on trial for that?





What I am thinking I simply can not express in words to be printed here.



All you have to do is look at a MSM newscast or listen to the babbling sycophant Soros/Bilderberg backed groups to see how what is happening today in front of our eyes. Since the Cold War ended people have for various reasons encouraged dissension and wars mostly so that their own wealth would grow. Greedy men with evil minds have authored uprisings and instigated wars all for their own ends.

We watched as the Wall was torn down dividing East and West Germany. It was a time of rejoicing and people began the long process of rebuilding not only their economy but their national pride. Then the UN and the EU stepped in to override all that progress and we watched as people poured up from the south bringing panic, anger, chaos, rapes, and destruction in their wake. Not only did the UN and the EU encourage this to happen, they in essence forced it to happen overriding countries objections and common sense. Today we see a decline both in economy and optimism. We see countries beginning to rebel as the EU and the UN try to bring stricter compliance on their governing rather than sovereignty of the many countries. We see Russia again moving to edge ever eastward toward the Atlantic Ocean. We see the NATO and in particular the US begin bracing for possible military conflicts more every day.

What we don’t see but is surely being felt is the constant meddling of these so-called “groups” that have proven to be real and involved in creating more chaos and bringing death to the lands that they say they are trying to bring “democracy” and equal protection of citizens without borders around the world.

The name Soros is a constant reminder of these groups. He and his network have worked tirelessly and spent billions around the globe in order to bring about another world war. I guess they did not have enough killing and genocide from WWII though obviously they did accumulate far more wealth than many countries today from those deaths.

We watched last year before the general election just how rabid the Democrats were in pushing the rant of “Russia, Russia, Russia.” There is no denying that groups spread in all countries have reasons to create chaos where once there was none, to encourage destruction where six years ago there were thriving businesses and busy people scurrying about their daily lives. Still they continue to bring us closer to the brink of a major war.

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6 Responses to HR 3364, Congressional Actions – Height Of Stupidity And Lunacy

  1. The Night Wind says:

    Not only that, but these rotten RINOs are reportedly working up a similar plan for China. This, after Trump and Xi agreed at the G-20 to regular bilateral economic summits and China lifted two major import bans just last week.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome Night Wind…I hadn’t heard that one but at this point NOTHING is going to really surprise me unless the president throws up his hands and abdicates

  2. Hardnox says:

    This is stunningly stupid development at this present time. I doubt it is Constitutional either since foreign relations are the purview of the executive branch.

    Looks like the UniParty members are working overtime for their paymasters since there is big bucks in war.

    Putin is a thug. That much is certain but there is no reason to tie a new president’s hands.

    • Uriel says:

      I do like that congress seems “aware” of the things they gave power to Obama on (snark) actually it is highlighting them in its actions. Sanctions being financial I believe does begin as a congressional move. “The Executive Branch conducts diplomacy with other nations, and the President has the power to negotiate and sign treaties, which also must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate. ” there are specific laws governing sanctions and other crossover matters.

      the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (1977) authorizes the president to impose economic sanctions on foreign entities.

  3. Wise Owl says:

    It’s clear that they want to tie Trump’s hands and take away his negotiating skills, because he is already making both parties– POLITICIANS IN GENERAL– look like the complete, self-serving asses that they are. The best thing that We, The People, can do is to vote out ALL incumbents and replace them with wise non-politicians, wherever possible.

    Sadly, remember– we get the government that we deserve. As long as liberals think emotionally instead of rationally, and as long as they are too ignorant to realize that the media is manipulating them, nothing will change. How utterly sad.

    • Uriel says:

      Good trade deals highlights bad governance policies and maneuvers by greedy gov agents so that is a threat. That Trump is so highly unpredictable according to D.C. Is a second serious blow. That a president sets precedent of actually fulfilling campaign promises shines a light on and makes some D.C. Highly upset.That he fights back when bullied or reprimanded is a dangerous move to allow to continue. Face it D.C. Bullies are terrified of this president and consider him a ticking time bomb they can’t control.