Despicable Them

What was reported :
“Donald Trump ‘completely ignores’ disabled child who tries to shake his hand after he delivers healthcare speech. The President has been slammed as ‘absolutely sick’ and ‘despicable’ after he appeared to refuse to shake the boy’s hand.”
What they showed :

What they DIDN’T SHOW :

The part where President Trump stopped on his way into the room, stopped, bent over, and paid special attention to the toddler was deliberately edited out.
On his exit, the child was trying to show the POTUS a badge he was given by the Secret Service, but it was grown up handshake time and he didn’t notice it.
This is just another example of the despicable FAKE NEWS reporting we are up against. The left has no morals or shame.
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7 Responses to Despicable Them

  1. Shar says:

    You would think by now they would know we are on to them. More Fake News. They are just a bunch of hateful people.

    • Terry says:

      They know Shar, they just don’t care. All the minions need is a headline and they are off to spread it as fast as they can.

  2. Bobbie P. says:

    What network did this, Terry?

  3. Peppermint says:

    Lies, lies and more damn lies. I am damn sick and tired of this crap. It’s more than despicable it’s evil.

    • Terry says:

      AMEN Pepp.
      The left feels so proud whenever they think they have scored a point. They don’t even care that it’s a lie because they know their minions will run with it anyway.

  4. Terry says:

    In an update, the boy’s mother straightened out Rowling and her lies, but Rowling hasn’t yet apologized nor taken down her despicable tweet.