Bro, Better Watch Your Back

Two African-American community activists call out the elitist progressive machine that is destroying Chicago under the guise of “social justice”.  These two gentlemen had best keep an eye out for Rahm Emanuel’s hitmen.  Obammy’s butt-buddy does not appreciate outspoken blacks who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

— SafeSpace —

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4 Responses to Bro, Better Watch Your Back

  1. Brittius says:

    Typical stuff. Similar would run their mouth in the same fashion against cops, then you meet them at 2 a.m., when not a soul is on the streets, and they turn into chicken crap. Walk right up to them. stand right in their face, and their eyeballs flit back and forth, nervously. Some run. During the day or with audience, they are all mouth.

  2. malenurseken says:

    I posted this to my FB! I dont have twitt er lol

  3. Hardnox says:

    I hope these guys have protection and maintain situational awareness. It’s good to see people speak up to the evilness of the left.

  4. Diego Dave says:

    a lot of the dumbing down spoken of is due to a continuous stream of lies from msm. incredibly, the msm is the only info feed a lot people consume. my 87 year old mom is one of them. she thinks obama is awesome and trump is evil. she consumes only msm info and has been brainwashed, thinking that msm news outlets wouldn’t lie!

    today she says to me “well now trump has pissed off everyone in the military, with his prejudice against transgenders from serving”.

    i asked her where she heard “everyone” in the militray is mad at trump and oh by the way do you approve of our tax dollars going to sex changes for those in uniform when our troops are lacking the gear they need to do their job?

    she says “i heard it on the evening news and the sex change expenditures are a lie because if it was true the newscaster would have mentioned it”.

    un-f***ing believable…it hit me she is a goner due to constant brainwashing. 🙁